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Nail Mantra – Best Place for Hair Extensions Services

Nail Mantra Best Place for Hair Extensions Services - Review

Beautifully getting your hair is like dream come true if you are going to any family function or any official party. Hair extension is a kind of treatment that gives proper pampering and caring to your hair. If you are looking for any place that can provide your hair with a charismatic look, Nail Mantra in Rajouri garden Delhi is the best place for you.

Nail Mantra is a nail specialized salon that provides all types of beauty treatment and extension services. With the help of its well-versed and expert staff, you can get the best hair extensions near me and give your personality a fresh and beautiful look.

Hair extension or artificial hair integration gives you endless options for hairstyling. You don’t have to get worried about the length and colors. Different hair extension allows you to go for different hair styling.  Flaunt it anywhere and everywhere. If you are in the national capital Delhi or nearby places Nail Mantra you can book an appointment or walk in the beauty salons for any kind of query and get their amazing service.

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Nail Mantra Hair Extension Services

Hair extension installation is not an easy job if it is done in the wrong way can damage your natural hair. Nail Mantra extension experts ensure that they can give your look an amazing makeover without damaging your natural hair and guide you for aftercare. Yes, it is also important to take care of hair after the installation so that you can avoid tangling and unnecessary breakage.

Why Choose Nail Mantra For the Beautiful Hair Extensions?

Their service includes hands-on application as (tip, or glue), extension placement, haircare advice, hair care tips, color matching, service preparation, and clip-on extension and deals with all kinds of extensions such as tape in extension, clip in and clip-on extension, weaving method, wigs or fusion method.

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As per your hair structure and needs, you can avail of the best hair extension services but before choosing these services you must know about them in detail. This article will guide you for knowing about the services that Nail Mantra offers and how you can choose them as per your hair structure.

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Tape-In Extension

Tape-in extension is very easy to apply and remove. With the help of medical adhesive tape extension, the experts get it to stick to the root of natural hair that can last for 6 to 8 weeks For the permanent hair extension service you can learn the techniques of re-tapping and for that, the charges are nominal as it is an easier style.

Tape-in extension services are the best hair extensions for thin hair also as hair extension provides thickness and good volume to the hair without any kind of damage in a short period.

Clip-In Extension

Clip-in extension as its name suggests is done with the help of clips. Nail Mantra hair expert gives you a perfect look by using clips in the area you want and styling them. If you have a short hair clip an extension will be a good choice for you for adding something innovative, you can slimmer the hairs into a different portion of your head and give your hair fuller length. Clip in extension is the best extension service for short hair.

Cold Fusion Extension

At last, cold fusion extension is made for girls with fragile hair. Russian hair extensions are the best option to pick if you have this problem. After attaching a Russian lock to the root of your locks with the use of a metallic loop made by silicon you can find your natural hair blend with this. Cold fusion Long hair extension will be a good option for you if you have an innate desire to flaunt your long hair.

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Why Choose Nail Mantra?

Nowadays, several kinds of extensions are available in the market that looks fake as they are made of synthetic with a cheap texture. The Nail Mantra ensures that the expert can give you the most natural look even with hair extensions. The materials used in this process are user-friendly and good for the skin of the head. The skilled artist knows the importance of cutting and styling in hair extension services so keep a proper approach for the same.

Review on Nail Mantra Best Place for Hair Extensions Services

Nail Mantra offers extensions in various lengths that can be used for giving length or volume to the natural ones. Besides it, they have different color options for you and as per your wish and requirement, you can choose your best hair extensions for fine hair.

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So, if you are looking for the best hair extensions salon near me, the Nail Mantra can be the best place to stop as this beauty salon is specialized in extension services like hair, eyelashes, and nails.

Nail Mantra Hair Extension Service Cost

Nail Mantra charges for these hair extensions are very reasonable. For the non-permanent hair extension, the charges bargain with Rs. 2000 to Rs. 4000 while for permanent hair extension they take Rs. 4500 to Rs. 7000.

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Final Thoughts

At last, we can say if you are tired of fragile or thin hair, or don’t have patience as well as time, hair extension is the best option for you. Don’t think twice just go for Nail Mantra hair extension services as they offer valuable and authentic services to their clients. So, book an appointment today at your nearest Nail Mantra center so that you can flaunt you long locks that you have been dreaming about.


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