Lakme Salon – Review for Pre Bridal package and services

Lakme Salon – Review for Pre Bridal package and services

Lakme Pre-Bridle Packages and Services.

The wedding and party season on its peak and every bride and girl want to look her best. Marriage is such a stressful event for the bride, So she needs some special care. Lakme salon is an international brand that provides the best salon services and packages. Wedding is every girls dream moment of life. For such an occasion, Lakme presents you the best pre-bridal packages and services.

Lakme Pre Bridal Packages and Service.

We have written Lakme pre bridal package details below. These details are written after in depth analysis and review of Lakme Bridal Makeup Packages.

1. instant-Bridal.

This pre bridal package is dedicated to the super busy women who don’t get enough time for salon before the wedding. It takes 5-6hrs for a full makeover. This package includes manicure, pedicure, waxing, threading, bleaching and facial and hair wash.

2. Golden Glow Pre-Bridal.

This bridal makeup package takes two sittings in one week. First sitting Includes skin and hair consultation, eyebrow threading, face and neck bleaching, hair indulgence. Second sitting includes full arms and full legs waxing, manicure and pedicure, body massage, underarms, front and back bikini lines. It also provides de-stressing and de-tanning.

3. Engagement/reception Pre-Bridal.

Every bride desires to look different and charming on every ritual in the wedding, and Lakme provides all different looks for every way. That makes the brides every single time stunning and gorgeous. This package includes.

•           Special hairdo.

•           Makeup.

•           Saree draping.

•           Hands and feet Mehandi designing.

4. Expert Pre-Bridal.

This lakme pre bridal package needs 8-10days for performing four sittings. This package hands over you to experts who transform bride’s looks with their expertise and wedding tips. First sitting includes Skin consultation, eyebrow and upper lips threading. In this lakme pre bridal package face and neck bleaching as well as Face pack is included.

Second sitting consists regular waxing of full arms and legs. This Pre Bridal Package comes with Front and back regular underarms, Body glow and Bikini line. Third sitting includes Hair consultation, bleach full arms, bleach full legs, hair indulgence as well as manicure and pedicure. In fourth sitting Facial will be done.

5. Platinum Bridal/Golden Glow Bridal.

After pre-bridal Makeup who lookout for more beauty treatments and procedures, they can try platinum bridal or golden glow bridal package from the list of Lakme salon pre bridal packages

Golden glow bridal/platinum bridal includes.

•           Basic pre-bridal package.

•           Foot and De-stressing massage.

•           Body cleansing.

•           Body exfoliation.

•           Glow pack.

•           Hair spa.

•           Skin spa.

•           Body scrubbing.

•           Body polishing.

These treatments make the bride feel more comfortable and glow throughout all moments.

6. The Emerald Pre-Bridal.

This pre bridal package from Lakme helps the bride to relieves stress and nourish the skin. Thus package includes face threading and bleaching of the whole body. It offers argon oil waxing, chocolate manicure and pedicure, and consists of a body spa. You can also get a haircut and hairstyling by an expert.

7. The Ruby Pre-Bridal.

With this Lakme salon pre bridal package, you get three sitting procedure, and it takes one month time. In a first sitting all basic like an emerald pre-bridal, Brazilian and bikini waxing are included. Second sitting includes three facial berry cleanup, a marine hydrating masque and the luminance Facial. In the third sitting you will get a body massage and spa with this complete package and get special treatment for hands and feet.

8. Pre-Bridal skin and hair.

This package comes with 15days, 30days and 45days plan.

It’s only dedicated to skin and hair.

  • Skin Bridal. This package fulfils all your facial needs waxing, threading, manicure, pedicure everything to skin-related and you also get a body massage and spa.
  • Hair Bridal. In this package, you will get oil massage, hair wash, hair cut, hair styling and various hair treatments that make your hair Shiny and streaking.

Lakme Bridal packages and Price.

Lakme pre bridal package costs are given below. These costs may vary as we used most recent costs of Lakme Bridal Makeup.

1. Instant pre-bridal

2. Golden glow pre-bridal.

3. Engagement/Reception pre-bridal.

4. Expert pre-bridal.

5. Platinum bridal/Golden glow bridal.

6. The Emerald Pre-Bridal.

7.The Ruby Pre-Bridal.

8. Skin and Hair Pre-Bridal.

With all these Lakme pre-bridal packages, every bride fulfils her wedding days dream look. You can choose any pre bridal package as your requirements and looks fabulous and unique.


In this article we did in depth Lakme pre bridal package review and shared full Lakme pre bridal package details with you. Lakme salon pre bridal services are highly reputed and trustworthy. We hope this Lakme pre bridal packages list with price will be helpful for you to choose best pre bridal makeup package.


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