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Geetanjali Salon Pre Bridal Packages

Geetanjali Salon Pre Bridal Packages Detail

Geetanjali Pre Bridal Packages are all about body cleaning, getting extra hair waxed, etc. Besides, exfoliating skin, and even making sure they gloss your nails to perfection. A bride-to-be should start these sessions at least two months before the wedding.

Some sessions, such as facials, laser treatments, or any type of hair color and straightening, also come under the umbrella of the pre bridal package. One should always take the help of a dermatologist to go ahead with these sessions. So, indulge from top to bottom to bring out a stunning you.

Brief Introduction Of Geetanjali Pre Bridal Beauty Packages

Geetanjali Salon has dedicated professionals to make you feel special about your bridal journey! They have curated pre-bridal packages that will treat you from head to toe and help you have that mesmerizing bridal glow. They have everything you need, ranging from express packages for last-minute plans or two months pre-bridal packages for those who want to give their sweet time to get the glow.

Bridal Makeup

From the minute you step into the salon until your D-Day, professionals in Geetanjali will treat you with a series of indulgent skin, hair, hands, and feet therapies that will leave you a feeling and look like the modern-day bridechilla!

Hence, please insist on the Pre-bridal beauty packages of Geetanjali Salon.

However, if you are looking for the most affordable pre-bridal packages with the best service at your doorstep, Meribinidya would be an ideal makeup artist for your desire.

Why Should A Bride Take These Sessions?

That little peach fluff simply on top of your higher lip might not seem to be an enormous deal in your daily routine, however, you don’t need it showing in your wedding album. Therefore, pre-bridal treatments are essential to own healthy and seamy skin on your day and post-wedding, too.

Geetanjali Salon Pre Bridal Packages cover all the above treatments. It is not only pocket-friendly but also reliable and long-lasting.

Let’s uncover the Geetanjali salon pre bridal packages with Price and sitting duration.

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Type Of Pre Bridal Treatment Packages

There are some sessions that we advocate for each betrothed. And so, there are special sessions to that you simply will choose and favor to accord to your wants.

Basic Sessions – Geetanjali Pre Bridal Packages List With Price

Geetanjali Pre Bridal Package


Despite whether you have got a pair of or three months to your wedding, certify a monthly bleaching session is comprehensive with Pre Bridal Package Geetanjali Salon. The salon can supply different bleaches in line with your skin sort.

If you have got a summer wedding, for certain select a bleach. This cannot solely cool your face, however additionally defend your skin from rashes and sensations. A Winter wedding involves milk-based bleach, which cannot leave the skin dry. Brides who are frightened of going for body wax will choose body bleach, however, have it in time to avoid any allergies and rashes on the skin.

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One of the essential things a bride must always get done is eliminating unwanted hair on brows and higher lip for a cleaner look. This we do that in two ways: one through the thread and another one by wax on the higher lips. We take the settings as per the expansion cycle. We take the last session four days before the marriage functions.

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If you have got traditional and dry skin, facial ought to be your ally. This can cleanse the skin and improve blood circulation and therefore facilitate in supplying you with a stunning glow. And, if you have got oily skin, you’ll be able to select a treatment that has deep cleansing. A decent mask can work wonders for you because it won’t take away excess oil, however additionally shrink the pores and provides recent and acne-free skin.

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Hair Color

It’s sensible to travel for the session three months before the marriage because the color takes a month to cool down. To do those, bow-inspired Pinterest hairstyles for your functions and post-wedding ought to move in a world with totally different family cooler streaks.

Hair Spa

Spa Therapy

It’s sensible to travel for a hair spa because that not solely cures status, fuzziness, and additional CT extra oil, however, will be quite restful because of innumerable visits to the slim lanes of Chandni Chowk.

Body Wax

Waxing is that the best thanks to getting clean and fixing up the skin. There are three sorts of wax that a bride will move with. The primary is traditional wax, the opposite one is aloe wax that is best for shiny skin as there’s no area for skin disease on any part of your body. And also, the last one is a chocolate wax that is sweet for dry skin because it can leave the skin well moisturized.

Get an arrangement 4-5 days before the functions to make sure a hassle-free method and additionally to avoid any hypersensitivity reaction and red skin on your special occasion. Geetanjali Pre Bridal Package price is an affordable price, and it has no hidden cost.

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Geetanjali salon for pre bridal packages

Body Spa/Massage

The best time to start with the session is a pair of months before the marriage. The simplest one is tea-leaf and aromatherapy spa, which is appropriate for several skins. Go contact the closest spa centers right away! Pre-Bridal Package list price is most suitable and pocket friendly with a high standard make-up system.

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Most of the brides don’t provide correct attention to hands. Simply applying fluorescent nail paint wouldn’t facilitate standing out of the gang. In manicures, we take away correct cuticles to create healthy-looking nails. Pre Bridal Packages Geetanjali Salon is very much effective and skin-friendly. They have the expertise to provide world-class make-up.

geetanjali pre bridal package

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Feet are the foremost underrated part of the body and will look out of. The distinctive sort of pedicures helps in restful the muscles and keeps you on toes whereas wedding coming up with. It should manifest itself each fifteen days to urge the specified results.

weight loss bridal diet plan
weight loss bridal diet plan


These are a few Pre-bridal treatment packages that we recommend for every bride-to-be (for your face, hair, and body, etc.). And then there are specialized sessions too that you can pick according to your needs. 


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