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A Complete Guide to Bridal Manicure and Bridal Pedicure | Pre Bridal Guide

bridal mani pedi

With an extensive list of pre-nuptial to-dos, often bridal mani pedi goes last on the list. After spending countless hours in the beauty regimes, pre bridal sessions, fitness routines, and hair treatments come one of the important aspect-wedding manicure and pedicure. Bridal manicure and pedicure is the final step to complete the wedding day look.

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From exchanging rings, holding bouquet to slicing the wedding cake, from posing on your Mehndi ceremony to Haldi ceremony, there will be countless times when the photographer will be taking detailed shots of your hands. As it will be in the spotlight, go for a rocking wedding manicure.

So now bridal pedicure and bridal manicure must be on your mind! Picking just the nail color and type of bridal mani pedi is onlyhalf the battle when it comes to getting your wedding manicure and pedicure done.

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There will be plenty of people who will want to catch a glimpse of the wedding ring so you need to make it worth their look.

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To help you achieve an Instagram-worthy bridal manicure and pedicure, we are here with a complete guide to help you to get the perfect look for your wedding nails.

Let’s start with the essential steps of manicure:

  • Nail polish is removed using nail polish remover.
  • Nails are trimmed and filed.
  • Then the hands are soaked in warm water mixed with shampoo and salts for 2-3 minutes.
  • Cuticle oil is applied to nails.
  • With the cuticle stick, dead skin is pushed back.
  • A scrub is applied to the hands.
  • Then hands are soaked again in the warm water.
  • After wiping, a pack is applied. It is kept for drying for 5-7 minutes.
  • Post rinsing of hands, hands are massaged using a cream.
  • Nail polish is applied.
  • Let the hands dry.

Wedding Manicure

Nail art is a significant part of wedding manicure. How about spending a couple of hours at the nail spa? It surely will be a welcome respite from the hustle-bustle of wedding planning.

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Few things to keep in mind during your bridal manicure are:

Choosing the shade

While searching online you will come across tons of nude tones and French tips. You need to choose a color that complements your overall look. If you go for neutral, nude, or blush tones in bridal manicure, then it will not distract you from your bouquet or that dazzling piece of jewelry on your ring finger. In fact, it will look elegant and classy.

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While opting for the perfect shade during wedding manicure, do not forget to look at your skin’s undertones. There are some colors that will brighten your skin tone while others may make your skin look washed out.

Cool skin tones are usually fair and they have pink or blue undertones, which means pinky nude shades will look best on them. With warmer skin tones, nudes and yellow/golden or peachy neutrals will look more appealing.

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The trending shades are neutral metallic and they are always a very classic choice. It will perfectly complement your wedding dress.

To gel or not to gel

The next big question is to gel or not. Of course, it will not smudge as a lacquer manicure might smudge. In fact, chipping is also not an issue. If you go for gel, then it will last up to 2 weeks which means you will have the perfect nails not only on your wedding day but also on your honeymoon.

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If you are not the one who likes gel, then in case of weak nails, you can go for gel hybrid as that can be applied/removed at home just like normal nail polish.

Nail Length

The most important thing to consider while deciding on the length of the nail is your comfort factor. If you are not used to long nails, then in a wedding manicure, do not go for very long nail extensions as that will make you feel clumsy and quite awkward. Aim for almond-shaped medium-length nails that will look graceful and elongated fingers.

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Best pre bridal packages in noida

Generally, shorter nail beds go better with a shorter and less rounded, and a squarer tip. If you have long nail beds, then you can pull off rounded or oval tips quite elegantly.

Choosing your nail art

Nail art can impact your bridal manicure to a huge extent. I suggest going for something very subtle. If you are opting for a French manicure, you can add a thin color tip like gold on a nude base, or you can also request embellishments like rose gold on top of the nude base. Do not go overboard with the bling as that may appear tacky.

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I also have few tips to share for a perfect wedding manicure:

  • Cuticle Care: Sometimes, unwanted cuticles protect the area between skin and nails. So it is advisable to push the nail bed back as needed using a cuticle pusher, and then apply oil to hydrate your nails.
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  • Repair a break: If this happens to you on your important day, then file and smoothen the edges of the nails, glue a fake nail on the tip, and let it dry for two minutes. Lastly, apply a matching shade for a temporary fix.
  • Fix a chip: If your nail color is damaged, dip a Q-tip in acetone-free polish remover and slowly smoothen out the scratch. Then apply two thin coats of color just over the chip to avoid a bumpy nail texture. After drying, apply a top coat.

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  • Moisturize your hands: Moisturize your hands after the shower and before going to bed. Cleaning and exfoliating once a week or once in two weeks is important.
  • Be prepared: I suggest carrying a nail file, instant glue, cuticle oil, nail polish remover, cotton pads, nail color, anda backup set of press-on nails of the same color and shape.
  • Maintenance: I highly recommend weekly manicures for at least three to six months prior to your wedding day.

There are some very common bridal manicure mistakes:

  • Unrealistic Expectations: Expectations are good especially on your wedding manicure, but you also need to consider your personal skin tone and length of your nails, and your wedding ring to craft your unique look. What we see in pictures, doesn’t need to turn out to be the same. 

