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5 Best Beauty Parlours For Pre Bridal Beauty Packages In Noida | Salon Bridal Package

Best Pre Bridal Package in Noida

We know, soon you are going to be a bride and disparately looking for the best Pre Bridal package in parlour at your nearby area!

With good research, we have come up here with the Top 5 pre wedding parlour packages in Noida. Go through the details of one by one and contact the one which is nearby you and provide the best services to beautify you before the marriage happen.

Best Beauty Parlours For Pre Bridal Beauty Packages In Noida

Here are the best of the 5 Best Beauty Parlours For Pre Bridal Packages in Noida that you can contact according to your comfort.

Meribindiya Bridal Team

Meribindiya is one of the most professional and famous doorstep beauty service providers in Delhi/NCR regions. They provide various types of beauty treatment especially to a woman going to be a bride. They suggest starting care of your skin and body from a month before the wedding.

Best pre bridal packages in noida
Best pre bridal packages in noida

50 Highly Professional Makeup Artists, 20 Bridal Mehandi Professionals and 30 Skin & Hair Experts are the pillars of Meribindiya. All those 100 professionals feel proud to provide the top-notch venue Pre-bridal makeup service to their client at home.

Meribindiya website –

There is different bridal package in the parlor and the price of every package vary based on your product and service choices.

Pre Bridal Salon Packages At Meribindiya

1 Sitting pre wedding salon packages – Book before 2 days of wedding

The Pre-Bridal Package is categorized into 5 different types and the same depends upon treatment to be done before marriage. For instance, 1 sitting bridal package can be done 2 days before marriage and the range varies from INR 1799 to INR 6599. The amount varies upon the type of skin and hair treatment.

2 Sitting pre bridal salon packages – Book before 2 days of wedding

The seconds’ package is appliable for such a bride who needs the treatment 15 days before marriage. This package gives the glamour look to the bride with comprehensive treatment.

The package differs from the method of treatment and likewise, the amount varies. In the second sitting package, the amount starts from INR 4100 and goes to INR 7700.

3 Sitting Pre wedding parlor package – Book before 2 days of wedding

The third package is termed as One month’s vow Pre Bridal Package and applicable for a bride who has 1 month in hand before entering in the new life. In this package, Sara manicure, Sara Pedicure, Rica wax, and other services will be provided. The price of this package is INR 14, 199, so if you about to get married, then grab this package and become an Angel for your Prince.

4 Sitting pre wedding parlor treatment – Book before 4 Weeks

The fourth package is 45 Beauty Days Pre Bridal Package, applicable for a bride whose marriage is to happen after 45 days. It means the bride will get enough time to become gorgeous through this package. Moreover, the price of this package is also minimal, i.e. INR 16,099.

How to book an appointment to get pre wedding parlour treatment at your home?

In the transition phase of existing life and entering a new life, you must look gorgeous as the wedding is one of the memorable moments of life. Hence, get connected with Meribindiya and make your moment spectacular.

Best Pre Bridal Packages

With Meribindiya professionals, you need to get the appointment a month or a couple of days before to your wedding. You can either book it online by visiting the official website of Meribindiya or can make a call at +91 8130520472 to get a home-based service.

 Lakme Salon

Lakme is one of the most famous and reputed salons in India which offers multiple services for the bride. It offers a Lakme pre bridal package for wedding and takes the responsibility of making the bride look like princes on D-Day. It has all kinds of Lakme pre bridal packages which will just amaze you.

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The best part is that they have some very skilful and professional makeup artists. You can check the Lakme pre bridal package reviews on the internet and get some ideas before taking the service.

Lakme Pre Bridal Packages With A Price

Wedding Make-Up Packages
  • It includes saree draping to nail enamel and up style-glitz.
  • For party up style, it will cost you more than Rs 2500
  • For premium up style, it will cost you around Rs 3500
  • For classic saree draping, it will cost Rs.315
  • Specialized saree draping can cost you Rs.755
For Wedding And Reception

There will separate prices for junior and senior artists. The cost of a junior makeup artist will cost you between 2000 to 3500 INR. Whereas senior artists will charge more, around Rs 20000 to 35000 INR. For special airbrushes, it will cost you between Rs.30000 to Rs.40000.

geetanjali pre bridal package

Bridal occasional make-up might cost you less, such make-up includes Mehendi, Haldi, engagement, cocktail, etc. These are some Lakme salon pre bridal package which they offer to the bride on the special occasion of wedding.

lakme salon website –

Geetanjali Salon

Geetanjali Pre Bridal Package offers the best beautification services across the country. Geetanjali Salon Pre Bridal Packages include waxing, manicure, pedicure, full body waxing, hair styling and, body spa and hair spa.

Meribindiya Bridal Services Team- Noida’s Best Pre-Bridal and Bridal Makeup Team For Venue

Geetanjali provides customized service packages to their client for different functions and occasions. Their bridal packages include Regular make-up, HD make-up, Air Brush make-up, Party make-up (for pre-weddings and post-weddings), Friends and family make-up, Hair Styling, Hair Extensions, Eyelashes, Shampoo, Draping, Nails and more.

Geetanjali Pre Bridal Package At Parlour

  • For bridal makeup package, Geetanjali may charge you more than Rs.29000.
  • For bridal’s friends and relative’s makeover, they will charge you around Rs.2500
  • For other party occasions, they will charge you around Rs.2000.

Geetanjali Salon website –

VLCC Salon

VLCC salon is also not behind in the race as far as bridal makeup is concerned. VLCC pre-bridal package, they are also doing a great job and providing an affordable bridal package. VLCC pre-bridal is a lot cheaper than the rest of the other bridal packages but that doesn’t mean it is not worth it.

  • The Au-Natural pre bride package: It uses a mixture of Ayurveda and organic product and will cost you around Rs.7000.
  • The silver splendor bride package: It will cost you more than Rs.8000 to give a natural look to the bride.
  • The exotic Diamond bridal package: This packageof VLCC is a little bit expensive but one of the most recommended packages.
  • The royal extravagant bride package: It is the most expensive package comparatively other bridal packages in VLCC price. The package covers all the essential bridal makeup treatment.

There are other packages as well such as the charming indulgent bride package and the traditional Ayurveda bride package. Such a VLCC pre bridal package price is around Rs 15000 and Rs.11000 respectively.

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Especially for bridals and are best known for the themed and traditional makeover. It is based on the culture, states such as Punjabi style, Marathi style, Gujarati style, Muslim bridal makeup, Hindu makeover, Rajasthani style, and many more. VLCC pre-bridal package price is also affordable and might not cost you much for the bridal makeover.

VLCC salon website –

Looks Salon

Looks Salon pre-bridal package is also pretty much the same and offers the essential pre-bridal treatments. The makeup services include manicure, pedicure, body spa, hair styling, facial makeup and body waxing.

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To see all the available looks beauty parlour packages, you can search for looks salon near me on your mobile. And you will get the complete details along with the current offered price running in Noida. There are plenty of looks beauty parlour in the country and all salon provides you with a very good bridal service.

Looks salon website –


To sum up, if you are looking for the best and affordable pre bridal parlour packages, then without any doubt, you can go with Meribindiya. Nowadays, with the increasing demands of home-based services, Meribindiya is the preferred pre wedding parlour by Noida people.

You can easily book the appointment to ask the pre-bridal to make up professionals to serve you at home. And after getting a satisfactory makeup, you can pay them online using Google Pay or other quick payment options.



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