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Urban Clap Nail Extension Price | Nail Art UrbanClap

Urban Clap Nail Extension Services | Price, Types, Treatments, Contact

Urban Clap is known as the Urban company now, Asia’s largest home service platform company.  It helps customers to get professional services in beauty services, cleaning, painting, appliance repair, and many more. And now they are expended to give beauty salons experience at your home.

Amid the busy schedule when you don’t have much time for your nail pampering, Urban Clap nails extension facilities bring the salon to your doorsteps so that you can avail of beauty services and give your nails a fresh look and spark to your personality.

At present, lots of girls crave to have long nails. Some of them have healthy and beautiful nails but some are not able to grow out nails because of various reasons like nail-biting habit, brittle or splitable length. Nail extensions work as a perfect blessing to have their beautiful nails for form. In today’s article, we will know about Urban Clap nail art services and their price.

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Urban Clap Nail Art And Extension Services

Urban Clap Nail Art & Nail Extension Range of Services

Nail art and extension services are gaining popularity day by day nowadays. Many beauty salons and institutions provide services for nail art and extension. Urban Clap is one of the best professional service providers that give beauty parlor service at your convenience. In today’s article, we will discuss their nail art and extension prices with their kinds.

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Acrylic Nail Extension

It is the common type of nails extension and cast for a sufficient time from three to four weeks. This form of nail extension is very famous among college-going girls. Urban Clap starts from INR 2099 for the full process. They also provide an acrylic nail extension kit the range starts with 325.

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Gel Nail Extensions

Gel nail extension is also known as gel overlays because it is extremely lightweight. The best part of this kind of nail extension is it does not harm our natural nails, on the contrary, they help them to grow properly, Gel nail extension takes INR 2099 all around and it’s another form of poly gel nail extension that cost around INR 4000. It may be a little costly for your pocket but will give a beautiful shape to your nails.

Fiberglass Nail Extension Price

Fiberglass nail extension is also called silk extension and is not a very popular nail extension form among users. Fiberglass is a kind of synthetic material that is sealed by using gums or glue. For its full set, you need to pay around INR 4000 and its maintenance also needs 2000.

So, these are the three basic types of Urban Clap nail art but there are many more that can be added to this list. They have 18 types of minimalist art designs for the girls. These nails art design suits all kind of fingernails and helps you to enhance your style. The best part of these nail art is they don’t need any kind of extension and any girl easily can use it.

These are the name Urban Clap art design that you can avail of the beatification of your nails.

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16 Most Trending Nail Extensions & Nail Art You Can Get At Urban Clap

Trending Nail Extensions & Nail Arts

My Kinda Rainbow

For designing fine strokes of the rainbow, a fine nail art brush is needed. Urban Clap this minimalist art design gives your nails a colorful look.

Chevron In Neon

Using the chevron design in the middle finger the grey color mixed with neon orange beautify the look of your nails.

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With some goldie locks at the end of the nails, an average amount of glitter is used to give a rich look to your nails.


In this nail art design, the tropical color combination is used that gives a little different look to your nails.

Abstract Snowflakes

It’s a very simple form of nail art but gives a classy look to your nails.

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It’s a kind of experiment that can be performed through a proper color combination.

Artists Needed

Tommy Hilfiger colors are used for the nail design.

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Must Be Artsy

Some people find it very simple or some find it artsy but it looks good.

I Struck Cupid

This nail art design is the perfect choice for Valentine’s. The perfect red color with pointed nails creates a sense of beauty for showing your nails.

Circle Around

This nail art form is needed lots of patience as with the help of a nail art brush artist give a circle shape into your nails.

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Take A Hint

Barely a few white hints or flicks are used on dark matte colors like Purple, midnight blue version, and dark chocolate is used for giving a shining look to your nails.

Ferns Sans Petals

This nail art form is also a very simple form to design the nails with a miniature look of fern and petals.

Geometry Used Better

The geometrical shapes are easily used in this nail art which looks fine on your nails.

Almost Polka

By using the retro polka dots with the different color combinations, we get beautiful looks for nails.

Unfinished Business

Half-done work looks tremendous when it’s done properly. This nail art is the perfect example of this line. Some half-done lines give our nails a perfect look.

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My Initials Are B&W

By using some artistic features, we get the proper and fine look to our nails.

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Urban Clap Nail Extension Price

Nail art UrbanClap and Urban Clap nail extension prices for these nail art designs are on average but it also depends on your choice and selection.

One nail technique cannot suit everyone. According to your own choice you have to decide your pick. Urban Clap charges the fee on the contact details of service details. If you want to avail of its service, you just have to choose your date and time slot. You will be asked to pay the charges after that your request will be picked by the service provider.


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