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Best Indian Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair

Indian Wedding Hairstyles for long hair

Wedding is the most awaited day for any girl from any part of the world, it’s like a dream and every bride wants to look beautiful on that day. Well, they will not compromise with their makeup or anything which can enhance the beauty of the bride. A Wedding Hairstyle For Long Hair is what every girl wants and it’s doesn’t mean, a short hairstyle looks bad.


The hairstyle is the most complicated thing and no girls want to look untidy or ugly due to the improper hairstyle. Many girls don’t want to compromise with their hairstyle either and focus more on her hair than facial beauty and body.

However, you can hire the right hairstylist to solve the problems of wedding reception hairstyles for long hair. Wedding hairstyles for long hair down is now in the trend and girls are growing their hair for the wedding to have a gorgeous hairstyle on D-Day.

Top 6 Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hairs

Many brides start growing their hair soon after the engagement, however, all lengths of hair look good and beautiful. Growing your hair needs some time and enough time I would say and girls grow their hair after getting engaged, which is the perfect time.


A long hairstyle can create the illusion of being tall in case you are a short girl. Let’s see some of the long hairstyles and understand which one looks great, although every long hairstyle looks cool. Wedding hairstyles for long hair is an added advantage as many girls struggle to grow their hair long enough.

1] Blowout Hairstyle

Blowout hairstyle
Blowout hairstyle

If you have long hair then don’t shy away from showing all that length with a wonderful blowout. This hairstyle will be amazing as your hair will be shown right from top to the bottom.

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This is the straight hair wedding styles, if you have straight hair then it is highly recommended. It will look incredibly versatile and you can win the heart of everyone present in the wedding ceremony. It is one of the best long hair wedding styles which is in trend right now.

2] Intertwining Updo

Intertwining updo
Intertwining updo

This hairstyle is also in trend which might not look stiff or severe but it can maintain your hairstyle look cool and stay soft the entire day. You can add hair spray as well and high shine mist which will work as a cherry on the cake. This is the typical long hair bridal styles that go well with long, black, and thick hair.

3] Topknot

Topknot hairstyle
Topknot hairstyle

The topknot is not a new one but it is easy to style and simple to maintain for too long at the wedding. If other hairstyle doesn’t work for you then you have always a choice of top knot. Which has never gone out of the fashion and still one of the best hairstyles for the bride to try out.

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If you have long hair then you should try this out as it is the most recommended bridal hairstyles for long hair.

4] Full French Braid

Full French Braid hair style
Full French Braid hair style

Oh! This one is my favourite one, it is cute, beautiful and look gorgeous on every girl. A side-swept braid is a must pick for every girl who loves playing with their hair all the time. It is a very common and easy hairstyle yet very appealing. It is also on the list of long hair wedding styles and you can consider it as well.

5] Wrapped Bubble Pony

Wrapped Bubble Pony
Wrapped Bubble Pony

The spin of a little ponytail adds enough volume to you, just avoid the small section from the bottom of your tail, it is the easy way to dress up simpler. You can add a little bit of serum to it for smoothing the hair right before wrapping it.

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It is thebest wedding hairstyles with flowers for long hair where you can decorate the hair by adding some beautiful flowers on top of it. Ponytail has always been a favourite choice to bridal hairstyles for long hair.

6] Waves

Waves hairstyle
Waves hairstyle

This hairstyle is pretty famous in abroad and you must have seen it in Hollywood movies. If you want to achieve this particular hairstyle then use a curling iron on a very small section of your hair and then rest each hair as it gets cool. Once it gets cooled then leave the curls and then use a comb gently and try to loosen up. You can add spray as well if you want. It is not the simple wedding hairstyles for long hair but looks superb on any bride.


There are so many Wedding hairstyles for long hair which looks amazing on the bride at the wedding. Try to opt for the best hairstyle that suits best to you rather than trying the one which is currently in fashion or famous. Traditional hairstyle in India is not a bad idea either and long hair is an added advantage for you and allows you to try out the traditional hairstyle as well.

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Yes, it is right that hairstyle plays a very important role in enhancing your overall beauty. There are several other bridal hairstyles for long hair that you can consider if you want to try because long hair is something that you can try anything with it.



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