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Manveen Makeovers Vs Meribindiya Bridal Team: Review On Work, Services & Charges

manveen makeover

Are you looking for the best Bridal Makeup Artists but confused to go with one of the most popular makeup artists who can give a professional service at an affordable cost? If yes, then here we are going to share the personal review about Makeover By Manveen and Meribindiya Bridal Team.

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However there are other skilled makeup artists in Noida & Delhi NCR but based on the makeup charges, user experience and range of services, we have observed that these two makeup artists are preferred choice by the becoming brides and other makeup lovers.

Types Of Services Provided By Makeup By Manveen Vs Meribindiya

Services provided by Manveen Makeup Artist

  • Pre-Bridal Makeup: Manveen Kaur provides 4 types of Pre-bridal packages from single sitting to up to 7 sittings. And you can book for the same at least 4 days before your wedding or a maximum of 3 months before your wedding.
  • Bridal Makeup: The package includes facial makeup, hair styling, draping, eye-lashes, nail colouring & more.
  • Engagement Makeup: It includes HD or Airbrush facial makeup along with contact lense, draping, nail colouring & more.
  • Party Makeup: This makeup package at Makeover By Manveen includes all the basic face makeups along with hair styling, nail paint & draping.
  • On Venue Makeups: You can fix an appointment to get any makeup services provided by the MBM team at your desired location in Delhi or another location in India.
manveen makeover

Meribindiya Makeup Services

  • Pre-Bridal Makeup: There are 4 types of pre-bridal makeup services provided by the Meribindiya Bridal Team that you can book before 2 to 45 days of your wedding.
  • Bridal Makeup: The package includes elegant facial makeup along with fancy hairdos, nail art, dress draping, eye-lashes, HD & AB makeup and more.
  • Engagement Makeup: The inclusions in Engagement makeup packages are AB or HD makeup, eye-lashes, fancy hair styling, hair accessories, nail art and more.
  • Party Makeup: Meribindiya Party Makeup packages includes open hairstyling or another style, saree or chunni draping, eye-lashes, flower hair accessories and more.
  • Reception Makeup: This package includes all the basic makeover including hairstyling, nail art and dress draping.
  • Mehandi: Meribindiya team gives doorstep Mehandi services for brides and their friends and relatives.
Bengali Bridal Makeup Done by Meribindiya Team

Makeover By Manveen Price Vs Meribindiya Makeup Charges

Makeover By Manveen Makeup Charges

  • They are providing four packages of pre-bridal makeup that will cost you Rs.10,000, Rs.15,000, Rs.21,000 and Rs.30,000 for Fast Forward, Classic, Supreme & Luxury packages respectively.
  • Manveen Kaur Makeup Charges for HD Bridal makeup services is Rs.22,000. Whereas, to get Airbrush bridal services by Miss Kaur, you need to pay Rs.25,000.
  • If you want the HD Bridal makeup services done by their senior makeup artists then the charges will be Rs.13,000 and Rs.15,000 for AB bridal makeup.
  • Manveen Kaur charges Rs.15,000 to give you an HD engagement look, and Rs.18,000 for an airbrush engagement makeup.
  • Senior artists at Manveen Kaur Studio will charge Rs.9,000 for HD engagement makeup and Rs.11,000 for Airbrush Engagement Makeup.
  • It will cost you Rs.3,500 for HD Party Makeup at MBM and Rs.5,000 for Airbrush Party Makeup.

Apart from the above makeup packages, you can also contact them to get the services at your location within the Delhi NCR area or other corners of the country. To get the appointment, either you can contact them at +91 9958600827 or visit their studio based in Pitampura, Delhi.

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Meribindiya Makeup Artist Charges

  • The team provides 1 to 4 sittings of pre-bridal makeup packages that range from Rs.1799 to Rs.16,099.
  • It will cost you Rs.20,000 for Airbrush Bridal Makeup, Rs.15,000 for HD Bridal Makeup and Rs.10,000 for Bridal Kryolan Makeup at Meribindiya.
  • HD Engagement Makeup price is Rs.6,000 and Airbrush Engagement Makeup Price is Rs.7,500. Whereas, Meribindiya Kryolan Engagement Makeup service will cost you Rs.3,500 to Rs.4,500.
  • Normal Party Makeup at Meribindiya starts at Rs.2,000 and only. For HD Party Makeup & AB Party Makeup, it will cost you Rs.5,000 and Rs.6,000 respectively.
  • Basic reception makeup starts at Rs.3,500 and HD & AB makeup services will cost you Rs.6,000 and Rs.7,500 respectively.
  • Doorstep Bridal Mehandi package starts at Meribindiya range from Rs.3,100 to Rs.5,100.
  • To get non-bridal Mehandi services for up to 10 members, it will cost you Rs.2,000 at Meribindiya.

Apart from the above-given makeover services, Meribinidya also provides photoshoot makeup. You can also contact her to get ready at your doorstep for any other special occasions.

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You can fix the meeting with the Meribindiya team by dialing at +91 8130520472.

Manveen Makeup Artist Vs Meribindiya Bridal Team Review

Manveen Makeover Review

Manveen Kaur is a professional makeup artist and operating her makeup studio from Delhi for around 6 years. So far, with the team of senior artists, she has successfully groomed more than 6000 brides in India and still counting. The team are best known for providing affordable makeup services at their studio in Delhi and the client’s required location.

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The team at MBM use international cosmetic products to makeover the client’s based on their types of skin. MBM has achieved many awards as well that includes “Fastest Growing Makeup Studio of North India” & “Legend of the Makeup Industry”.

Best Pre Bridal Packages

Meribindiya Bridal Team Review

With the aim to provide a comfortable makeup experience to the clients, Meribindiya stated to arrange for their freelance services at your doorstep. In the time of around 6 years only, the team have got a big name in the Bridal makeup industry.

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Meribindiya have more than 100 highly expert senior makeup artists who are trained directly by celebrity makeup experts. The team are well known to provide a range of makeover services at a very affordable rate to the client at their venue.

Which One is Better – Manveen Makeovers or Meribindiya Bridal Team?

To choose one out of these two most popular make artists in Noida or Delhi NCR, we would recommend going with Meribindiya professional makeup artists team rather than Manveen Makeup Artist. Because, Meribindiya have a range of services to fulfil all your makeup requirements even in your budget.

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On top of that, you don’t need to rush to the studio despite the team of Meribindiya makeup artists who will serve you at the convenience of your home.


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