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Tradition And Theme Of The Wedding | Best Wedding Theme

wedding theme ideas

Wedding is something that everybody wants to make that day memorable, It is not the only dream for bride and groom but also quite special for the parents who dreams for this day for their son or daughter. Nowadays the wedding is much more than seven bows, it is much more than that where people consider everything as important as bows. Starting from the wedding theme which people take very seriously and do whatever it takes to design and create a melody of the wedding. But on many occasions, people fail to choose the right theme for a wedding.

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Gone are the days when people were only stuck with the tradition and simple style of marriage themes. Time has changed, people have changed over time and in this modern era, a wedding is not just about the two souls but the theme and ambience are important too.

Different Types Of Wedding Themes

There are so many types of marriage theme, from traditional to modern and from rustic to classic. A wedding theme can play a major role and can enhance the look and create a good atmosphere as well. Indian people prefer mostly the traditional theme, especially in the south, while in other parts of India people try every theme and consider traditional theme as well on various occasions.

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You can also create a customized wedding theme to make your marriage memorable and out of the box. You can try out something like a combo of modern-day and traditional theme and add your element to give it the look the way you want.

Shimmer And Bling

If you are a great fan of shimmer and shiny elements then you should go for a shimmering theme. Make sure you choose sequin drapes, table caps, fairy lights, shimmery elements, strings, etc. for the decoration. This will look amazing when you match up your outfits with the theme of the wedding which will complement each other.

Shimmer And Bling

Harry Potter Wedding Theme

Yes, you read it right, well it’s not a book or a movie but a Harry Potter wedding theme which is still in pretty much demand. The pure magic of Harry Potter will work on the wedding too which is the trendiest marriage theme that you can plan out.

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There is so much that you can do, décor the food and drinks in potter magic style and many more.

Harry Potter Wedding Theme

Rustic Wedding Theme

The rustic theme is the most famous and traditional wedding theme that you see mostly in India. If tradition is your thing then do not shy away from trying this theme as it will not only give you the traditional look but also gives you the traditional vibes.

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The presence of Mason jars, lace, string lights, and wood all over the place will give you the vibe of the true traditional theme of the wedding. Make sure you choose a more rural venue as it will add extra value to the theme. The venue is important too and the theme should match the venue and complement each other.

Rustic Wedding Theme

Romantic Marriage Theme

Who doesn’t love the romance and after all wedding is all about the romance! And a romantic theme would just add the cherry on the cake to your wedding event. A beautiful romantic theme has always been in style and everyone is a fan of the romantic theme.

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Decor the romantic theme with plenty of flowers, lighting, florals, hues, flower wall, calligraphy, and many other elements that you can use to make it look romantic. Make sure the colour of the theme should all read and make the most of the red roses as they are important when it comes to romance. Red colour and roses would just be perfect and give the true romantic vibes to the new couples.

Romantic Marriage Theme

Vintage Wedding Theme

Here comes the old-fashioned theme yet very popular one which is called the vintage theme. The very old theme, old décor, old-style, and everything is way too old but looks amazing as old styles are pretty much in demand in this modern era.

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Make sure to consider everything vintage even you can try the vintage outfit, decor elements for and many more vintage stuff. The vintage wedding theme is way more popular than the rustic wedding theme, people have been opting for it for so long.

Vintage Wedding Theme


In this article, you have seen that there are so many marriage themes that you can try out at your wedding. Also, you can create your wedding theme by trying innovative pieces of stuff, it’s everyone’s cup of tea. Classy is yet another theme that has never gone out of the style, it was, it is, and will remain trendy in the future as well.

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If you do not have any theme idea then your wedding planner will help with that. They can suggest you the theme, you just make sure that the suggestion is good enough and fits in your budget. The wedding planner will help you choose the right theme for the wedding as they have so many wedding theme ideas.

It’s better to hire a wedding planner for a wedding and don’t hesitate to ask for a piece of advice such as choosing the theme, venue, destination, location, and many more. Choosing the right wedding theme colors are equally important, so make sure the colour should go well with the theme and venue.



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