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5 Best Freelance Bridal Makeup Artist in Noida

Best freelance bridal makeup artist

As a would-be-bride, you are maybe thinking, “how am I gonna look on my wedding day?” The answer is simple, whatever you want to look like! If you contact one of these best freelance bridal makeup artists in Noida, you will indeed look your best. Today, we will name the 5 best freelance makeup artists near me that have always helped many brides and bridesmaids since the beginning of their job.


They are cost-effective, artistic, stylish, and extremely professional. If you don’t have much time in your hand to go for a bride makeup at a parlor, you can call them in your home, and they will provide you with their best services. Let’s explore the top five freelance bridal makeup artist in Noida in the list below.

BEST Freelance Bridal Makeup Artist in Noida

Here are the best of the 5 Freelance Bridal Makeup Artist in Noida that you can contact according to your comfort.

Meribindiya – Bridal Makeup Team

Meribindiya’s bridal makeup team is exceptionally expert in bridal makeup and pre-bridal services. they provide the best bridal services in Delhi NCR at the venue. So, you can contact their freelance bridal makeup artist long before your wedding day so that you can take the best preparation for the best day of your life.

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They have a team of experienced and talented makeup artists and hairdressers who know their job well and read their customers’ minds so that they can provide the best services possible. They bring your imagination to life! Their services include skincare, haircare treatments, pedicure, manicure, hair styling, the best artistic makeups, and more.

No matter what your makeup theme would be for your wedding—maybe you want Gujrati bridal makeup or Bengal bridal makeup—whatever your ideas are, you can feel free to convey to the most affordable Meribindya freelance wedding makeup artist. And they will make you who you indeed are—that elegant bride.

For booking, you can call Meribindiya at 8130520472 or visit

Glam up by Megha- Best Freelance Makeup Artist

Glam Up by Megha is another most popular and best freelance hair and makeup artist in Noida. Everywhere you go in the city, you may have seen one or two salons with her name on it. She started her journey as a freelance makeup artist first and then made her way to help other talented freelancers like her.

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You can avail of their services at home at your own convenience or visit their beauty parlor to bring your elegant self to life. Apart from gorgeous bridal makeups, they are also known for providing party makeups, Occasional Makeup, and so on. They use classic, HD, and airbrush techniques to beautify their customers.

Makeup By Nancy Madaan- Best Freelance Makeup Artist

Another famous name in the makeup industry of freelance bridal makeup artist in Noida is Makeup By Nancy Madaan. Nancy provides all types of makeups, from bridal to occasional; you can contact them for anything. Also, tell her how you want to look like, a beautiful Rajasthani bride or a gorgeous Christian bride.

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She will use her talent and years of experience to make you look stunning in every way possible. Nancy also has a team that works for her, and her freelancers match her criteria and expertise well.

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So, if you want a quick bridal look and are striving to obtain it, contact Makeup By Nancy Madaan two days before your wedding to book for their package. But you may also want to call them sooner as they have high popularity and demand for freelance hair and makeup artist in Noida.

Shweta Gargi Makeup Artist

Shweta Gargi Makeup artist is another freelance bridal makeup artist in Noida who is certified and professional. They have been working since 2017 in Noida to provide all sorts of glam looks to their already stunning customers.

They specialize in bridal makeup, HD makeup, and airbrush techniques and provide clean beauty to high fashion glamour makeups to help you look more impressive. Contact Shweta Gargi and tell her your requirements; she will come up with the best freelance makeup artist prices for your d-day. 

Anjum Bhardwaj – Makeup Artist

Anjum Bhardwaj – Makeup Artist is a hairstyler and freelance wedding makeup artist based in Noida who provides all sorts of beauty services. She uses corrective makeup, prosthetics, and special effects, character makeup, and airbrushing techniques to their customers. Moreover, apart from bridal, she has expertise in bridal, ramp, fashion, decades, natural, and evening makeup.

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Anjum is professional and immensely talented, and her talent made her a place in the Bollywood glam industry. So, as you can imagine, Anjum Bhardwaj will never fail you on your bridal makeup look.

All these 5 best freelance makeup artists based on Noida are enough to help you find your inner beauty shining through your skin. All you need to do is giving one of them a call and ask for their freelance makeup artist prices to choose your most appropriate package. 



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