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Best Freelance Makeup Artist In Udaipur: Meribindiya – Makeup Artist Team

best makeup artist in udaipur

Are you looking for a Freelance makeup artist in Udaipur, Rajasthan for your wedding or to go to a special event? If yes, then here you will see some of the facts and tips to choose the best freelance makeup artist and hairstylist who will provide a professional service to your doorstep.

Why choose a Freelance Makeup Artist in your local area?

If you are hiring a freelance bridal makeup artist in Udaipur, then the very first thing is; you cut the unnecessary cost of traveling. Another thing, it saves your time which you can use in another important thing.

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Meribindiya is the best makeup artist in Udaipur Rajasthan and Delhi NCR region. They are offering freelance bridal makeup and hairstyling facilities at home. They are successfully providing makeup services with the support of 50+ extremely talented senior Makeup Artist & Hairstylists. Also, they have 100+ Junior Hairstylist and makeup artist who are very professional and skilful.

Why choose Meribindiya over other Makeup Artists and Hairstylists?

They have years of hands in experience to give a stunning look to brides. Also, they are capable to understand the client’s requirements very well and create a custom plan accordingly. Every individual in the team knows his or her role and cooperate extremely well.

Fees and services for freelance makeup artist

We have already discussed that Meribindiya has the best team of makeup artist in Udaipur especially. Currently, Meribindiya has more than 150 makeup artist and hairstylist including juniors as well as senior artist.


The fee structure is pretty much affordable and flexible where you don’t have to pay all the amount at ones. You can pay 30% of the total service charge in advance at booking time and the rest of the remaining amount you can pay after the service.

List of popular services provided by Meribindiya – Best Makeup Artist in Udaipur Rajasthan

You can book Meribindiya Makeup Team at 8130520472 or visit

Anniversary Makeup

People often celebrate their anniversary especially in these Modern days, it is one of the most awaited moment to celebrate joy together with your life partner. Meribindiya provides the service of anniversary makeup at the doorstep to make the couple ready for adding the lily at the party.

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They do the make-over of the couple in such a way that they can relive the wedding day once again. Charges are minimal and service is wonderful as usual, their priority is the great client satisfaction only.

Bridal Makeup

Again, Meribindiya is well known for its bridal service, there are so many packages for bridal makeup service as well. Bridal makeup service from Meribindiya includes the sangeet, Engagement, reception, and Mehendi. There is a separate package for all engagement makeup, reception makeup, sangeet makeup, and lastly the bridal makeup.

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The best bridal makeup artist in Udaipur is Meribindiya for sure as there is a limited makeup service provider in Udaipur and Meribindiya is one the finest makeup service provider in Rajasthan.

Engagement Makeup

As mentioned above that there is an engagement makeup service as well that Meribindiya provides. You can take this service separately as well and that would be your call what suits you best you can go for that. Best makeup artist in Udaipur Rajasthan, for engagement, make up that Meribindiya provides.

Party Makeup

People want to look beautiful even on all small to big occasions. You can consult Meribindiya to get ready for a birthday party, newborn baby party, engagements, and more events. They have a wide range of solutions for small to big party including dressing sense, makeup, and hairstyling.

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Group Party makeup

Whether you are going to participate in a college event or birthday party or even in a kitty party. Whether you are a youth or an old age woman, obviously you want to look more beautiful on such an occasion. If you are living in Delhi NCR, Udaipur, or other location of Rajasthan, then nothing would be the best option than Meribindiya. They have a nice sense to do the makeover of all age groups.

Photoshoot Makeup

This is slightly different from the rest of the other services. Here the photoshoot makeup is done as per your demand based on the model and brand. Though the job is a bit tedious, the team of Meribindiya handle it very smoothly and gives the utmost result.

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Reception Makeup

A reception party is a part of a wedding and can be considered separately as well. Meribindiya provides the Reception makeup packages at a very affordable rate. This service is specially designed for the makeup of the bride as well as their friends and relatives.


Meribindiya is not just a name but a brand that doesn’t need any introduction but certainly deserves one. It has multiple branches all over India and well known for its doorstep service or Freelance makeup artist in Udaipur, Rajasthan, and Delhi NCR regions.

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If you need any freelance makeup artist at your home then you just must contact Meribindiya. Sooner they will arrive at your door with the team and all the equipment and products that will be needed. If you are looking for Bridal makeup in Udaipur then you must contact Meribindiya and try the services.

They are quite popular for their bridal makeup in Udaipur. The people of the Delhi NCR region don’t go anywhere if they need a makeup artist for the bride as they know the door of Meribindiya. Meribindiya retains some extraordinary bridal makeup artists in Udaipur who are professional and very skill full.

People in Udaipur don’t even give a second thought before hiring the Meribindiya makeup artist for bridal makeup. This is called earning the trust of the people and client with the kind service that they provide.



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