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Wedding Car Decoration With Flowers | Car Decoration Ideas

car decoration for wedding

Your first ride with your newly married wife is always priceless and no amount of energy can ever match that. That’s why it is important to decorate your wedding car with as much enthusiasm. Marriage car decoration is not only for bringing your newly married bride to your home. But also, it is the car that leads you to the wedding venue in the first place. So, here are some car decoration for wedding ideas to inspire your creativity.

1- Car Decoration for Wedding with Laser-Cut Sign

marriage car decoration

Laser-cut signs are a great option for any type of wedding car. Especially, a gold laser cut sign can alter the look of your car from average to absolutely gorgeous.

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You can pair the sign with eucalyptus garlands or any similar herbs that you prefer. And you can place the sign behind your car or in front of the car as you like.

2- Wedding Hashtags

marriage car decoration

If you are travelling with your entire party guests, you are probably doing so in a bus or a large vehicle. You can use the side space of the bus and decorate it with wedding hashtags.

Here are some wedding hashtags we can think about at the moment: #weddingday, #justmarried, #engaged, #newlymarried, and more.

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You don’t have to include the hashtags, just the words would do. You can write the words on steady cardboard with glitters or coloured marker and decorate the sign with flowers or wedding herbs. However, the same applies to the dulha car decoration and not just the guests’ bus.

3- Interior Car Decoration Ideas

marriage car decoration

Everyone talks about marriage wedding car decoration with flowers but why not the inside car decoration? Well, since it’s your wedding day and you have someone to accompany you on your journey, you can think about decorating the inside of your car too.

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Try to hang a hanging plant from the hook of your rearview mirror or somewhere behind the seats. You can also keep stuff animals in the seat that will give your bride something to cuddle with.

But mostly, people love car flower decoration inside out. And it would be great if you can gather rose petals and air fresheners to fill the air inside of your car with the natural smell.

4- Use Mixed Flowers

marriage car decoration

Who wants only roses? Sure, it’s romantic and all but a combination of the most popular wedding flowers can be a great decoration for your wedding car.

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Mix things up with roses of different colours, tulips, calla lilies, hydrangeas, stephanotis, etc. Wedding herbs like rosemary, herbal, seasonal can also be refreshing and stunning for your marriage wedding car decoration with flowers idea.

5- Pick a Theme or Keep it Simple

Does your bride like the pink colour? Then find pink flowers and decorate your car with them. You can also buy some Indian wedding decoration figurines and place them at the top of your car or bonnet.

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Or you can find some hydrogen balloons and tie them up around the number plate and skip the flowers. Everyone use flowers when it comes to dulha car decoration so this is something new.

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Contact for Car Decoration for Wedding

If you are looking for a car decoration for wedding service, you can contact the best marriage car decoration providers near me.

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It does not have to be a wedding to decorate your car, you can decorate and personalize your vehicle on any occasion. But since your wedding is the most exciting event ever, wedding car decoration ideas will be thrilling.

Car decoration for wedding is affordable and attractive and time-effective if you can’t do it alone. So, why not give it a try?


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