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Geetanjali Pre Bridal Package Vs Meribindiya Pre Bridal Packages

Geetanjali pre bridal package Vs Meribindiya Pre Bridal Packages - Detailed Comparison

Skeptical to choose the ideal pre bridal package for decking up on your main event? Well, it takes a lot of research and fair review to choose a makeup artist who can give you that desirable look on your big day. Reputed professionals who master the artistry are more likely to fetch your attention in this race. So, let’s sneak out at the top make-up artists who adorn you elegantly with stupendous perfection!

Geetanjali pre bridal package is a lucrative option for women who desire to appear like a dreamy beauty on their big day. Along with the bridal makeup, pre-bridal services play a significant role in grabbing that stunning glow on your skin that leaves everyone around in amazement.

Check out the pre bridal packages list with the price of the Geetanjali salon as they are the leading name for beauty services in Noida and regions around. They can also provide you with customized beauty services as per your individual requirements. It is a long chain of more than 100 branches all over the country comprising experts and professionals who have a thorough knowledge of the products they use.

Geetanjali Salon Pre Bridal Services

With the pre-bridal package Geetanjali salon, you can adorn yourself and get that spectacular gorgeous look in a few minutes. Especially those living in Noida, NCR, or Delhi region can prevail pre-bridal, bridal, and various other types of makeup services from over here. It can be a trivial task to pick the most polished bridal makeup artist amongst the leading ones in the industry.

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To sort the epic confusion of choosing the best pre bridal treatment packages and look appealing, take a glance at the top make-up artists stealing the eyes of Delhi brides these days. It includes MeriBindiya Professional Makeup Artist Team and the Geetanjali Salon services. Both have their positives, and you can make the ideal pick after browsing over the pre bridal packages list with the price for both the salons. So, let’s begin the comparative study amongst the two.

Geetanjali Bridal Make-up Services Vs. MeriBindiya Team Services

geetanjali pre bridal package

Before getting to know about the better option for the pre bridal beauty packages amongst the two, you need to glance at the list of services offered by each of them. Let’s begin with it.

Services Offered by Geetanjali Salon

Geetanjali Salon Pre Bridal Packages Detail
  • Skin rituals
  • Personalized Hair Cuts
  • Hair Rituals
  • Body Spa
  • Highlights and Lowlights hair services
  • Manicure & Pedicure
  • Pre bridal skincare and makeup services
  • Bridal Makeup package
  • Ammonia Free Hair colors
  • 3D Nail Arts

Services Offered by MeriBindiya Team

best makeup artist in udaipur
  • Bridal Makeup
  • Anniversary Makeup
  • Party Makeup
  • Photoshoot Makeup
  • Reception Makeup
  • Mehandi
  • Engagement Makeup
  • 1 Sitting- 2 Days Prior to marriage
  • 2 Sitting- 15 Days Prior to marriage
  • 3 sitting- 30 Days before marriage
  • 4 Sitting- 45 Days before marriage

Pre Bridal Packages List with Price- Geetanjali Salon Vs. MeriBindiya Bridal Team

Charges for Geetanjali Salon Makeup Services

The basic pre bridal package cost at Geetanjali salon starts at Rs.35,000. For the latest Airbrush or Bridal HD makeup, you can grab interesting packages starting at Rs.3999. Apart from that, you can also opt for regular haircuts that cost Rs.450 to Rs.750. the full-body spa packages begin at Rs.2500, and the Keratin treatment charges are around Rs.5000 to Rs.6000 on average.

Geetanjali pre bridal Makeup Charges & Package Details

Nail art packages here begin with Rs. 500, and the pre-bridal packages start from around Rs.9000 onwards. Brides can take up the manicure and pedicure services over here starting at Rs.450 while the cost for a complete skin ritual might range to Rs.2000. Few fortunate ones might prevail exemplary discounts and festive offers as well.

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Charges for MeriBindiya Team Services

There are several pre-bridal beauty packages offered by MeriBindiya where experts portray their finesse and makeup artistry caliber in full fling. Grab that stunning look with the Bridal Kryolan makeup starting at Rs.10,000, and bridal HD makeup might cost you around Rs.15000. You can also choose any reception, engagement, and anniversary packages starting at Rs.7500.

best freelance makeup artist in Delhi
best freelance makeup artist in Delhi

For the Airbrush bridal makeup, you need to pay around Rs.20000. You can also opt for Group Mehandi packages starting at Rs.2000 for around 10 people. Amazing bridal mehndi charges here start from Rs.3100, and the pre-bridal make-up packages range from Rs.6599 to Rs.16099.

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About Geetanjali Make-up Salon

Geetanjali Pre Bridal Package

Two pioneers came up with this leading beauty brand in South Delhi in the year 1989. Mr. Prem Israni and Ms. Neetu Israni started with this company and provided client services in the name of Mr. Sumit Israni. At present, Geetanjali provides a host of services to its clients and have achieved 14 awards for their recognizable share in the beauty world. It has also earned an award for the best salon chain for hairdressing this year.

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About MeriBindiya Makeup Salon

MeriBindiya team is a new entrant to the beauty market and started their journey in the year 2016. The best part about picking the pre bridal package by them is the doorstep services they offer to clients. A born leader and visionary, Lata is the sole entrepreneur of this brand, augmenting the beauty service at doo to their customers and clients.

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It has almost 30+ bridal Mehandi artists, 50 professional makeup artists, and around 50+ subordinate artists offering an array of beauty services. To get the detailed pre-bridal packages list with price, make a quick call at +91 8130520472 and book your slot. You can also shoot an email to

Wrap Up

Pre bridal package Geetanjali salon and pre bridal beauty packages by MeriBindiya comparison aid you to select the ideal make-up services from the comfort of your home. You can intend them about the party makeup requirements and pep up for the big day easily. Geetanjali salon pre bridal packages are surely a must-try if you seek professional beauty support to achieve a celebrity look.

MeriBindiya Team, however, brings you the most professional yet affordable pre-bridal packages at your doorsteps. Few brides prefer the convenience of their home to deck up in style, and MeriBindiya visualizes the same, thus offering expert services accordingly. Good luck with the big day!


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