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5 Things To Check Before Booking Your Bridal Makeup Artist

things to consider before you book your bridal makeup artist

Covid-19 pandemic opened up lots of our time due to worldwide lockdown. Many would-be brides are utilizing the time for their perfect wedding plan. So, if you want to walk down the aisle some months away, why not plan it right now? After all, there’re lots of things to take care of like a bridal makeup artist, jewelry, clothes, along a venue.


When it comes to weddings, bridal makeup is one of the most important things that every bride wants to be perfect. And for this reason, brides feel stressed to find the right makeup artist for the special day. After all, she would want to look her best when she ties her knot with her man. 

It’s quite natural that any random MUA won’t be of your choice to glam up for the day. So, it is better to be precise with your choice based on your budget and makeup preference. However, how will you decide on the best bridal makeup artist for your wedding day? Before you book a makeup artist, you definitely have to keep in mind a few things. Of course, as soon as you get the idea about which things need your consideration before the booking, don’t wait long.

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You would want to book an artist asap to ensure that your makeup artist remains available on your wedding day. But first, you must emphasize the following things before you look for a bridal makeup artist near me:

Knowing Your Best Bridal Makeup Artist Well

Does your makeup artist maintain any social media page, website, or profile that showcases her works? You would want to see the feedback and previous makeup reviews from her clients to ensure work quality. Also, seeing pictures of the makeup, you would comprehend whether you want to be in touch with her or not.


You can even send suggestion images of your own desired looks to the artist and her team. You can definitely ask for the trials at least one month before the wedding day. You will be able to ask for minor changes if required.

Discuss In Details To Leave Out Confusion

Most of the time, a makeup artist only does the makeup part and is not an expert in draping saree or doing hairstyles. Therefore, you will have to book a team where all your bridal makeup requirements are taken care of. Discussing bridal makeup packages will enlighten you about the package you want to choose. Also, always know about team members and their roles before you book the artist with her team.


There is a possibility that your makeup artist brings an assistant for the wedding day as bridal makeup takes lots of work. Besides looking for bridal makeup near me, discuss all that you want for the artist’s bridal makeup in person. On the wedding day, you wouldn’t want any stress related to makeup. 

Don’t Forget About The Bridal Makeup Artist Budget

Don’t forget to allot a decent budget for your bridal hair and makeup. However, it would help if you asked about the bridal makeup cost based on the packages your artist provides. Of course, ask for the cost after you know the artist is available and you have seen the pictures of your work. 


In case you find an artist has a higher budget, don’t move away immediately. You can discuss the looks that you want, and you can even ask for a payment breakdown. These breakdowns may involve travel, products, or team members. As you get the breakdown, you can even choose whether you would want certain services in the package.

You will most of the time find that the bridal makeup cost comes down in your favor by reducing certain services. Of course, your artist has to agree with the exclusion and the rate. However, don’t be upset if the artist disagrees with lowering her budget. There are other great artists in the market too. 

Know About Pre-wedding Day Routine 

Great makeup artists are not the only expert in doing makeup; they can give you valuable skincare tips. Of course, you can double-check the advice with your dermatologist before applying.


Your skin should be like a great canvas for your artist during your wedding day. Therefore, consulting your artist beforehand and working on your skincare will help both of you on a special day. Some artists provide personalized makeup classes or pre-bridal skincare treatment. So, it is best if you ask your artist all these questions. You will be able to decide whether you want to go for the skincare treatments or do it independently. 

Your artist may request you for a hair extension. To ensure exactly what type of extension she is talking about- regular ones or personalized ones. You can also ask your hairstylist to bring the one that’s perfectly suitable for your style. Of course, while you ask the stylist to bring the extension, ask about pricing and other questions. 

Get Your Questions Clearly Answered

As your wedding week arrives, you must send a reminder message to your makeup artist to be on the same page. The best Indian makeup artist will check in with you about the last-minute details for sure. You may wonder whether you should wash your hair if she has to bring something, what time she will start your makeup process etc.

It is better to ask them about the makeup process and approximate timings to keep everything on time. Many brides have queries during the makeup session but suppress them in fear of offending the makeup artist. But you should feel free if you have any queries regarding the makeup and even raise any concern before the makeup is done. You are paying for the service, and it’s a one-time affair. So, you would want it to be perfect. 



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