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  • Not investing in nail tools: It is very important to maintain your nails so do have a buffer and nippers to trim loose hangnails and clippers. It will help you to maintain healthy nails in between your nail spa appointments.
  • Visiting a salon with oily nail beds: Before you head out to the salon, always remember to wash your hands and swipe alcohol across your nail beds to avoid premature chipping/lifting. Oily substances like lotion, makeup, or serums may lead to chipping of nails.
  • Excessive use of hands prior to wedding: Using too much of hands can end up breaking your nail the day before the wedding. It can mess your bridal mani. Be mindful of taking care of your hands during this time.

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  • Not going for trials: You must have finalized the nail art in your mind or waiting for the manicurist/ nail artist to suggest you. But I personally suggest that you go for few trials before the actual wedding manicure. This way you can experiment with multiple shapes, colors, polishes, and designs to get that perfect bridal manicure.
  • Waiting till the last minute: Ensure getting your bridal mani 3-4 days before your wedding. You do not have to panic last minute or worry about wet polish while you change into your fancy attire.

Manicure Kit

The manicure kit that we can recommend for bridal manicure is Sara and Lotus. They are of premium quality and works really well.

Let’s discuss the essential steps of pedicure first:

  • Nail polish is removed using nail polish remover.
  • Nails are trimmed and filed.
  • Then the feet will be dipped in warm water mixed with shampoo and salts for 7-10 minutes.
  • Cuticle oil is applied to nails.
  • With the cuticle stick, dead skin is pushed back.
  • A foot scrubber tool is used to remove the hard layer of dead skin.
  • Wooden loofah is used to remove the remaining soft dead skin layer.
  • Foot scrub is applied to the feet.
  • The foot file is used to exfoliate the dead skin and treat calluses.
  • Then feet are soaked again in the warm water.
  • After wiping, a pack is applied. It is kept for drying for 5-7 minutes.
  • Post wiping of feet, they are massaged using a cream.
  • Nail polish is applied.
  • Let the feet dry.

Wedding Pedicure

A bridal pedicure is also a great way of distressing from wedding planning. Moreover, the photographer takes detailed shots of mehndi that are applied to your feet and also captures the candid shots of your embellished heels that you have teamed up with your traditional attire. After all, you need to flaunt those adorable wedding shoes with confidence right?

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Pedicure should be done at least once a month by a professional as they can tend your toes better. It is worth investing in foot health. A good pedicure massage maintains the blood flow and keeps your feet and leg muscles relaxed.

Visit your pedicurist at least 3-4 times pre wedding. The wedding pedicure should be done 3-4 days prior to the wedding.

Other than this, there are few things that you can always keep handy for a home pedicure:

  • Nail Paint
  • Foot file
  • Exfoliating Foot Mask
  • Moisturizing Foot Mask
  • Foot Cream
  • Cuticle Balm

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Things to keep in mind that you can practice at home before you go out for a bridal pedicure:

  • Try to get your cuticles cut by the pedicurist. Between the visits to the pro, push back the cuticles with a towel post bathing.
  • File the bottoms of your feet regularly. Pumice stones work well.
  • Replace the foot file tool as after three months they lose their power.
  • Slather cream on feet at night before bedtime and in winters slip into wool socks. This will heat your feet and this will lead to better absorption of the cream.
  • Wash your feet at the end of the day.
  • Say no to painful heels at least a month before your wedding.
  • You can lighten your dark feet easily through few home remedies-
  • Potato Juice: Helps to get rid of pigmentation and also acts as a bleaching agent. Rub a good amount of juice on your feet for few minutes and leave on for 10-15 minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water and end with a moisturizer.

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  • Yogurt: It helps you to get rid of tan and dead skin due to the presence of lactic acid. Massage your feet with yogurt and leave for 10 minutes. Rinse with warm water and repeat this session a couple of times every week.
  • Gram and Curd Pack: In a bowl, mix 1.5 tbsp of gram flour with ¼ tsp of turmeric powder and add a few drops of lemon. Mix with yogurt to get a thick paste-like consistency.
    Rub the paste onto feet for 10 minutes. Let it dry and wash with lukewarm water. Apply this pack three times a week for a month to achieve desired results. The good news is that it works superbly even on the whole body.
  • One secret for healthy nails- Drink a mixture of orange juice and Knox gelatin once a week. You can start this ritual at least a month pre wedding. If your toenails are stronger, then there will be less cracking, peeling, bending, and improved nail surface.

Pedicure Kit

The pedicure kit that we can recommend for bridal pedicure is Sara and Lotus. They are the best for wedding pedicure.

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So this wedding season, let your creative wedding manicure and pedicure make a style statement that will not only reflect your personality but also turn those heads on your special day.

What are you waiting for? Make a hurried visit to the manicurist and pedicurist today. Do not skip bridal mani pedi as it will be etched in your memory and your wedding album for years to come!

Show off the dazzling piece of jewelry on your left hand!

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If you are from Delhi NCR, then we will highly recommend you to book your doorstep Pre Bridal appointments with Highly Bridal expert company Meribindiya Bridal Team, kindly get in touch on 8130520472.

Feel free to share your tips for manicure and pedicure… drop your comments and let us know if you found this useful!


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