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10 Best Honeymoon Places In South India

Best Honemoon place in south india

First of all, congratulations on your marriage. Secondly, If you are looking for a memorable, romantic, and best honeymoon destination, then you are in the right place. Honeymoon provides you with alone time to know each other and explore each other’s interests. This is the time where you make unforgettable memories and a life long, strong bond. So, it is essential to choose a perfect honeymoon destination.

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There are unique romantic honeymoon places in South India. Every moment of this trip to South India will become memorable with your beloved partner. South India is filled with lush green forests, sizzling beaches, exquisite hill stations which are all considered unique honeymoon places in south India.

List of Best Honeymoon Destinations In South India

1.   Ooty

This place is regarded as one of the best honeymoon places in Tamil Nadu. Ooty has beautiful mountains and a cozy environment. It has gorgeous lodges, comfortable hotels, and cottages where you can see an outstanding view of mountains covered with mist and clouds. Because of this romantic atmosphere, it is flooded with honeymooners all around the year.

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Couples come from various parts of India and from different parts of the world to spend their precious time in this beautiful place. That’s why it ranks highest on our list and is regarded as the best honeymoon place in South India. It has many adventurous things, activities, including parasailing, trekking, hand gliding, etc. It provides a unique experience and is a perfect place for all the couples to start the journey and create many memories.

2.   Munnar:

Munnar tops the list of sizzling hill stations and becomes the best honeymoon destination in Kerala. This place is a beautiful hill station in the region of western ghats in Kerala.

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It is known for its beautiful and natural landscape which brings peace and joy to the soul. You can immerse in each other, learn more about each other in the beautiful lush green forests and amazing landscapes.

3.    Coorg:

If you and your partner love adventure, sports, and physical activities, then this is by far the best honeymoon spot in south India for you. Coorg provides you with various adventurous sports like quad biking, river rafting, trekking, etc. It has a soothing climate and wit breathtaking views which makes it one of the best places to visit in South India for couples.

4.    Kovalam:

It is a perfect honeymoon destination for couples who want to spend leisure time with each other while watching the fantastic sea views.

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You can take a relaxing beach walk with your partner admiring the beautiful beach and the sea. You can make your bond stronger by spending peaceful time near the ocean.

5.   Kodaikanal:

Kodaikanal is a fascinating and charming hill station. It could not be left while listing the best honeymoon places in South India. The princess of Nilgiris offers the most beautiful sunset view from its peak.

You can go boating in the lake and view the shola falls. You can also go for a trek to the height of the mountain and make some precious memories.

6.   Wayanad:

It is by far one of the best honeymoon places in Kerala. You can cherish your bond and embark on a lifelong journey in between the thick and beautiful rainforest of Wayanad. You can go for hikes, treks, and river trails in the woody, lush green rainforest.

7.   Mysore:

You can give your honeymoon a royal touch by staying at a palace-style hotel in Mysore. There you can visit the intricately build Mysore palace and lovely Karanji lake,  Karnataka’s largest lake. You can go on a heritage tour where we can appreciate the ancient architecture and marvellous sculptures.

8.   Araku Valley:

If you want to spend peaceful time with each other with nothing much to do, Araku valley is the best honeymoon place. There is nothing much to do here. You can take a peaceful walk near the valley and appreciate the natural landscapes.

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You can spend the majority of your time knowing each other besides the beautiful mountains and valleys.

9.   Ponmudi:

It is a mesmerizing natural beauty in Kerala. Known as the golden peak of Kerala it is one of the romantic places in South India. You can go for romantic walks near the beautiful lush green tea gardens. Beautiful waterfalls, cascading river streams, long forest treks, etc. make it one of the best honeymoon spots in South India.

10. Lakshwadeep:

The paradise for honeymoon couples, this union territory offers wonderful islands and several water sports.

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Lakshadweep is a dream honeymoon destination for all teams, whether they are adventure-loving couple or peace, seclusion loving couples. The blue and green islands of Lakshadweep are the best honeymoon places in South India.

Here is the list of 10 beat honeymoon places in South India. So, pack your bags and embark on a romantic and beautiful honeymoon in South India.



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