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Meribindiya Doorstep Bridal Services Vs UrbanClap Doorstep Bridal Services

Meribindiya Doorstep Bridal Services VS Urbanclap Doorstep Bridal Services- Bridal Glam Guide

With time, the trend has changed, and now most of the things or services are available at the doorstep, such as grocery, medicines, food, makeup services, and many more. The current trend shows that the graph of makeup services at the doorstep is dominating due to the demand. If there is a debate about the best bridal makeup services, undoubtedly Meribindiya and UrbanClap bridal makeup will come at the top of the list. Both are the leading pre-bridal service provider and gives tough competition to each other.

But as a valuable customer, you must know the UrbanClap bridal makeup price vs Meribindiya Makeup Cost, the party makeup services provided by them, comparison between their working style, choice of products, professional experience, and more.

So, keep on reading to find out the difference between UrbanClap makeup artists and Meribindya bridal services.

UrbanClap Bridal Makeup Service Vs Meribindiya Makeup Service

UrbanClap offers many services to the customers and one such is bridal makeup. The company understands that wedding day is quite important and the bridal desire is to look stunning. Even she wants to make that moment a memorable one and for that makeup is her priority. The company offers comprehensive bridal makeup service and they are enclosed in packages as per the occasion such as Mehndi, Sangeet, and Wedding. UrbanClap Bridal makeup price too varies as per the event.

Meribindiya is also a dominating company offering complete bridal services across India. The bridal makeup services comprise Airbrush makeup, HD makeup, and Kryolan makeup. These services are available at the doorstep as the firm retains experienced professionals who will do the job as per the bridal desire. Meribindiya’s bridal Airbrush makeup service comprises work on Eyelashes, Dress draping, Bun, and Nail Paint just at a nominal price.

Meribindiya Pre Bridal Package

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In bridal makeup UrbanClap you will get comprehensive bridal makeup services starting from facial to the perfect match of Maang Tikka. The sole aim of the firm is to make you adorable in the event and for that the makeup artist UrbanClap gives their best. If you choose the doorstep service, then the UrbanClap makeup artist will visit your home with all the necessary products.

On the off chance, if you are allergic to any product offered by them, then you can deny the use of the respective product. Thereafter, they will give you the alternative of the removed products and you can choose the one, also if you have retained your favorite product on the basket then you can tell the artist to apply it on your face. This is the amazing flexibility offered by UrbanClap.

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However, in Meribindiya, you will get the pre-wedding makeup too that differentiates it from others. The pre-bridal makeup is categorized into 5 packages and each package has its essence and once you get the service, then you will realize what the true makeup is and why Meribindiya is the leading beauty service provider. The makeup artists are very much professional and their precise work will amaze you as they focus on every element of beauty.

UrbanClap Makeup Price Vs Meribindiya Makeup Price

Best DoorStep Bridal Service Providers - Bridal Glam Guide

UrbanClap bridal makeup team has not featured the price menu of the services, but it depends upon the products you are using during the bridal makeup. That simply means, once you select the package and book the service at your doorstep, then you will come to know about the price that means before the checkout.

But Meribindiya Freelance Makeup Artist case is different as it features a complete price list of each package, for instance, pre-bridal package 5 will cost only Rs 6,599 and the price drops as per the package and the basic pre-bridal package 1 will cost only Rs 1,799. However, if you go with the Bridal makeup service, then Airbrush makeup will cost Rs 20,000, HD Makeup service is available at Rs 15,000 and Bridal Kryolan Makeup is available at Rs 10,000. Now, it’s upon you to choose the doorstep service as per your need.

UrbanClap Party Makeup Vs Meribindiya Party Makeup


There are various types of a party such as anniversaries, Birthdays or others and as per that the makeup is done. The party makeup UrbanClap covers all the events and thus gives you a complete solace to do the makeup as per the event. With UrbanClap you will get a team of professionals who will give you a long-lasting makeup that will stand till the end of the party.

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Meribindiya doorstep party makeup covers all the events and gives you a gorgeous look at a minimal cost. The beauty experts will visit your home and as per the event, they will perform the makeup job to give you the stunning look for the party. Moreover, in the party makeup, you will get a package where ample services are included such as Full makeup, Sari draping, Hair Style, Lashes, Hair Extension, and many more.

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UrbanClap Party Makeup Price Vs Meribindiya Party Makeup Price

The party makeup price Urban Clap depends on the events and the packages. For instance, if it’s a birthday party and you want to get the look as per that event, then there is a set price and the same case applies with an anniversary or other events.

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However, in Meribindiya, the price of party makeup is fixed and the same depends upon the makeup. For instance, if you want to go for the Airbrush makeup, then the cost for the same is Rs 6000 and for the HD makeup, it is Rs 5000. So, you can choose the right option based on the party.

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Bottom Line

This was all about Meribindiya Doorstep Bridal Service Vs UrbanClap bridal makeup doorstep services. Both are the best in the services, but as a consumer, if you want awesome makeup for a wedding at an effective cost, then Meribindiya is ideal for you. This beauty firm offers a complete makeup package with a team of professionals at minimum cost.


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