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5 Best Salons In Delhi NCR To Get Beautiful Bridal Eyelash Extensions

eyelash extensions before wedding

Are you looking for the best and beautiful eyelash extension? Well, that is something which women often not sure about it and take lightly, considering that it is an additional part of the makeup. We are talking about the normal days but what if you are getting married? Of course, you will consider every tiny little part of makeup that can beautify you. Yes, it is important too especially for weddings and it can also enhance your beauty and make you look gorgeous and beautiful. In this article, we will discuss the top 5 salons in the Delhi NCR region which provide the best service of Eyelash Extensions Before Wedding.


You will get to see different types of Lash extensions that different salon offers for bride especially. However, we will discuss only the top 5 best salons in Delhi NCR region but there are other salons as well which provide the service of Bridal Eyelash Extensions.

Top 5 best salons in Delhi NCR region for Lash extension.

Here are the top 5 best salons in the Delhi NCR region Which provides some of the best services to their client. In case you are struggling to find the best salon, you can also search on the internet by typing in google Eyebrow Extensions Salon Near Me and it will show the desired result.

They are pretty famous in this region and have made an impact in just no time. This happens because of the quality and the service that they have provided to their customers over time. Although there are so many other Eyelash Extensions In Delhi and the NCR region which provide some excellent service.

Meribindiya – Bridal Studio Noida

Meribindiya salon is one of the most famous and popular salons in the NCR region, although it is not in proper Delhi. It is in Noida which is the part of the NCR region, the salon provides a wide range of bridal packages and you will get every type of service in the package.

Meribindiya is especially known for its bridal service where the highly professional makeup artist and hairstylist do your makeover and make you look stunning on D-Day. Lash extensions for a wedding are equally important as other makeups for the bride.

They know the latest trend of fashion makeup and will give you the same look possibly. Not only for the wedding but Meribindiya provide the service on many other occasions as well such as parties, engagement, anniversary and many more. They offer services like Eyelash Extensions Before Wedding which is quite good and they make sure that everything goes well that is why they start giving the service before the wedding.

For any query or booking, you can call Meribindiya at 8130520472

Nails Mantra Salon

Nails mantra is another salon in Delhi that has emerged as one of the stylish salons in Delhi. Wait! do not just go with the name “Nails”, it doesn’t mean they are experts in nail arts and not on other services.


They are well now for their Eyelash Extensions for Wedding and have some great artists who can help you achieve the desired look of your lashes. No doubt that they are experts for a different type of nail art and design but do not shy away from taking the service of Lash Extensions For Wedding and hairstyling too.

Glint Nail & Eyelash Extension Salon

Glint Nail and eyelashes salon is yet another salon in the Delhi NCR region that provides amazing service for eyelash Extensions for Weddings and not only that but the name of the salon goes well with the service that they provide. That means they are expert and well known for nail art and design and eyelashes. The owner Priyanka who is doing a great job and provide A-class service for nail art and Lash Extensions.

Curlz & Lashes Salon

Curlz and lashes salon is an amazing salon in the Delhi NCR region that provides Lash Extensions For Wedding and pretty popular in the NCR region. The makeup artist of this salon justifies the name of the salon and provide excellent service of bridal lashes. Located in Carol Bagh west Delhi and provide the outstation as well as destination wedding service.


The best part is that they provide every service at a reasonable price, however, the price may vary depending upon the product and package you choose. Struggling t find the lash salon in your city, no worries just type on the internet Lash Extensions Near Me, and Google will help you.

Buyley Nail Studio

Bayley is yet another salon that is also pretty popular in the Delhi NCR region and best known for nail art and eyelashes extensions. The salon offers a wide range of service to their clients a make sure the satisfaction of the client comes first.

How to become a eyelash technician in India

This salon also provides the service for the wedding to do the makeover of the bride and has some wonderful and experienced artists. If you want to search for lashes extension salon, then you can easily search on google by typing Eyelash Extensions Near Me, you will get the result.


Eyelash Extensions Before Wedding is something that not many salons provide to the bride for the wedding. Few selected ones are best so you should not miss the Eyelash Extensions For Wedding and considers it as one of the important parts of the makeup.

You can choose anyone from the lists and if you don’t like the service of the first one you can try another one next time. In this way, you will get a fair bit of idea that which salon is the number one salon out of these top 5 salons. Eyelash Extensions Before a Wedding is an important thing and essential especially for the bride who is trying to look beautiful on D-Day. Above is the list of some Best Eyelash Extensions In Delhi which will help you to get done with your lashes extension.



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