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Guneet Virdi Makeup Artist: Price, Review & Contact Details

Guneet Virdi Makeup Artist Price, Review & Contact Details

Expert in beauty and makeup of all kinds, Guneet Virdi is the number one celebrity makeup artist in Delhi, with her fame rising day after day. Guneet Virdi makeup artist is a professional in her field

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Having graduated from the esteemed London College of Makeup, she has immense knowledge and skill in the art of makeup. Also holding a professional certification in skincare from Dermalogica, her mastery and understanding of skin and its health are brilliant. The combination of these talents gives Guneet Virdi an inside-out grasp of beauty, enabling her to create the magic of a makeover.

Guneet Virdi Makeup Artist

Over the years, Guneet Virdi has earned herself a great name and fame, winning numerous awards and slowly building an impressive portfolio. She made a solid position among the best makeup artist in the country.

Guneet Virdi has all-around expertise in the field of beauty, be it skincare, makeup, or even hair styling. She has a particularly remarkable talent in airbrush makeup and HD makeup.

Bridal makeup seems to be one of her most popular areas of attention. Using her in-depth understanding and magical hands, Guneet Virdi has transformed countless women for their special day, helping in making it a fond memory for them.

Makeup is neither for hiding away the face of its wearer nor for creating new features on their face. It simply enhances what is already there. Having purely this in mind, Guneet Virdi gives the brides a look at their dreams. She carefully considers the skin type and condition of her customers and plans what kind of products to use. Making note of the best features of the customer, she curates a look to grab the attention of people towards it. After taking prior information on the theme and colour scheme of the wedding and attire, she starts her work, making the bride a perfect aesthetic.

Guneet Virdi Team Contribution

Guneet Virdi with her team does it all for the bride effortlessly in a very short time. From hair, nails and skincare, to makeup, clothing draping and jewellery fixing– all bases are covered by her with tremendous efficiency.

If you want the look of a glamorous bride, or a serenely beautiful one, from vintage and retro bridal styles to chic ones– Guneet Virdi is the only name you need to reach out for.

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Guneet Virdi also gladly joins the bride and accompanies her from the beginning till the end of the wedding days. Of course, it must be discussed beforehand when making a booking for her to free those days. After all the functions are over, convenience fees should also be cleared. 

Not only bridal makeovers but makeup for corporate and glitzy occasions are also some areas she can manoeuvre with a flick of her fingers.

Guneet Virdi makeup artist gives some of the most liberal customer policies. If by chance they cancel upon your booking, they give back the absolute total payment amount submitted during confirmation.

She only uses high-end and trusted brands like Chanel, Bobbi Brown, Huda, Mac, Kiko etc ensuring only the best products are used on the skin. 

Guneet Virdi also arranges some time from her hectic schedule to organise master classes once or twice a year. It gives a rare opportunity for some very fortunate learners and aspiring makeup artists, not only teaching but also inspiring them in the process.

How to Book Guneet Virdi MakeUp Artist

Guneet Virdi offers top-notch quality services at a considerably reasonable price.  She take booking for events like engagement, mehendi, reception, wedding etc.

 Taking only 25% of the total payment amount at the moment of booking, the rest is taken only after completion of the entire makeover. 

For people tight on budget, this is a wonderful solution. Since the reservation of appointment with her is to be confirmed around 5 to 6 months earlier, arranging the rest of the Guneet Virdi makeup fees gets easier. 

Guneet Virdi Makeup Charges

Guneet Virdi bridal makeup price is around Rs. 45000 if you want to get the makeup done at salon. Guneet Virdi bridal charges is totally worth it. If you want to book her for your wedding venue, chargers will be Rs. 75000. It will be advantageous to the bride since she will always be accompanied by a professional to keep her look in check and help her out in case some unforeseen unfortunate situation takes place.  The package covers everything the bride requires to shine on her D-Day. A request for a full trial can also be fulfilled before the day of the occasion at a nominal fee of Rs.2, 000 for each makeover.

Guneet Virdi can work with a team as large as 20 people.

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If you want to book a senior artist for bridal makeup at salon, the price is Rs. 21,000 and if you book want to the bridal makeup at your wedding venue then it’s about Rs. 35,000.

If you want to book Guneet Virdi for party makeup, the charges will be around Rs. 35,000, and if you want to hire senior artist for party makeup price is Rs. 7,000. Eyelash Extension is included in the bridal package.

Guneet Virdi Studio


Guneet Virdi Bespoke Beauty and Makeup studio is located at Meher Chand Market near Lodhi Road in Delhi, the capital city of the country. With a team comprising multiple experienced senior and junior makeup artists, Guneet Virdi Studio offers a versatile range of makeover and treatment services.

Being an elite class studio for accommodating even high society customers, the place offers a comfortable and deluxe ambience. The place offers a convenient waiting room for multiple customers, air conditioning to not let sweating hamper the makeover process, hygienic and safety measures, and also sanitary toilets.

Guneet Virdi makeup artist also has a dedicated salon for hair primarily known as GV HAIR. 

Hair Spa and Treatment 

At Guneet Virdi Studio you can lay back and receive some quality oil massage for your head. Along with rejuvenating the scalp and replenishing the hair ends, it will be therapeutic for your mind as well. They have a variety of oils, known to have properties valuable for hair, to choose from for yourself.

