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17 Most Affordable Destination Wedding Locations in India

Most Affordable Destination Wedding Locations in India

Love, Laughter, and happily ever after! Marriages are a new chapter in everyone’s life. The bride and groom are super thrilled about their special day. Some dream of tying the knot away from the hustle and bustle of city crowds. This is where a destination wedding strikes their mind.

Every couple dreams of a perfect wedding venue and destination wedding locations fulfill their dreams of a fairytale wedding. The wedding locations serve as the perfect backdrop for your fairytale wedding. There are a plethora of locations where you can have an ideal destination Indian wedding. Imagine your special days filled with breathtaking views, mind-boggling entertainment, and scrumptious food-this is what comes to your mind when you think about destination marriage.

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Is Destination Wedding Too Costly?

Many people consider destination wedding as a costly affair. They drop the idea of a destination marriage due to the destination wedding cost. However, everything that appears does not have to be expensive. There are loads of locations where you can organize cheap destination weddings. You do not have to compromise with the experience as you can end up having a budget destination wedding.

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Before scrolling down to know about the best destination weddings location, make a checklist for zeroing in on thedestination wedding location:

Destination Wedding Checklist

  • What is the travel time from the nearest airport/train station?
  • What is the number of guests you expect for the wedding?
  • Are there hotels that can accommodate all your guests?
  • Are the hotels near the wedding venue available to accommodate your guests?
  • What are the places closer to my city?
  • How much space do you need to organize the wedding?

Once you get all the answers, choosing a destination will be a cakewalk for you.

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Now read on to explore the stunning top seventeen destination wedding locations for your dream wedding.

Top 17 Best Wedding Destinations In India


A postcard-worthy location nestled in Himachal Pradesh, it does not need much décor as it is quite scenic. This can be one of the most affordable destinations for your destination wedding. If we talk about the destination wedding cost, you can easily plan your wedding here with a decent 10-20 lakhs budget. If you are a mountain lover and want to get married amidst the hills, then you can consider this out of all the wedding locations.

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One of the little towns in Madhya Pradesh, Mandu is filled with the spellbinding architectural beauty of monuments. You will notice the streets dripping with history and romance. This location is tailor-made to become one of the best destination wedding locations. Set amidst the Satpura mountains with Mandu Palace and Malwa Retreat, it offers picture-perfect venues.

The destination wedding cost of a royal weddingcan be wrapped up in about 50 Lakhs.

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A hot new option for destination marriage, Gokarna in Karnataka is admired by beach lovers. Just 6 hours from Mumbai, it offers affordable stay options. If you long for a bohemian vibe for your wedding, then prefer this destination wedding location.


Imagine if your favorite getaway turns into your location for a destination wedding. Plan your destination Indian wedding at half the price than you pay for in the city. The destination wedding cost for a Goan wedding will cost a minimum of 3 Lakhs with a live band. Beachside weddings are perfect for the start of your new chapter of life.

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How about starting your new life surrounded by lush greenery and crystal clear water lakes?

Kovalam is another touristy and the most affordable destination offering breathtaking venues, exceptional hospitality to mouthwatering food. Thedestination wedding costwill cost between 10-25 Lakhs if you keep your guest list to a minimum of 300 for a luxurious wedding. For 200 guests, it could be anywhere between 8-16 Lakhs.


House boat in backwaters near palms at dramatic sunset sky in alappuzha, Kerala, India

A surreal houseboat wedding on the pristine backwaters of God’s own country is what you can have at Alleppey, Kerala. Experience great food with spas for guests. The destination wedding cost can be worked at around 15 Lakhs.

If you have your destination wedding here,Alleppey will just set the right tone for your union.

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Opt for a grand wedding on the lush green hills of Lavasa located near Pune. This is claimed to be India’s first planned hill station modeled on a town in Italy. Out of all the destination wedding locations, this place is simply amazing with mountains, lakes, winding roads, waterfalls, scenic views, and architecture.

