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Nail Mantra VS Meribindiya Bridal Studio – Which Is The Best Place For Nail Extensions Services?

Nail Mantra VS Meribindiya Bridal Studio | Detailed Comparison on Nail Extensions Services

Nail extensions enhance the beauty of carefully manicured hands. Professionally done nail extensions will not harm the nail beds and will give the new look to your hands. Many women are preferring getting their nails done in the best nail studios like Nail Mantra and Meribindiya Bridal Studio. Before commenting on which one is the best place for nail services, let’s get some information about nail extensions.

What Are Nail Extensions?

Nail extensions are nothing but additional tips added to the tip of your nail to increase the length. This approach is called ‘tip’. Sometimes, the artificial nail is added to the entire length of the nail and it is called ‘Forms’. Later on, these additional tips are strengthened by adding either gel, acrylic, or fiberglass.

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Top 5 Best Nail Extensions Services

Nail extensions are classified according to the material used to give strength and how they are attached to the nails. They are gel, acrylic, fiberglass, and French nail extension.

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Gel Nail Extensions

Gel nail extensions involve applying a thick layer of transparent gel on the length of the nail and this layer is hardened by the use of LED or UV light. Get nail extensions that are extremely lightweight, odorless, and the environment safe. In comparison, they are expensive and slightly tedious to remove. Gel nail extension prices range between Rs. 2999 for the full set of nails and Rs. 1499 for refills.

Acrylic Nail Extensions

The most common nail extensions are acrylic nail extensions. They are formed by mixing polymer powder with monomer liquid to form a thick paste. This paste is then used to spread over the additional tip to give it strengthen it. Later on, it gets hardened and can last up to 3 to 4 weeks. 

Acrylic nail extensions are recommended for women who have brittle nails and a habit of chewing nails. They also last longer than gel nail extensions. As they are formed using chemicals, thus produce odor while using them. Acrylic gel extensions are available as low as Rs. 325 to Rs. 2099.

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French Nail Extensions

Another form of nail extension is French nail extension is quite popular. They typically featured natural-colored nails with white tips. For French nail extension, you will first need the acrylic nail bed that sits on the natural nail. Then white tip material is added to enhance it further. 

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Fiberglass Nail Extensions

Among all the nail extensions, fiberglass nail extensions are the least favorite among women. They are nothing but synthetic silk-like material that is stronger than silk. They are added to the nail bed and cut off in the desired shape. It is then fixed to the nail bed or nail tips with resin or glue. They are preferred for women who are allergic to chemical products as they are odorless. But they are not easy to maintain and are most expensive than the rest.

Permanent Nail Extensions

For quite some time, permanent nail extensions had become the talk of the town. Many women are giving it a try but find it uncomfortable after some time. It may have been named as permanent but in our opinion, no nail extensions can be permanent. Permanent nail extension prices start from Rs. 3999. 

Nail Mantra Vs Meribindiya – Which one is the best Studio for Beautiful Nail Extensions?

After getting enough information about nail extensions, we will discuss the two best nail studios namely Nail Mantra and MeriBindiya Bridal studio.

Nail Mantra

Nail Mantra Nail Extensions Services Price, Package Details, Contact Number

Nail Mantra offers you nail extensions services starting at just Rs. 999. They are the most recommended when you search nail extension near me with a price on google. You will get to choose from a variety of categories.

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The staff for offering nail extension services is highly professional and is uniquely skillful at the Nail Mantra Studio. Once you are opt-out of their service, they will transform your nails into the most beautiful piece of art. At Nail Mantra, you can get the trending nail art, gel extensions, and acrylic art to enhance the beauty of your hands in no time.

They also deal with the selling of a variety of nail products. If you are interested in nail beauty and want to do DIY nail designs, their products would be helping tools to do the same.

Meribindiya Bridal Studio

If you reside near Noida and search for nail extensions near me on the google search bar, you will get recommended to MeriBindiya Bridal Studio. MeriBindiya Bridal Studio is the best freelance makeup artist that offers makeup and hairstyle services. They have unique pre-bridal and bridal packages as well.

Meribindiya Nail Extensions Services Package Details, Price, Contact Number

As a part of these packages, they offer the best nail art and nail extension services to their client. Meribindiya recruits highly professional and experienced nail artists that are capable of turning your nails into a masterpiece.

We will give some more points to MeriBindiya Bridal studio as they have salon-to-home services. With their several pre-bridal packages, they offer the best of manicures along with awesome nail extensions and nail art.

Meribindiya bridal studio works professionally and so entered the booming field of nail beauty. It is the one-stop solution to get trending nail art design along with nail extensions, manicures, and pedicures as well.

The Meribindiya experts have handpicked celebrity makeup artists that handle all the requirements of clients. Also, the price of nail extensions services is comparatively lower than the market.

A Quick Comparison between Nail Mantra & Meribindiya Nail Extn. Services

Meribindiya Freelance TeamNail Mantra Studio
ISO Certified ServicesN/F
Celebrity ProfessionalsRegular Nail Artists
Doorstep ServiceNeed to visit the studio
Call: +91 81305 20472N/F

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With our research, we will recommend MeriBindiya bridal studio offers great nail extension services both at the salon and at home. They have a team of some great professional workers who can transform your nails into a beautiful masterpiece.


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