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A Complete Guide to Wax for Brides | Pre Bridal Guide

A Complete Guide to Wax for Brides

We all know that planning a wedding is not a cakewalk. If we go to the nitty-gritty of wedding planning, we surely know it is tiresome and not easy. There are so many points to keep in mind for a bride. There is something that probably crosses every bride’s mind before her wedding. A pre bridal package is one such thing that must be scheduled before the D day. In this, bridal wax is inevitable. Bridal makeovers are not confined to the hair and face anymore.

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To look flawless and gorgeous, bridal wax is a requisite. You ought to invest time getting groomed at the salon so you may look the finest on your big day. Plus, these makeover sessions are a great way to “un-hassle” and shed off all the fatigue of wedding planning and shopping.

Pre Bridal Packages

Pre bridal wax sessions are all about the cleaning of the body from the roots and not just the skin level. Taking few waxing sessions right before the wedding ensures that you don’t need to shave throughout your wedding and honeymoon as typically it lasts anywhere from three to six weeks, making you feel quite comfortable in the flowy dresses and anything that you wish to wear even after your wedding.


Our guide to bridal wax will help you to make an informed decision about your waxing session-be it the quality of wax to be used, pre and post waxing rituals, hot wax and cold wax, or bikini/Brazilian wax. So do not worry as we are here to help you with all those doubts and also give some tips to ensure a smooth waxing experience.

So let’s make it easy for you, let’s zero in on few wax types that you can opt for in your bridal wax sessions. Before going further into the details, let’s have a quick facts check on the difference between hot and cold wax.

Hot Wax Vs Cold Wax

Hot Wax uses melted wax that can be applied while still hot and spread evenly onto the skin. In terms of precision, hot wax is better. To achieve the best results, you can spread it the way you like. It is to be preferred at removing shorter hair. Hot wax adheres to the hair stronger making it more effective for removing finer hairs from the root. This should be best left to the experts only.

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Cold Wax can be applied at lukewarm temperature and can sometimes be prepared on a strip. It basically does not require a heat source and it is already spread out evenly on the thin strips. It is beneficial while traveling and also it is less messy as it comes pre-spread for your convenience. So these ready-to-use strips can be used anywhere without minimal preparation. So you can use it more easily at home.


When you have finer hairs, hot wax grips around the hair tighter and removes the hair in one pull. Whereas, cold wax often leaves the hair behind hence requiring repeated waxing over those areas. So for coarse hair, opt for hot wax for achieving a cleaner and smoother look.

Four types of Bridal Wax you can opt for hair removal are:

Dark Chocolate Wax

Dark Chocolate Wax is infused with Cocoa, Almond oil, Soybean oil, Glycerine, and Vitamins. Cocoa is rich with antioxidants and acts as an emollient in the wax. The anti-inflammatory properties present in almond oil prevents redness. If your skin is tanned, then dark chocolate wax is one of the effective ways of getting rid of the sun tan. It is comparatively less painful than regular wax and does not result in rashes, or any other skin allergy.

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This wax is recommended for normal skin type and when the growth is normal. This can be used in both summer and winter. It does not dries the skin and infact nourishes the skin. Usage of this results in glowing skin.

Bridal Makeup

For bridal wax, the best known brands of dark chocolate wax are Sleek Wax, Rica Wax and Raaga Wax.

White Chocolate Wax

White Chocolate Wax or Liposoluble wax has gained popularity recently and is available in most of the salons. It is composed of Beeswax, Vegetable oil, Glycerol Rosinate, all of which combined gives a smooth waxing experience. It comes with pre and post wax oils which ensures a nourishing wax.

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If you opt for this wax type, then you will end up having a deeply moisturized and radiant skin. This wax does not require pre heating which guarantees an effortless and healthy waxing session.

We recommend this for all skin types and removes normal growth effectively. This can also be used in both summer and winter.

For bridal wax, the best known brands of white chocolate wax are Sleek Wax, Rica Wax and Raaga Wax.

Aloe Vera Wax

Aloe Vera wax is made using a mix of Aloe Vera extracts and Vegetable Oils. Aloe Vera being a natural antiseptic with anti-inflammatory properties keeps the skin supple and glowing. It provides natural care to the epilated skin. As it has healing properties, it protects, hydrates, and soothes the skin.

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This wax works the best for sensitive skin and normal hair growth. The summer season is the perfect time to go ahead with Aloe Vera Wax.

