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Should I Get Lash Extensions For My Wedding?

Should get lash extension for wedding

Extension of lashes takes the journey of marriage to the next level. An attractive eyelash can add extra pop up to your beauty and can complete your wedding look. If you are still thinking “Should I wear fake lashes for my wedding?” The answer is an obvious yes as the eyelash extensions can be your pal if you want to look glamorous at your special event. Voluminous lashes are a must for wedding photos and the apt lashes can make you look like a beauty queen. 

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Suppose, you are still cynical and wondering if you should get your eyelash extension done or not then scroll down below to find the answers to the common questions related to eyelashes.

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The below answers may change your myths about eyelash extensions so that you can make an informed decision.  

How long before your wedding should you get eyelash extensions?

 If you wonder when you should get eyelashes done for wedding then scroll down below to get more information. If you want your eyelashes to look more natural on your special day, then you need to get the eyelash extension done at the right time.

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Experts recommend that the eyelashes extensions need to be done in two-three days of your wedding to get the best effect. If two-three days seem to be very close amidst the business of the events, then consider getting your eyelash extension done at least a week before the wedding as the lashes will be tender and need care.

Which are the most natural-looking false eyelashes?

 For getting the most natural-looking false eyelashes, you can trust the products from popular brands like Huda Beauty Mac etc. The Faux Minx lashes from Huda beauty are quite popular with the users.

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The demi black eyelashes from Ardell’s fashion are also a popular choice of beauty experts and divas. In the eyelash extension silk lashes or individual faux milk is added with original lashes in extension.

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It is quite necessary to know about the dos and don’ts of the process to venture into the eyelash extension process. Go for eyelash extension without hesitation, but you need to be extra cautious about the preventive measures. Consult with your expert today and add more dimensions to your eyes.

What is the process of eyelash extension?

 The process of eyelash extension goes through several steps.

Semi-permanent lashes are applied with your lashes. The semi permanent lashes , are made with synthetic, horse, or human hair, silk, and many more ingredients. You can use the fake eyelashes to enhance the thickness and length of our natural eyelashes before wedding. To get an extra beauty booster, a bride must go for an extension.

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There is a variety of lashes extension for various eye makeups. If one plans for an eyelash extension, then prior planning is necessary to get the best result. The most important thing is that before the extension process, one must take care of her lashes guided by the salon or studio experts.

Waterproof mascara can harm your lashes after extension so stay away from it. Must say bye to oil-based products also. Daily clear the lashes is a mandatory one for a long-lasting extension. if one can take care of these, then one must go for eyelash extension to enhance your d day beauty

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Points to be noted before and after the lash extensions

  • For eyelash extension points to take care, after and before extension:-
  • One must clear her lashes with oil-free cleansers after extension.
  • Try to avoid mascara or if applying mascara is necessary to use light mascara.
  • Keep in mind that oil-based products are harmful to your lashes. It removes the glue of extended lashes.
  • Always hire an expert from a reputed salon who will provide certified lashes. It could cost a bit extra but don’t forget that it is a matter of your eyes.

Are eyelash extensions bad for your natural eyelashes?

No, absolutely not! Fake eyelashes are safe and they do not hamper your natural eyelashes

What is the average price for lash extensions?

How much should I pay for eyelash extensions? Well, this question might have popped in your mind a million times if your marriage is nearby. The cost of eyelash extension is based on the studio and the location of the studio.

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It is also based on the desired look of a bride. Don’t worry; the permanent eyelash extension price in Delhi will not burden your pocket. If you are not convinced then type in Google eyelash extensions near me or lash extensions near me to know about the cost of eyelash extensions

To get a fluttery look on your special day, eyelash extension can be the ultimate choice. The process going through by experts gives chances to close eyes at least for an hour can be a good one before your occasion. For high defined eyelashes, one should consult her experts every fortnight.

Before swimming, make sure that the water is clean and fresh if you want a avoid eye infection. If you are going to be a bride and want to be a beholder of beauty, book your appointment with your studio expert. It is the commitment of money and time but changes your day.



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