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A Guide on How to Hire Your Wedding Planning Service Provider

How to Hire Your Wedding Planning Service Provider-Bridal-Glam-Guide

It has surely become a dreary task during the pandemic, it has surely become a dreary task to tick off everything in your wedding planning and feel confused. After all, the lockdown and virus spread has pushed us into a hesitant state with the unraveling of uncertain circumstances.

Brides and grooms-to-be have to keep their eagerness to invite their loved ones at a bay. It seems that all the planning for the wedding has come to an abrupt halt as the menacing virus disrupts the normalcy with isolation and social distancing protocol.

Couples to get married are left with lots of questions about their dream wedding. Some feel they would hold the wedding for now or until a safer future emerges. No one is wrong, as it is important to stay healthy first. But what if you can find a dream wedding planner or a professional Wedding Planning Service Provider who can come up with a safer wedding that’s as dreamy as you have wished for?

You probably did not think that a wedding planner can cover your wedding, keeping all the safety precautions in mind, right? Don’t worry; we have some insightful tips for you to hire a wedding event management team who can take charge of your wedding event.

The right wedding planner will surely revive your desire to have the big wedding you have planned. But you have to pick wedding vendors who can deliver everything during the lockdown period.

You can follow the below-given tips to hire the right event planner or Wedding Planning Service provider to tie the knot:

Ask Close One For Wedding Planning Recommendations

Best Tips For a Wedding Plan-Bridal-Glam-Guide

It is a blessing to have wonderful acquaintances in our life. And some of them may have just got hitched. So, why not ask them about the vendor partners they have hired for their flawless wedding? They have the first-hand experience of the services and can give you suggestions.

When it comes to hiring a wedding planner who can offer wedding decorations on a budget, recommendations are the first place to look into. Have you visited weddings of your acquaintances and loved a few of the wedding planning works? If yes, immediately call them up or send them a text asking for suggestions.

Hiring a wedding management team based on word of mouth brings assurance between customer and vendor. It eventually improves the way a vendor can approach you and meet your dream wedding requirements.

Read Through Online Reviews

Always look for certified online reviews of wedding planners before you book them. But what should you look into these reviews? You must check the written reviews besides the star ratings. These reviews will reveal the behavior, credibility, time management ability of these wedding management teams.

As there are many platforms from which you can get these reviews, you have to be meticulous. Figure out the pros and cons of each vendor before you finalize your decision. If you find one bad review amidst 50-60 genuine good reviews, don’t view the vendor on it. Your instincts will give you some ideas.

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Check Out The Website And Social Media Posts

Right now, if you search for wedding planners near me, you will see plenty of wedding management services on Google. In case the reviews do not satisfy you, then dive into their social media pages or accounts. If you have a little bit of stalking skill, it will come in handy here.

Smokey eye look

You can run online investigations on wedding vendors, focusing on their blogs, posts, or pictures. It may open up your opportunity to find out one of the exclusive wedding planners of your choice. When you keep an eye on vendor capacity in every aspect of the wedding event, you have an edge. Also, take a peek at their website FAQs while running your research.

Schedule For A Virtual Meeting

Now, you have already zeroed down to 2-3 wedding planning services to plan your wedding. It’s time to give a virtual tour to their offices because of social distancing protocols. You can opt for online interviews via any video calling apps if they don’t have a virtual tour video of your dream wedding plan.

You should filter out wedding venues that won’t serve well with your wedding venue image, space, and location. But for this purpose, you have to take a virtual tour to get the right insight into each of your short-listed wedding planning services.

Don’t forget to create a proper list of questions that you are going to ask your vendor. You must check out every area thoroughly, so even if you need to relook something, ask them again. When it’s about hiring the right wedding planner for you, you can always trust in your instincts after the visual tours.

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Browse Through Previous Work Photos And Videos

No matter what you have heard about a wedding planner, you must have proof of their work. So, look out for their pictorial representation for screening their work. Don’t feel guilty to slide into their social media pages or website to check out previous works. It will make you feel less stressed on your D-day.

hooded eyes

You can even ask the marriage event management service to show their portfolio on various wedding attributes. Like, decorator works, picking the florist, photographer along with the venue. Don’t go by fluke while deciding on your wedding planner. It may not become an ideal move.

Besides pictures, you can also see videos of the entertainers to assess what your wedding may feel like. But when it comes to wedding food, you have to order some tastings before finalizing on the caterers. Taking care of the food sector is extremely important when it comes to weddings.

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Read The Wedding Planning Service Contract Thoroughly

Even when you are having a contract with a trustworthy wedding organization, you must read through the contract. You would want to be safe rather than being sorry! Go through the contract thoroughly with full concentration to understand each clause. If you fail to understand the language, you can clarify the doubt points via mail or call.

We all know that times are uncertain at this moment, so you have to be sure there’s a postponement clause or fee adjustment clause. Don’t forget about wedding insurance due to the current circumstances. You can take the guidance of the vendor if you have to postpone the wedding functions.

Only after settling with the contract detail, put your signature on it. For making your wedding dream come alive, you just have to supervise and wait to walk down the aisle with your love.

Even when we go back to easy living, you can still plan your wedding by looking for the best Indian wedding planners. Instead of hurrying at the last moment, why not check out all the facilities you can avail of from the wedding planner service you prefer? You will be less worried about the event as your planner will take care of it. 

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