 In this enchanting city, the destination wedding cost for a budgeted wedding can be organized in 10-12 Lakhs.


Located on the shores of Kochi bay waters, you can have a memorable destination Indian wedding at Bolgatty. You can consider Bolgatty Palace that offers extensive outdoor lawns and is the best outdoor wedding venue in Kerala.


For hill lovers, Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra can be the best destination weddings location. There is no place more romantic than this where you can have a dreamy destination Indian wedding. Host a destination marriage at one of the finest palatial resorts with lush green lawns.

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A location that is manicured with a greek-style amphitheater and gourmet food and wine could be your destination wedding location.  Nasik can be considered as one of the cheap destination weddings.

The waterfalls, hills, and templesmake the spot romantic.With green vineyards and an open-air amphitheater against the backdrop of mountains, Sula Vineyards can create magical moments to cherish forever.

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How about getting married royally and elegantly against the backdrop of majestic palace buildings? Udaipur is one of the wedding locations that are simply magical. So many properties are surrounded by lakes. Known for its multi-cuisine restaurants and hospitality, it sure will be an extraordinary affair.

One of the most popular destination wedding locations and also known as the best destination weddings, the cost for 100 people in budgeted hotels will be around 12-15 Lakhs. The lavish hotels for a guest list of 100 people will cost somewhere around 30 lakhs.

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The pink city offers a mélange of exquisiteness and heritage. It is popular for grand wedding celebrations taking place in palaces and erstwhile mansions. Venue option ranges from Raj and Rambagh Palace to Havelis and traditional settings in the Samode Palace. Plan your destination marriage here with a touch of royalty.

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You can check out Umaid Haveli as the stone-carved walls and marveled pillars will serve as the perfect backdrop for wedding photography. For a lavish wedding, you need to shell out between 30-50 Lakhs. For a budgeted one, you can have yours under 10-15 lakhs.


Rajasthan has multiple enchanting destination wedding locations. People love to get married in Umaid Bhavan that is located on the hilltop. Some other venue options are Ranbaka Palace, the Ajit Bhawan, or the incredible Mehrangarh Fort.

Talking about the destination wedding cost, for a lavish wedding, you need to shell out between 30-50 Lakhs. For a budgeted one, you can have yours under 10-15 lakhs.

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Jim Corbett

Surrounded by serene hills and trees on all sides, Jim Corbett is the perfect location for a destination Indian wedding. Situated in Uttarakhand, this beautiful national park will provide you with lush greenery.

Forest weddings are a trend and the destination wedding cost for 200 guests will be approximately 15 Lakhs minus the travel expenses.

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In recent times it has emerged as one of the best destination weddings location. Couples who seek royalty can opt for this place. The tranquillity of the city and the lavish wedding venues spread across the city makes it an ideal and the most affordable destination.

Talking about regal nuptials, Pushkar in Rajasthan tops the list of destination wedding locations. It beautifully blends modern opulence with Indian values. The destination wedding cost for 150 guests would be between 24-30 Lakhs.

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Do you dream of tying the knot amidst the hills? This is the perfect picturesque location in Uttarakhand where you can have a destination Indian wedding. It is all about pine-filled landscapes and a surreal view of the sun setting against the Himalayas, clear skies, and twinkling stars at night.

There is a romantic air to everything out here. Get some heavenly pictures in the pristine surroundings of the hills. Hey, gorgeous what else do you need when you can walk down the aisle atop of the Queen of Hills! The destination wedding cost will be around 30 Lakhs if you want a lavish wedding.

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Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Have a quiet ceremony nestled in the marvelous Havelock Island or have a grand party on the beautiful Ross Island. The destination wedding cost for this postcard-perfect location will be around 5 Lakhs for 100 guests. For a lavish destination wedding, you need to shell out around 20-25 Lakhs.

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With these exotic locations, your dream wedding will be sure how you have envisioned it. A destination wedding has its charm. Celebrate love in the most affordable destinations!


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