For bridal wax, the best known brands of Aloe Vera wax are Sleek Wax, Rica Wax and Raaga Wax.

Strawberry Wax

Strawberry being enriched with Alpha-Hydroxy Acid rejuvenates the skin. Vitamin C present in it lightens the skin. As its non-sticky, it has the potential to remove even the tiniest of hairs. It does not cause after-wax rash due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

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This wax is apt for dry skin and works well on normal growth. In summer days, using this will give your skin a smoother hair expulsion, making waxing a painless procedure.

For bridal wax, the best ones are Sleek Wax, Rica Wax and Raaga Wax.

As you are leaving no stone unturned in sprucing yourself up, so why skip Bikini Wax…

Brazilian Wax

A lot of you might already be in the habit of trimming or shaving your intimate areas but for some out there, it will be your first time so you can talk to your circle who have experienced it before. As it takes some time to adapt to this if you have not get it done before, so we recommend you schedule this month prior. Take 4-5 sessions atleast so that you do not face any skin allergies right before your wedding.


There are few other tips that you can follow:

  • This includes the trust factor and you should be comfortable enough throughout the experience, so we suggest that you search bikini wax near me online first and then go through the list of good locations nearby your place where you can get a hygenic and safe environment.
  • If you have an untouched bush down there, then you need to trim a bit before heading to the salon. Hair strands should preferably be about 4-6 mm in length.
  • Before heading for the session, wash your intimate area well. This will reduce the chances of infection.
  • Avoid bikini wax a week before or after your periods as the area is quite sensitive.
  • We just suggest relaxing as the pain becomes worse because of self-consciousness.

Tips for Post Bikini Wax Care

  • Apply some Aloe Vera Gel or soothing lotion of your choice to soothe down the area.
  • Avoid showering with hot water in the area for few days.
  • Don’t use soap/shower gel for atleast 24 hours after getting the Brazilian wax done as that may aggravate the skin.
  • Wear a thin cotton-based underwear so that your skin can breathe freely.

For Bikini Wax, you can use brands like Sleek, Raaga and Rica Brazilian Wax.

What comes under full body wax?

Full body wax in the bridal wax packageis inclusive of arms, underarms, legs, thighs, back, stomach, chest, and neck. Brazilian wax is always optional.

How soon before wedding should I get waxed?

Body wax and Brazilian Wax both should be done atleast 3-4 months prior to wedding. The last bridal wax session should be booked 2-3 days before your big day. Why we say that 2-3 days prior is ideal is because your skin needs to hydrate and this also saves you from any skin allergies close to your wedding.

Which is the best app/salon for pre bridal services?

For all you brides-to-be, you can book a package by searching waxing near me and browse through the options available to you.

Pre Bridal Services at Doorstep

These days it is quite convenient that you can avail salon services at the comfort of your home. Not many agencies are providing doorstep services and there are two most trusted companies, Meribindiya and Urban Company that offer pre bridal and bridal services at the doorstep.
1. Meribindiya Bridal Team–Their team is quite professional and they specialize in pre bridal and bridal services. They can be booked over a call by contacting them on 8130520472.

2. Urban Company: Urban company provides beauty services at doorstep. you can book your pre bridal from urbanclap app

Pre Bridal Services at Salon

Where some people might like their own space, some, on the other hand, would still prefer to visit the salons.
There are three best salons that offer quality pre bridal services: –
1. Meribindiya Bridal Salon Noida : Meribindiya, a Noida based company consisting of a team of skilled and experienced people. For taking an appointment in advance with the experts at the salon, they can be contacted on 8130520472.

2. Lakme Salon : Lakme Salon is now a brand name and one of the oldest in the industry. It is widespread across Delhi/NCR. There are around 12 salons located all over Delhi and one can find their service related details on their website. Instead of walk-in, if you want you can call them in advance. An appointment can be taken by calling on 9958600827.

3. Geetanjali Salon : Geetanjali Salon has also gained popularity in recent times. It is spread extensively across Delhi and one can browse their website to book an appointment with them. To book their services, they are available on 9958600827.

Although the road to waxing is smoother than shaving, we want to ensure you have a dreamy
waxing experience just like your wedding. Enjoy a smooth experience!
As we say at the end, it will be just “WORTH IT”…
Let us know which one you have tried before and which one is your favorite? Drop your
comments to share your feedback…


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