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What Are the Questions You Should Ask a Wedding Venue Before Booking?

What Are the Questions You Should Ask a Wedding Venue Before Booking

A wedding planning can’t move forward without a wedding venue selection unless one chooses to plan the wedding at their home. But how should one go about it? While visiting the weddings of our family members, friends, and colleagues, we can stumble upon dream wedding venues. 

These venues wrap us with their emotional value and take place in our venue shortlist. Also, you can search for a marriage hall after finalizing the wedding budget.But before you finalize on any wedding venue, both cases require you to ask the right questions. So, if you have eyes on a few banquet halls or marriage venues, you must prepare the questions for the venue manager to answer. 

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It’s your wedding, and you would want to be sure about everything that a venue can accommodate according to your wish. If you are just starting with the venue search, find out about wedding resorts or search for wedding venues near me

The venue you select should have the right capacity that you need, along with provision for making your wedding theme a reality. After both of you shortlist a few of the venues, the time comes to get all the answers ready to finalize the marriage venue.

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So, what should you ask before booking the entire venue for the marriage event? Here are a few of the areas where you must have clear answers from the venue manager:

Availability And Wedding Venue Capacity Questions

You definitely have booked an appointment with the venue manager, right? It’s time to ask the following questions before moving forward:

  • Can you tell us whether the wedding venue is available on the probable finalized wedding dates?
  • If not, is it available for any other auspicious wedding dates of the month?
  • How many hours does the rental amount include?
  • How far in advance can we book the venue and reserve it for certain dates?

If the venue is available according to your dates, you can ask the next questions. But if it is not available, you can immediately move on to the next venue with the questions.

  • What is the guest capacity of the venue?
  • Do you rent the space if someone is looking for a wedding with fewer guests and an intimate wedding?
  • What are the spaces to perform pre-wedding and post-wedding functions?
  • Does the venue offer guest accommodations? If it is yes, can you share the room tariff? If not, can you tell us about the nearby available accommodation?
  • Is the venue pet-friendly? If yes, can the pets stay in the rooms?

Payment Policies And Wedding Venue Pricing Questions

No matter which venue you choose, the pricing of the venue will be the ultimate deciding factor. When you search for a banquet hall near me with price, you are unlikely to get the venue cost excluding or including the services they provide. And you have a wedding venue budget, so know whether the venue you want to choose meets the budget.

Best Pre Bridal Packages

If the budget matches, there must be some payment policies the venue maintains. Here are the right questions to ask at the wedding venues:

  • What is the rental for the venue, excluding the catering services?
  • What is the booking deposit amount?
  • Does the venue have different rates for weekdays and weekends? What’s the pricing chart for a few of your shortlisted dates?
  • Is there a different payment schedule? If yes, can you clarify it?
  • Which services come with the total payment?
  • Is there any cancellation policy? If yes, tell us about it.
  • Which will be the last date till when you are open to making certain change requests for our booking?

Vendor Team Questions

If you contact a venue and ask them for vendor recommendations, you may come across some amazing wedding vendors. Usually, reputed wedding venues suggest vendors with whom they have good experience in the past.

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It means the coordination between those wedding vendors and the venue is just right to offer you a wonderful wedding day. Therefore, don’t forget to take the favorite vendor list from the venue. Here are the questions to ask to get the list:

  • Does the venue offer in-house vendors for decorations, catering, and wedding music services?
  • Is it compulsory to book the in-house vendors? Would you let other vendors from outside if we choose the venue for our wedding?
  • Do you have a vendor list that you would like to recommend to make our wedding celebration special?
  • What time can the vendors access the venue, based on our booked slot?
  • Are there any fixed timelines or noise restrictions that the vendors must follow at the venue? 

Logistics And Other Regulations Questions

In case the wedding destination is far from the locality, most guests would want to stay in the venue or nearby.

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Mostly for a destination wedding, guest accommodation is a must to make the event enjoyable for all. But you must know that, unlike farmhouses and hotels, banquet halls don’t offer space to stay. Also, other factors like valet, parking facilities, and guests, “pick and drop,” come under the shed.

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The presence or absence of these facilities can shift the way you have to plan the whole wedding. So, clarify the doubts before booking a venue by getting answers to the following questions:

  • Is there any possibility of guest accommodations? If yes, what are the policies of room management, and what about the guest count?
  • Does the venue have parking facilities?
  • What is the exact parking capacity of the venue? Will the guests have to pay a rental fee to park their vehicles?
  • Is the site easily accessible to differently-abled people? Are the washrooms easy for their use?
  • Is it possible to plan an outdoor wedding? If yes, will there be some measurements in case the weather takes an unpredictable turn?
  • Do you provide ACs, heaters, generators according to the need? What are the extra charges for that?

Food And Beverages Questions

You are here because you are most unlikely to organize your wedding at a family farmhouse or of small stature. Therefore, if you are looking for a marriage garden near me, hotels, or banquets, they will probably have their own food services. If you choose to book the in-house caterers of the venue, you have to ask:

  • Can we hire outside caterers, or do we have to book the in-house caterers only?
  • What will be the complete package of the venue along with catering services? Can you share the cost of guest accommodation (if there’s the provision of guest accommodation)?
  • Tell us about the minimum and maximum limits for ordering food and beverages. What will happen if we either don’t meet the number or exceed it?
  • Does your venue allow serving alcohol? If yes, can the venue team be able to purchase liquor for all, or should we have to source it from outside?
  • If your venue allows alcohol consumption, is it possible to arrange an open bar? How will the prices differ with the addition of an alcohol bar?

D-day Wedding Venue Management Questions

At this moment, you have got tick-marks for almost all the necessary questions to choose the right wedding hall for the D-day. Now, it comes down to management questions about the venue for D-day preparation.

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When you know how the venue is going to appoint their staff for your big event, you will have a picture of guest management. So, ask:

  • Will there be a venue coordinator or point of contact to answer our wedding queries?
  • Who will be the POC in the venue on our wedding day?
  • Will the POC have a team to manage the guests perfectly?
  • Can we get a glimpse of the arrangements in the venue to have a thorough understanding?

Apart from the last question, if you get satisfactory answers from the other ones, then you can proceed with the venue booking contract.

We understand that during wedding booking the venue is the most expensive expenditure. So, you would want to put extra effort before finalizing a marriage reception hall. But once the tension of booking a venue goes out of your head, you can focus on the fun elements for the wedding. Less stress hovers around the head to plan further about the wedding. 


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