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Gomit Chopra Makeup Artist Vs Meribindiya Bridal Team: Review, Bridal Makeup & Charges

Gomit Chopra Makeup Artist Vs Meribindiya Bridal Team Detailed Review

Every kind of art needs perfection and clarity. We need to take care when we are performing or creating it. Makeup is also an art. We need to understand the client’s requirements to make them satisfied. Many beauty and makeup salons are there in India that provides the best beauty services for making your wedding day memorable and mesmerizing.

So, if you are residing in the capital of India, Delhi, or NCR and typing on google best makeup artist near me for getting a perfect Bridal look and stunning look for a wedding or related function, Meribindiya Bridal Studio would be a great choice for you.

Although, another best makeup artist, i.e., Gomit Chopra makeup artist also provides one-step makeup needs to the clients. Gomit Chopra is best known for hair and eyes Beauty makeup. However, the Meribindiya Freelance makeup artist team covers all the areas of makeup.

Meribindiya And Gomit Chopra Bridal Makeup & Charges Review

Meribindiya is a renowned place for its pre-bridal treatment, Makeup Artist courses, Hairstyling, Skin caring, bridal, and other makeup skills. Their team of best freelance makeup artists operates from Noida, Uttar Pradesh, and gives doorstep services around India. Gomit Chopra makeup team is in Delhi that has a wide range of beauty services and also has a pre-bridal and full bridal package for the soon-to-be bride.

Meribindiya, however, offers a package for Engagement, Anniversary, and kitty parties. Meribindiya team of professional bridal makeup artists who know the trend and fashion and provide you the best treatment and fulfills your requirements.

Gomit Chopra beauty salon also provides an attractive package for custom makeup, engagement, Roka ceremony, kitty, and other auspicious functions. Both the beauty salons provide their best services, but Meribindiya has affordable services to meet everyone’s desires of looking gorgeous.

Meribindiya is a team of professionals. Every single professional makeup artist uses the tricks, tips, and technology to provide door-to-door bridal makeup service not only in Delhi NCR but outstations too. Because of their good services, helpful and supportive staff, and comprehensive bridal package, they are becoming the first choice of the clients.

Meribindiya Professional Makeup Artist

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Gomit Chopra makeup team is also known for their best service, but recently they have started their services.

Meribindiya’s service offers a wide range of packages that you can customize according to your own choice. The service offered by them includes makeup for regular parties, pre-bridal kitty, engagement, and anniversary. The cost is very reasonable and less than Gomit Chopra makeup charges for makeup.

Quick Services Included In Meribindiya Bridal And Gomit Chopra Makeup Salons.

The bridal makeup services of Meribindiya help the brides to relieve their stress and nourish their skin. They offer pre-bridal packages that preparation starts before two months of the wedding.

This package includes threading, waxing, bleaching for full-body, chocolate pedicure and manicure, argon waxing, and body spa for enhancing your Beauty. You can get a proper hairstyle and treatment. Besides this, these are some treatments that are provided by both the popular bridal makeup artist i.e. Gomit Chopra & Meribindiya.

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HD makeup

This service is for eye makeup. Both the beauty institutions have services for eye makeup. Charges may vary as per the client’s requirements. They have a wide variety of eye makeup, from basic eye makeup to airbrush HD makeup. Meribindiya makeup starts with 1200 for basic mesmerizing and increases according to the experts that take 22,500.

Hairstyle extension

Both Gomit Chopra and Meribindiya have Hair makeup services for brides. Prices may vary as the length and style of hair. Meribindiya offers 425 for the basic blow-dry and 3,500 for glitz glam up.

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Gomit Chopra Makeup Artist Bridal Makeup & Charges


For all types of facial services like skin lightening masque, golden glow masque, hydrating rituals, and soothing masque, both the salons have a more or less equal price, but the Gromit Chopra makeup team has the whole package, whereas Meribindiya gives you individual offers choices.

Regular makeup

Meribindiya and Gomit Chopra makeup artist salons have excellent services for simple makeup and Beauty for the other functions of the wedding too. As per your convenience and budget, you can choose them.

In short, if you are looking for someone to make your D-day memorable, you should choose Meribindiya Bridal Team. Even if there are so many options like Gomit Chopra’s makeup studio, but there you have to confine your choices.

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At Meribindiya makeup studio, you will get a variety of regular makeup styles on your budget. Connect happiness just by connecting Meribindiya after all, “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.


If you are looking for a comprehensive bridal package, makeup, hairstyle, and beautiful look Meribindiya would be a good recommendation rather than Gomit Chopra makeup studio because Gomit Chopra makeup artist has a limited range of makeup options and focuses mostly on bridal Beauty.

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To look fabulous and different is the innate desire of every girl, especially when she is going to start a new chapter in her life. The Professional and skilled artists of Meribindiya always make your dream true. They give you a simple but celebrity look and make sure that your natural Beauty keeps alive. You should always choose a team of bridal makeup and styling professionals. And fortunately, two giants, i.e., Gomit Chopra makeup artist and Meribindiya, are both providing the best makeup services. So, based on your affordability, desired look, and convenience, you can go with either of them.


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