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Lakmé Salon – Pre Bridal Packages

Lakme Salon Pre Bridal Packages Price Bridal Glam Guide

Hey, charming girl! Are you going to be a bride? Looking for the best pre-bridal makeup services? Looking for the Lakme salon pre bridal packages details and their alternatives?

If your answer is yes then here are the details to make the best decision for getting a natural look at your wedding.

With the arrival of the winter season, wedding time is also knocking at the gate. Wedding bells create kind happiness, excitement, and surreal feeling in everyone. Everyone wants to look good and beautiful at family functions and weddings. Every girl when she becomes a bride wants to look amazing. A proper bridal package mingled with the latest trends and skilled artists gives them an amazing look. Every bride wants to be pampered and get it done by the best experts.

Many beauty salons provide bridal packages and pre-bridal packages for wedding functions. Among them, Meribindiya Bridal Team, VLCC, and Lakme are on the top list.

Lakme Salon provides some amazing services for brides-to-be. You can get some amazing services and makeup ready for your functions.

Let’s see the best Lakme salon pre bridal packages, fees, and details to become familiar with the Lakme pre bridal packages list with price to meet your needs.

Top 5 Lakme Beauty Salon Pre Bridal Packages

Instant Bridal Makeup

This instant bridal makeup is for those women who are very busy and don’t have time for months of preparation. Within 5 to 6 hours of preparation, a girl can get a full makeover for her wedding. This bridal makeup includes facial, hair wash, threading, pedicure, and manicure waxing and bleaching.

Bridal Makeup done by meribindiya team

Lakme beauty salon pre bridal packages provide you this service to your doorstep too and the charges are always in your budget. Mostly, working girls choose this instant pre-bridal makeup service as it saves time and budget too.

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Proper Bridal Package

This package includes two sittings in a week. In the first sitting, they have service for your hair and skin-pampering eyebrows treading, Face and neck bleaching. After providing proper pampering to your skin and hair they arrange a second sitting in which full arms and leg waxing, manicure and pedicure, full-body massage de-stress therapy includes.

After a proper pampering, you feel amazing. Wedding is a special time for everyone So we need to be stress-free. The artist of Lakme salons always tries to make you stressed by providing proper head and body massage, therapy for skin and body relaxation.

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Pre Bridal Service For Engagement And Reception

Every ritual in a wedding is as important as a wedding. Girls have an innate desire to look amazing and beautiful Lakme pre bridal package makes sure that you look gorgeous and stunning for all the functions whether this is your engagement party or Reception. This service includes

  • Proper Hairdo
  • Pedicure and manicure
  • Saree draping
  • Hand and leg mehndi designed.

Expert Pre-Bridal Makeup

This service is provided by the best artist and expert. They take 8 to 10 days for wedding tips and their services. They not only focus on outer beauty but give you proper tips to make your beauty alive and hydrate from the inside.

Lakme salon takes four sittings for this type of service in which they go stepwise from hair to legs pampering. This service charges a little more costly as the experts are very skilled and charge a little more. So if you want to add a little extra to your preparation go for this.

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Platinum Pretty Bridal And Golden Glow Bridal

This platinum and golden glow bridal are suitable for those who want extra care for their skin. 15 to 45 procedure starts from the basic service as threading, waxing, cleansing to body massage. One more service which can be added here is Ruby Pre bridal service. This service includes pre-bridal, Brazilian, and bikini line waxing. It has three sitting plans in one month. In the second sitting, they go for a marine hydrating masque and illuminating facial’s.

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Why Lakme Beauty Salon Pre Bridal Packages?

The months leading up to the wedding are a most hectic and stressful time. We need to take care of our skin, hair, and nails so the preparation starts before a couple of months. Lakme salons provide you with this facility for pre-bridal. Their curated Pre bridal package gives relaxation to your body and skin so that you can glow like no one. Their Pre bridal covers Body scrub, massage, all-important facial, pedicure and manicure, body massage.

Here we will give you full details of Lakme pre bridal packages list with price that gives you a proper idea about their charges and your budget.

Lakme Beauty Salon Pre Bridal Packages Cost

This renowned salon has a package for everyone’s budget and requirements. Even if you are opting for any special service they provide you with the best price for that. The basic treatment for the skin starts with the cleanup range of Rs. 650 and goes up to Rs. 6000. Lakme has an array of facials ranging from Rs. 2100 to Rs. 2600. This has a broad range of facial as anti-aging, golden facial, facial illuminating, hydrating ritual, and soothing mask.

lakme pre bridal package details

Lakme Hair Solutions

The hair treatment also has a variety of ranges. Their hair treatment starts with basic hair massage to Lush organic nourishing Spa that starts with Rs. 500 of basic price to Rs. 4000 but the price varies according to hairstyle and hair length. Their basic blow hairstyle starts with Rs. 425 to glitz to glam up that is for Rs. 6000. Eye beauty makeup has different styles for basic to advanced levels.

Lakme Eyes Makeup Charges

Their simple eye mesmerizing look takes Rs.1200 and increases to the artists which you hire for airbrush HD makeup. They also have a trial package starting from Rs. 800.

Lakme also offers a pre-set plan for makeup that you can choose according to your budget and they have an attractive offer for grooms also. Lakme pre bridal package price is very economical and fulfills everyone’s needs and requirements.


Some moments are precious and can not be forgotten. Our memories related to it always keep them fresh and alive. Always choose those makeup services and treatment that makes you happy from the inside. I am sure Lakme salons will never disappoint you.

However, you can also compare Lakme bridal makeup service charges with Meribindiya Freelance Bridal Makeup artists. To fix an appointment, you can reach the Meribindiya team at +91 81305 20472.


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