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10 Best Wedding Nail Art Design For Bride

Best Wedding Nail Art Design

Are you getting married and going to be a bride soon? Well, if yes then you must be taking care of your grooming, makeup and health very seriously. Wedding day is a huge day for every bride and to become a bride for just one day, is like a dream for every girl. Before the marriage, every girl starts doing their tests for makeup, fitness, and working out in the gym. Also trying different hairstyle every day and takes feedback from others how does it look. But they forget about Wedding Nail Art Design.

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The makeover of a bride includes facial makeup, body fitness, hairstyle, and of course the manicure part. If you think that your nails cannot play any role in beautifying your overall look then you are under the wrong impression. Nails too can play a major role to enhance your look. Bridal Nail Art Designs come in a wide range and you can have multiple options for nail art.

Why should you go for Bridal nail art designs for Indian wedding

Have you ever thought that even nails can just do the trick to beautify you? Here, you will find the top best wedding nail designs for a bride that makes a bride look even more gorgeous. Not only the Bridal Nail Designs Art but also the size and shape of the nail does matter.

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You will understand what size, shape and design for a bride will look perfect and adds a cheery on the cake.

Top 10 Best Wedding Nail Art Design For The Bride

There are so many types of bridal nail art you see every day and admire it for a while. Nails of different sizes, shapes, art, and design. Well, there are several Bridal Nail Art Designs which you can try on your nails for a wedding to give a superb look to your hand.


Let’s see some of the most famous red bridal nail art and other wedding nail art design and learn how to make it.

1] The White And Gold French Nails

It looks great with a white tip, where you can select a variety of colors like soft pink, peach and you can pair it with decorative style. It is one of the most famous French nail arts which is simple and goes well with any shape and size of the nails.

The White And Gold French Nails

2] Blue Nails

Well, do not shy away from trying g different shades of colors, although the choice is yours you make sure to go with the trends and follow the latest style and fashion. Blue nail is pretty much in trend right now and if you are daring one then you can try this out.

Blue Nails

3] Floral Acrylic Nails

Looking for more textures and layers wedding nail designs for your nail? Then Floral Acrylic Nails will be perfect as this nail’s designs are making their impact everywhere. Floral Acrylic Nails can add texture and layers to your nails and make them look gorgeous.  They might not last for long if you don’t care about your nails properly, so you must take care of your nail.

Floral Acrylic Nails

4] Traditional style

Well, there is nothing like traditional nail art, where red bridal nail art or gold makes your nails look like cherry. Make sure to match your red nails with your outfit, the color of your outfit must compliment the color of your nails.

Traditional style

5] Heena inspired nails

Heena inspired nails are basically designed with the Heena in nail and the design is also somewhat similar to the Heena design. It is the new trend and it can be seen in weeding where bridal is using this style.

Heena inspired nails

6] Nude and stone nails

I don’t know how much this statement would impact but there is no other nail design than gel nail paint. A nude gel paint looks so beautiful and gorgeous where you can try to match up the color of your skin with the color of nail paint which gives a unique look.

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You can also add tone on the top and it will look attractive than ever.

Nude and stone nails

7] Matte nails

This design of nails can help you to achieve the desired result and brings an extra dimension to your overall look.

Matte nails

8] Red with shimmers nail

The red color is always a great choice and Red Bridal Nail Art looks amazing on a bride. The red nails will match the red outfit of the bride. You can it a little different if you don’t want to go all red, you can add chunky sparkle and make it look even more gorgeous.

Red with shimmers nail

9] Classic nails

Oh! This one is my favorite and I reckon it is the favorite of so many people. As who doesn’t like class. A classic look is something that everybody loves. This classic nail art is a French art that is smile, timeless yet it looks stunning. Do not put any paint or color on your nails, keep it nude, soft, peach, or you can use light pink will just look great.

Classic nails

10] Ivory and black nails

It is a beautiful nail design in which the background will be ivory with black or dark patterns on the edges. If you are not a great fan of conventional nail art, then it will look superb in your hand.

Ivory and black nails


There is so many other wedding nail art design for the Indian bride apart from the above-given list of bridal nail designs. However, every nail’s art looks superb on the hand of a bride, just you need to make sure that the color & art on the nail must complement each other. Skin tone is also important for your nail color and nail art designs for Indian wedding.



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