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Meribindiya Pre Bridal Package VS UrbanClap Pre Bridal Package

Meribindiya Pre Bridal Package VS Urbanclap Pre Bridal Package

Every bride wants to give stunning look at the wedding stage and also, she likes to create a jaw-dropping moment because of her beauty. But that is not possible with a one-day makeup with an artist or assistance from local salons. Well, in that case, a leading beauty salon that retains experienced and professional artists is required and nowadays Meribindiya Bridal Packages and UrbanClap bridal packages are in huge demand.

The prime reason why these are popular is; they know the importance of a wedding day and how much it is valuable to a bride. So, they offer pre-bridal services before the bridal makeup. We have compared both the bridal parlour package i.e. UrbanClap pre bridal package vs Meribindiya Pre Bridal Packages in detail. Keep on scrolling to find out the best one to make your wedding charming.

Now, as a bride, you may think about why pre-bridal makeup when bridal makeup can do the job. Your point of thought is right, but there are many reasons why you should go for pre-bridal packages. Keep on reading till the end, to get all the answers quickly.

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What Do Pre Bridal Packages Includes?

The pre-bridal packages include Bleaching, Threading, Hair Color, and Facial. Through these services, your body will get cleaned, your hair will be waxed, and you will get rid of tiny peach fluff above the lips. These beauty activities will make your face more charming than usual and thereafter you can go for the bridal package to enhance the face glow.

What Are The Best Bridal Packages Near Me?

If your wedding date is after 2-3 months and currently you are thinking from where to get pre bridal packages near me, then you have two options, i.e., Meribindiya Pre Bridal Packages and UrbanClapBridal Packages. Both are the leading beauty academy offering ample beauty services, but you will have to choose the one, and for that, this article is helpful for you to decide the best bridal parlour package.

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Meribindiya Pre Bridal Package Vs Urbanclap Pre Bridal Package

Why Meribindiya Pre Bridal Packages Deals Are Brought By Most Of The Women?

Meribindiya is a one-stop destination for bridal makeup as it offers several packages to the bride that make her more gorgeous. Their pre-bridal skincare packages are categorized into four different packages depending upon the arrival of the wedding day.

Bengali Bridal Makeup Done by Meribindiya Team

Meribindiya Bridal Skin Care Packages Flexibility

For instance, if you have 45 or more days in a hand for a wedding, you can go for 4 sitting packages that include complete facial treatment, hair treatment, and many more. However, if you have a month in your hand, you can go for 3 sitting packages.

If you have a very short time left for the wedding, then you can choose 1 or 2 sitting packages. One sitting package is available for a bride whose wedding day is just one day later, in this package she will get 3 leachings, 3 facial, rubber glow masks, manicure, pedicure, lotus full body polishing, and many more.

Once this makeup will be applied to the bride’s face, she will look stunning.

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UrbanClap Pre Bridal Package Details

UrbanClap is the leading beauty salon that also offers makeup services to brides. The pre bridal package UrbanClap covers, face makeup, manicure, pedicure, hair treatment, and, nail art. Body Wax is also available in pre-bridal packages.

UrbanClap Offers Three Different Types Of Wax;

  1. Normal
  2. Aloe Vera
  3. Chocolate wax.

The team of professionals will tell you which type of wax will suit you based on your body skin.

Meribindiya Vs Urbanclap Hair Coloring Services

Meribindiya and UrbanClap, both offer Hair Color services but that should be done 3 months before the wedding day.

In Meribindiya, you will get various colors streak and as per your skin, you can choose the one. Moreover, Meribindiya retains a team of professionals and they will assist you in choosing the right color that best suits you.

Waves hairstyle
Waves hairstyle

In UrbanClap also you will get the service of hair color but with limited colors. No doubt, they also have qualified hair artists and will give you the best hair color that will make you more gorgeous.

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Pre Bridal Packages Cost

Meribindiya Pre Bridal Package Costs

The pre-bridal cost varies and it depends upon the chosen packages. But in general, most of the salons kept the price between 15,000-75,000. However, Meribindiya is an exceptional one as it offers entire pre-bridal treatment packages at a nominal cost. If you go with the first sitting package, it will cost you only Rs. 6,599 and for the second sitting, the cost is Rs. 7,700.

However, if you have enough time left for the wedding and choose the third or fourth sitting, then also the price is very nominal/ For the third sitting the charge is Rs. 14,199 and for the fourth sitting it is Rs. 16,099.

Meribindiya Pre Bridal Package

Now, you can assume that where the price of other salons starts, and at that point, the price of Meribindiya ends. Moreover, in any package, you will get the ultimate glow on your face and will get complete makeup service at an affordable price.

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UrbanClap Pre Bridal Packages Cost

Pre bridal packages UrbanClap cost is a bit higher than Meribindiya. No doubt, as a bride, you will get comprehensive skincare service, hair treatment, and many more. But to know its price, you will have to visit the official website of UrbanClap and while taking the appointment, you will get to know about the package price.

Conclusion – Pre-Bridal Packages Deals

Every bride wants the pre-bridal package at a discounted price and this happens during the wedding seasons. As most of the salons, offer a huge discount to attract customers, but Meribindiya is an exceptional one, as the price rates are always slashed and most of the time, you will get pre bridal packages deals. This simply means that the makeup price with Meribindiya is affordable because of the low cost.

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However, UrbanClap offers seasonal pre-bridal package deals and is valid for a while. If you want to grab that deal, then you need to keep monitoring its website to access the UrbanClap Pre-bridal package deals.

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