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The Planet Of Hair Cloning VS Meribindiya Studio: Which is the best Salon for Hair Extension

The Planet Of Hair Cloning VS Meribindiya Studio

Having long, lengthy, and lustrous hair is the innate desire of every girl but sometimes, because of various reasons like hair falling, genetic disorder, to have them a little difficult. Hair extension is the best solution for that. It gives your hair a fuller, extended, and perfect look by attaching human or artificial hair. Nowadays all the top hair extensions parlors offer hair extension services but in today’s article, we will talk about the planet hair cloning and Meribindiya studio and their services, treatment, and prices.

The Planet of Hair Cloning vs. Meribindiya: An Introduction

The Planet of Hair Cloning

The Planet of hair cloning Malviya Nagar offers high-quality hair treatment services. The team of hairstylists is an expert in all types of hair treatments. Hair extension service the part of this. Here the clients get every type of hair extension as per their choice of length, color, and texture of the hair. The planet of hair cloning is one of the best suppliers and manufacturers of human wigs. The clients can get high-quality human hair wigs that fulfill various reasons.

Meribindiya Beauty Salon

Meribindiya is an international name in the beauty industry that provides excellent services for beauty treatments related to bridal makeup and makeover including hair extensions. Meribindiya’s team of hairstylists and hair experts offers the required facility and treatment for hair extension and keeps the maximum focus on the quality of the products and materials.

The Planet of Cloning vs. Meribindiya Services

The Planet of Cloning (Services)

The planet of hair cloning provides human hair extension at cost-effective prices and the clients can have long-lasting and natural hair extensions. They assure that the extension is used is made of original human hair. These extensions can be used with all types of techniques (hair weaving, clip-ins, or bonding methods). The planet of hair cloning has a variety of options available for hair extension coloring. The clients can choose a blonde, black, brown, burgundy, and various other colors for their hair extensions.

If you are looking for the best hair extension service that can provide weaving, chip-ins, or bonding hair extension services, the planet of hair cloning is the right place to stop. The team of hairstylists offers blonded, sewin, semi-temporary, or temporary extensions as per their client’s need. As per your hair texture, type, and requirements they guide you for pre and post precautions. For more details, the client can visit their official website or can book an appointment and visit the salon.

The Planet of Hair Cloning: A Good Place for Hair Extension in Delhi NCR

The review of the planet of hair cloning is quite good. The clients who have taken their hair extensions services quite are happy and satisfied with their excellent services in keratin fusion service, human hair extension, permanent hair extension, micro bead method. With a 4.9 rating, they are gaining a good name and fame. As a manufacturer and supplier they ensure that high-quality products should be used for the installation. So, if you are searching for the best hair extension near me, the planet of hair cloning is the good answer for that.

Services of Meribindiya Beauty Team

Meribindiya has also the same facility. Their hairstylist is also well versed in hair extensions’ techniques except for the manufacturing service of human hair wigs like the planet of hair cloning. They are growing very fast and opening various outlets in different cities.

Meribindiya Bridal Team | The Best Place for Hair Extension Services

The hairstylist and freelancer artists offer at-home services if the client is not willing to visit the salon. They keep making better day by day. They come up with innovative and trendy styles. Many of the hairstylists and artists are working with many of the celebrities in Bollywood.

The hair extension price of Meribindiya is moderate in comparison to others but vising charges are included when the artists visit the client’s home if you can visit their salon, you can book an appointment and avail of their services.

So, if you are dreaming of long, thick, and curly hairs, you should plan for your hairs as per their thickness, length, and texture you can take guidance or hair extension service both provides good services. After the full consultation, they go for the procedures so that the clients can get desired results and flaunt their beautiful hair look.

Final Thoughts

This was all about the planet of hair cloning and Meribindiya salon hair extension services. If you are in Delhi NCR or nearby places you can book any of them for hair extension services but If you are facing hair-related problem like hair falling and needs treatment the planet of hair cloning will be a good option. On the other side, if you are looking for a salon for wedding beauty treatment, you should choose Meribindiya as they are a well-known institute for beauty treatment and provide good services for bridal makeup and makeover.


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