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First Night Room Decoration Ideas | Romantic First Night Room Decoration

First Night Room Decoration Ideas

Wedding days are beautiful but nights are even more magical, they are passionate. And since it’s your first night with your newly married wife, you need to make it creative and spontaneous. If you are out of first-night room decoration ideas, you can check out this post. Here we have mentioned the best wedding 1st-night bed decoration to try.

Best First Night Room Decoration Ideas

1- Flower First Night Bed Decoration

Flower First Night Bed Decoration

We all know that first-night bed decoration is incomplete without flowers. We all think about the bed of roses when it comes to first-night wedding bed decoration. But have you ever thought about other exotic flowers?

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If you are a minimalist, you can use blue, purple, and pink flowers to make a garden-like appearance in your bed. Or create a canopy above the bed with satin curtains and use flowers to decorate them.

2- Romantic First Night Room Decoration

Romantic First Night Room Decoration

What will the entrance be of your first-night room when you walk in with your new wife? Will it be plain like it used to or are you planning to change it too? If you have no romantic first-night room decoration idea for the floor, hear this out.

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You can create a flower carpet on the floor where your bride will walk in. It can be any luxury flower like rose petals or a combination of pink and red flowers petals lying on the floor like a carpet. Not only it is comfortable to walk to but also quite romantic.

3- Romantic Candle Light Set Up

Romantic Candle Light Set Up

If you have ever wanted to make your room romantic as they show in Bollywood movies, now is the best time. While there are rose petals laying on the floor and your bed is full of flowers and decoration, you can bring out some scented candles or plain canned candles and set them on the floor.

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Light them up so that when the bride walks in, the whole room will look like the ones you see in Bollywood movies. Bonus point if you can play soothing music in low volume and leave the windows open to let light breeze enter the room.

4- Flower Lanterns and Flower Chandelier

Flower Lanterns and Flower Chandelier

The flower first-night bed decoration idea should also include flower lanterns and flower chandeliers. Hang a beautiful flower chandelier from the top of your bed.

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Use orchids, lilies, roses, carnations, and more exotic flowers to decorate the chandelier so it can also decorate the whole room.

However, if you think that roses are a cliche, you can put them out of the game. All you need is little or medium-sized flower lanterns to keep things romantic and royal.

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You can hang those flower lanterns from the top ceiling of your room. But they don’t have to include roses. Instead, use lilies, carnation, sweet williams, and different coloured flowers to make your room look beautiful. Also, if you are lighting up candles in the lanterns, it will make the whole wedding 1st-night bed decoration spectacular.

5- Pick Different Wedding Flowers

Pick Different Wedding Flowers

Who said that roses are the only romantic flower? Wedding 1st-night bed decoration can include many national and international flowers if you like.

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You can mix things up differently by playing with different colour roses, tulips, kaminis, orchids, freesias, and spray carnations, and more.

If you have a bedside table, fill it up with a flower basket and a romance novel if you want. And whatever decor you have in your room, highlight them with flowers too so that they don’t go unnoticed.

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There are so many first-night room decoration ideas but picking the one you like can be hard. That’s why there are romantic first-night room decoration services available all over India. Contact one of them and they will help you decide the best flower first-night bed decoration.


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