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Lakme Salon Pre Bridal Packages VS Meribindiya Pre Bridal Packages

Lakmé Salon - Pre Bridal Packages VS Meribindiya Pre Bridal Package

The wedding and party seasons are at their peak, and each bride and lady desires to seem her best. A wedding is such a nerve-wracking event for the bride; thus, she desires some special care. If you are planning to choose a bridal or pre-bridal package to make the special day worth charming, we can help you find the best salon. Here we compare the two famous pre-bridal treatment providers. Yes, i.e. Lakme beauty salon pre bridal packages and Meribindiya Freelance pre bridal packages list with price.

In a nutshell, Lakme salon pre bridal packages are a complete world that gives the simplest salon services and packages. Whereas Meribindiya pre bridal packages are having a strong sense of beauty, and sometimes, in most of the work, they are the leaders.

So, let’s see the pre-bridal package list and the difference provided by both of the makeup artists.

A Beauty Battle Of Lakme Beauty Salon Pre Bridal Packages Vs Meribindiya Freelance Makeup Team

Lakme Pre-Bridal Aura

Lakme beauty salon pre bridal packages are designed for the bride to book a few days before her wedding. Under the treatment of instant glow and freshness, the bride is taken care of by experts to groom and make her ready for the charming diva.

Lakme Pre Bridal Package Details-Bridal-Glam-Guide

This Lakme pre bridal package includes Complexion Enhancement, Manicure, Pedicure, Hair Treatment, Glow Pack, Full Waxing, Body, and face bleaching, and Threading.

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Lakme Pre-Bridal Golden Glow


  • Hair Consultation
  • Hair Indulgence
  • Skin Consultation
  • Threading – Eyebrow and Upper lip
  • Facial – Instant Glow
  • Bleach – Face, Neck and Blouse line

Sitting – 2

  • Regular Waxing
  • Regular Underarms
  • Pedicure
  • Manicure
  • Front and Back-Bikini Line
  • Body Massage
  • Full Arms and Full Legs

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This is a package which will leave you wanting your sensual best. To de-stress the mind and muscles, Lame uses exotic orchidaceous plants for hand and foot treatment. The Lakme Golden glow package additionally includes bleaching, body exfoliation, threading, waxing, floral seventh heaven facial, hair treatment, and a glow pack.

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Pre-bridal Premium

This Lakme bridal package list is especially for the busiest to-be brides. Here, Meribindiya takes the lead. In this package, experts will take care of you and offer you the right services. The platinum pre-bridal treatments at Meribindiya include all the care you need from toe to head.

Lakme pre bridal package details

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Meribindiya pre-bridal Salon Packages Includes

Meribindiya Pre Bridal Package Details-Bridal-Glam-Guide

Meribindiya also provides constant services, however, with a moderate and pocket-friendly charge. This act brought them name and fame.

Bridal Package

The Meribindiya basic Pre-Bridal package is available to help the bride in the eleventh hour. It helps the bride to induce eliminate stress and relax with the great treatment of manicures, facials, and pedicures. It helps you look beautiful on your special occasion.

The specially designed package is for the bride with time constraints who can’t take the Bridal Platinum Glow package. The pre-bridal package of Meribindiya starts by cleansing the skin. Then it goes to de-stressing with hand and foot care massage. Slowly it covers all the required treatments that contribute to looking a beautiful bride. And finally, it ends with a saree and dupatta draping to look extra special.

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Meribindiya Bridal Platinum Glow

Lakme Bridal Platinum glow and Meribindiya Bridal Platinum glow both have similar services. Both of their packages start with pampering the skin and hair. To give an inner radiant skin glow to the bride, the complete grooming regime with body polishing.

But the best part is the rates of the Meribindiya Package are very much pocket-friendly and have better stability.

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Things To Look For When Going To Book Pre Bridal Packages Near Me

We have listed below a handy pre-bridal service checklist that can help you to choose an affordable and full service before your wedding. It takes around 7 to 10 Days to give the treatment if you have a short time. However, the makeup treatment should be started before 3-4 months of your wedding to add the Gilly to your appearance.

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Here is a glimpse of the pre-bridal treatment you must check before fixing an appointment.

Sitting – 1

  • Skin Consultation
  • Threading
  • Bleach
  • Face Pack

Sitting – 2

  • Body Glow
  • Regular Waxing
  • Regular Underarms
  • Front and Back
  • Bikini Line
  • Full Arms and Full Legs

Sitting – 3

  • Hair Indulgence
  • Hair Consultation
  • Manicure & Pedicure
  • Bleach Full Arms
  • Bleach Full Legs

Sitting – 4

  • Facial-Instant Glow*

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Meribindiya Pre Bridal Package VS Urbanclap Pre Bridal Package

Who is the winner now – Meribindiya Pre Bridal Service or Lakme salon pre bridal packages?

There is no scarcity of salons and beauty parlors, particularly in metro cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata, but out of them, very few are household names. Meribindiya Pre-Bridal package is a sensation in this field and gives the brides a stunning look with grace which protects the skin from any damage, but the effects stay long.

From contemporary mehndi looks to romantic wedding makeup, like Lakme Beauty Salon Pre-Bridal packages, Meribindiya beauty Salon Pre-Bridal packages are their Gen-Next Brides collection which is the perfect fit for every free-spirited, millennial bride-to-be who is bold, fierce, and wants to look like a show-stopper on her D-day.

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A marriage is each girl’s dream moment in life. For such an incident, Meribindiya Pre-Bridal Package presents you with the simplest pre-bridal packages and services which is not only a work of high standards but it is pocket-friendly too.

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Ideally, pre-bridal schoolwork ought to come about one or two months before the marriage. With the marriage season nearly here, we’re certain you’ve got an acquaintance who’s on the brink of uniting this year. It is hard to fix an appointment with Lakme, also you need to step out to get all the treatments. On the other hand, Meribindiya’s rate and service-wise irresistible packages assure you complete safety & care. So, do her a favor and tell her about the importance of pre-bridal schoolwork.


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