Several spas, therapy and treatment can also be enjoyed at Guneet Virdi Studio at very sensible prices. So let yourself be pampered in some master hands and get lost in the feeling of epiphany before your special day. 

Guneet Virdi Website


Find Guneet Virdi and her catalogue of services and work at her website, and check out the details yourself. 

Guneet Virdi Contact

Mobile: +91-9810177359


Reach her via either the Guneet Virdi contact number or mail ID very fast to clear any doubts and queries. Make your booking as early as possible to avoid getting cancellation just moments before one of your events of a lifetime. 

Now that we have discussed about Guneet Virdi, let  us now talk about top 5 Makeup Artists of India. 

Top 5 Bridal Makeup Studio of Delhi NCR

1. Meribindiya Bridal Studio, Noida

2. Parul Garg Makeup Artist

3. Meenakshi Dutt Makeup Artist

4. Leena Bhushan Makeup Artist

5. Guneet Virdi Makeup Artist

1. Meribindiya Bridal Studio, Noida

When we talking about makeup artist, Meribindiya ranks on top of the list. In Delhi-NCR, they provide bridal services both in the studio and at clients’ homes. For bridal services, including pre-wedding treatments, bridal makeup, party makeup, nail extensions, eyelash extensions, hair extensions, hydra facials, and permanent makeup, among other things, the team at Meribindiya is regarded as the best in the business. The Meribindiya bridal team comprises over 50 highly skilled beauty and makeup professionals.

The Meribindiya bridal team offers the best makeup and beauty services in Delhi-NCR. Along with Delhi-NCR, Meribindiya provides bridal makeup services in all of India’s states. Several national and international organizations have commended Meribindiya Studio for its excellent bridal services.

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The Meribindiya Corporation also runs Bridal Studios and Meribindiya International Academy, India’s Leading High-Quality Beauty Academy. Both her bridal studio and academy are in Noida. Trainees of Meribindiya International Academy come from different regions of India. Artists from large salons also visit Meribindiya International Academy for Advanced Beauty and Make-up Course instruction.

If you want to visit or contact Meribindiya studios, call on the number given below or visit the address provided below.

Call/ Whats App No: 8130520472

Academy Address: Shop No – 1, 2nd & 3rd Floor, Sunehri Market Atta, Near Sector 18 Metro Station, Sector 27, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, Pincode: 201301.

2. Parul Garg Makeup Artist

Parul Garg makeup artist comes in Second. Parul Garg, one of the most well-known makeup artists, gives her clients a first-rate makeover. Parul Garg, the top makeup artist in Delhi, is known best by bloggers, photo studios, independent reviews, magazines, etc. Parul Garg’s charges an amount of Rs. 51,000 for bridal makeup in her salon.

If you want to hire a senior artist, the price is Rs. 26,000 only in the salon. Hair Extension Price is Rs. 2000. In this package, Eyelash Extension is included. 


Contact No: 95995 88312

Address: Delhi

3. Meenakshi Dutt Makeup Artist

Meenakshi Dutt makeup artist comes in third. She specializes as a makeup artist in India and is well recognized and regarded for her work. Meenakshi has over 20 years of experience in the industry and is recognized as a top expert in the field of beauty and makeup. Her specialty is creating flawless and exquisite looks for brides, models, and celebrities. Meenakshi Dutt’s Bridal Makeup Price in the salon is Rs. 90,000. If you want to book her in any Destination, the price will be         Rs. 1, 20,000.

If you want to hire her daughter for bridal makeup in a salon, the price will be Rs. 60,000, and in your venue, the price is Rs. 90,000. If you book a senior makeup artist, the price is in salon Rs. 30,000 and destination Rs. 45,000. Party Makeup Price is Rs.35, 000, the Prebridal package is Rs. 40,000, and Eyelash Extension is Rs. 2,000.


Contact No: 8826963239

Address: Delhi

4. Leena Bhushan Makeup Artist

Leena Bhushan makeup artist comes in fourth. She is well known for her classic makeup look, which combines glamorous and natural looks flawlessly. Instead of completely changing the client’s look and natural beauty, she uses makeup to enhance them. Leena Bhushan HD bridal makeup price is Rs. 55,000 in the salon.

If you want to book a senior artist for bridal makeup price is Rs. 25,000 in the salon. The party makeup price is Rs. 45,000, and the Pre bridal package is Rs. 21,000. Eyelash Extension is included in this package. 


Contact No: 9899683669

Address: Delhi

5. Guneet Virdi Makeup Artist

Guneet Virdi makeup artist comes in fifth. Guneet Virdi is a highly skilled and knowledgeable celebrity makeup artist in Delhi who can transform a woman’s attractiveness with the touch of her makeup brush. Guneet attended the London College of Make-up to pursue her love in this area and study the craft of makeup. She also has a professional certification in skincare from Dermalogica.


Contact No: 9810177359

Address: Delhi

We hope you like our Guneet Virdi makeup artist review. She is a highly skilled and talented makeup artist who has gained recognition for her exceptional work in the beauty industry.

 These top 5 makeup artists in India have successfully carved out a space for themselves and established a reputation in the industry by producing everything from conventional bridal looks to bold and creative editorial looks.


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