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How Long Do You Need To Plan A Destination Wedding?

How long do you need to plan a destination wedding

Planning any wedding takes enough time and effort and it is fair because there is a hell of a lot of things that you need to look after and manage. So, no doubt planning a wedding takes time and a destination wedding takes even more time than a normal wedding. You need at least a month for a planning destination marriage or wedding.


A destination wedding is something that seriously a tough task to manage and organizing things. There are so many things that you need to manage and take care of in destination wedding. It takes time, effort, and of course money and you should know your budget if you are planning a destination wedding.

Why destination wedding is time taking process?

It is fair enough for you to give ample time to plan a wedding destinationwhich is ideal and perfect. It has seen that people start preparing for a wedding at least one year in advance.


Starting well before the wedding day gives you enough time for everything such as tailoring the outfits, making your wish list, choosing the location, and knowing the place, inspecting of location multiple times, making the list. Guests, booking the hotel, and much more stuff like that, now let’s see the steps and some factors of affordable Destination Marriage, that how long does it take to plan and execute it.

Factors that usually consume time in destination wedding

 Setting your budget

The very first thing that you can start by setting the budget for the wedding. Destination wedding cost is slightly on its higher side so make sure you have enough budget for that. Also, it requires a little extra time to manage and save the money for D-wedding so, you add another few months on that. Therefore, setting a budget and saving money for an affordable destination wedding takes a lot of time.

Hiring a professional wedding planner

Hiring a professional wedding planner is not an easy task, as there might be so many issues from logistics to language barriers and you must deal with all of them.

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Looking for an excellent wedding planner in spur town over the past month or two and still have not got a fruitful result is common story. It happens many times that you struggle to find a good professional wedding planner which is a time taking process.

Making list for your guests in advance

Inviting your guest is also important and you need to understand that what it takes to make a list of your guests. Making the list of your guest is a time-consuming process where you need to make the list first and you end making the list of guests till the wedding day. The list never gets end and the guest keep on increasing every single day.

Inviting your guest

Then it comes to inviting them and this is yet another problematic thing where you must invite them either via mail or postcard. Nowadays a phone call can do which is kind of relief. Invite the limited guest by keeping the Destination Wedding cost in mind. Therefore, be wise enough and make your move smartly, invite that many guests that you can handle easily.

Tailoring the outfit

Tailoring the outfit also consumes time while planning for an Affordable Destination Weddings. You go first for the measurement and then the tailor will take at least a month or half to get it done for you. So, there are things like that which take time and you will have to organize and manage things according to the plan.

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However, if you are planning a foreign destination plan then it can’t be considered as Cheap Destination Weddings, also take more time. In India, Affordable Destination Weddings are pretty much possible and you can consider them as cheap as compared to Destination Marriage overseas.

Sometimes it’s hard and tough to figure out the exact calculation that how long does the destination marriage will take. And you won’t be telling that a year or half would be more than enough without having any experience and knowledge about it. So, it depends that how nice and smoothly things go and go according to plan.


If everything goes right and as per the plan then it might take less time than usual to plan a perfect wedding destination. In case, things get ugly or fail to manage things on the site then it might take more time than usual.

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Comparing a normal wedding, Destination wedding cost is a bit higher which is well known to everyone. Also, there are so many other factors that play an important role in an affordable destination wedding planning to save time such as booking the hotel, vendor, caterer all in advance.

Hire a wedding planner well before the wedding is the most convenient option because they will support you with their years of expertise. But make sure not to force the wedding planner for anything and pressurize them to do it fast. It might not work and you can end up with an unsuccessful result. So, take approximately, around one year or maybe more than that but less than two years for creating a perfect wedding event.



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