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Look Gorgeous With the Meribindiya Best Bridal Makeup Artist – Delhi NCR’s Best Bridal Makeup Artists

Meribindiya Best Bridal Makeup Artist in Delhi NCR

A bridal makeup artist pours in her artistic expertise during the wedding day of a bride. While the artist gets to flaunt her skills, the bride becomes ready to make her groom fall head over heels. The groom can’t help but be lost in the deep expressive eyes of your beauty. Meribindiya Bridal Makeup Team is here to make your D-day more exciting, helping you look like a queen. After all, you are the queen of your king’s heart. Your new journey should start on a grander note. 

Are you confused and searching for bridal makeup near me in the Delhi, NCR area? Meribindiya is the bridal makeup destination for you. Our team of incredibly professional bridal makeup artists is there to give their magical touch for the auspicious occasion of your marriage. Try out our best bridal makeup services from airbrush makeup, HD makeup to Kryolan/MAC makeup. You are sure to turn everyone’s head as you walk down the aisle with grace. Have a look at the services offered by our destination makeup artist for the affordable bridal makeup cost.

Services Offered by Meribindiya Makeup Artists Team

For all the brides-to-be in Delhi, NCR, Meribindiya is a one-stop bridal makeup solution. The expert team of ours is here to take care of all these best bridal makeup solutions:

  • Pre-Bridal Skin & Hair Treatment, 
  • Bridal Makeup
  • Party Makeup 
  • Hairstyles 
  • Draping
  • Bridal Mehandi. 

The team of artists are trained professionals and equipped with the knowledge of the latest tips, tricks, trends, and technologies. Our freelance bridal makeup artist will help you look the best in your wedding by revealing her makeup prowess on your hair and face. Here are the services that are specifically sketched to meet your customized desires:

Best Pre-Bridal Treatment Packages

At Meribindiya, we believe that every bride deserves to look gorgeous and stand apart on her wedding day. That’s the reason we offer all the pre-bridal treatments and makeup packages. With all the expert skincare and haircare specialists, you are in for some great pre bridal packages for sure. You will receive our best pre-bridal hair and skin treatment before your marriage day. Of course, the packages vary based on what treatments you choose and how many sittings you prefer to opt for. Meribindiya offers 1-4 setting packages for the lovely brides-to-be at their homes. Of course, the values differ from the services- each of these packages offer. 


Pre-bridal treatment ensures your skin and hair glow from inside, enabling the artist to work on naturally hydrated glowing skin and hair. You will enjoy your pre-bridal treatment sessions with us, for sure. From pre-wedding to the wedding, you can now prep your skin with our treatment services. Also, the treatments are designed to take care of unwanted aging signs to keep your skin youthful. Don’t worry, everything is available for a reasonable destination wedding makeup artist price.

Unique And Custom Bridal Makeup

Your man can’t help but get mesmerized by your beauty as he sees you at the wedding ceremony. When your naturally glowing persona meets with our freelance makeup artist’s magic, your diva self comes out. You shine as the star of the day as you go on to start your new life. Your man will surely feel like the king when he is tying the knot with his queen. 


Meribindiya is a well-known bridal makeup service provider in Delhi, NCR, and other near about locations. Our team of expert artists is here to give you the best bridal makeover for your dream wedding. Apart from doing the bridal makeup, we are also in for party makeup for our clients. You can check out our bridal makeup cost and bridal makeup packages to know more about our cost-effective services.

Here at Meribindiya, we provide three types of makeup services to you through our makeup artist for destination wedding-

  • Airbrush Bridal Makeup 
  • HD Bridal Makeup
  • Kryolan/MAC Bridal Makeup. 

You are free to opt for the makeup service that you want. However, for hair extensions, hair accessories, flower/gajra, and nail art, you have to pay extra charges as those are not included in the packages. 

Bridal Mehandi Design Services 

There are rarely any girls who don’t love a good Mehandi. And when it comes to bridal Mehandi, it definitely possesses a special place in our hearts. A wedding is a celebration that’s one of the most special ones for two persons in love and taking a vow to live together till death comes. So, it’s obvious for “her” to become picky with the designs. 


Meribindiya completely respects the bride’s sentiments, so we provide you with our best bridal Mehandi designs. It’s not a new thing that you want to look your best on your day. Of course, you do and that’s why many customers book for pre-bridal and bridal makeup services at Meribindiya. The bookings outnumber even 1000 services per year and you can also join the list if you want exclusive bridal makeup services at home. You can get your Mehandi done at your home, venue, or even at Meribindiya offices. How can a wedding picture be complete without the bride adorning gorgeous Mehandi on her arms and legs? And when it comes to bridal Mehandi, we have unlimited design options for you. Our Mehandi artists are ready with basics to special bridal Mehandi designs, keeping your requirements a priority. 

Besides the wedding ceremonies, Mehandi services are available for all the festivities of India. Can a traditional celebration get started without the Mehandi on both hands of the girls? Get group Mehandi services from our expert Mehandi artists. 

Why Choose Meribindiya 

  • We have the expertise in doing over 1000 bridal makeup. 
  • All women-led bridal specialist company
  • One of the top bridal makeup teams in Delhi NCR
  • Highly professional, experts for pre-bridal treatments
  • Top-rated professional makeup artists take care of your makeup needs
  • Bride’s happiness is our first and foremost priority
  • Get your services at home or venue.

Are you searching for a wedding makeup artist near me? Then Meribindiya is the one-stop place to fulfill all your bridal makeup wishes. Book for the pre-bridal treatment and witness the natural glow on your D-day. 

For Booking Call Meribindiya at 8130520472

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