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UrbanClap Makeup Artist Reviews

Urbanclap Makeup Artist Reviews - Is It Still Best?

Is your D-day quite near and are you loaded with full of stress? Then you must release the stress as the wedding is the best moment of life and as a bride, your prime concern should be the glamorous look. Well, this is possible with an UrbanClap makeup artist as these professionals perform outstanding work to give you a graceful look. But are they really nice? Let’s see UrbanClap Makeup Artist Review on several parameters.

UrbanClap now also known as Urban Company is a one-stop destination for weddings, parties, and other events. Here, you will get a list of packages as per the events that will help you to choose the right service for the respective event. The team of professionals including UrbanClap makeup and hairstyle artist performs a fabulous job to make your day a memorable one.

Moreover, in the event, especially the wedding, there are a lot of works such as photography, decoration, and many more. At this moment, many brides wonder how to perform the makeup as the day is on the head. Some move to nearby parlors and another rush to a local beautician, but everything goes in vain because of a lack of specialized professionals. But in UrbanClap, you will get the comprehensive services of the wedding. Additionally, UrbanClap bridal makeup price is also in the moderate range and is an affordable one.

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What Makes UrbanClap Makeup Artist Different From Others?

India is a country having rich cultures and every culture have different wedding ceremonies. So, the look of the bride and outfit changes too, and the make-up artist who knows the respective culture thoroughly can only give the charming look to the bride.

bridal eye makeup

Bridal makeup UrbanClap artist understands this necessity and thus retains the make-up artist and other professionals around the country so that they can give the service to any region of the country and help the bride to get the lucrative look as per the desire on the wedding day. This is the unique feature that differs UrbanClap from others.

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Why Choose UrbanClap Bridal Make-Up Artist?

Many bridal make-up artists give stunning looks to the bride, but with UrbanClap, you will get beyond your expectation. For instance, the make-up artist uses branded products on your face but if you are allergic to the one, then they will provide you with a list of alternatives. Moreover, if you have a product on your mind, then you can suggest them and they will apply that product on your face. These alternatives and ample options make UrbanClap bridal make-up artists different.

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Moreover, the professional make-up artist understands the demand of the bride and also the necessity of a time. Indeed, if you ask them for a trial session, then they will offer the same. Once you are satisfied with the makeup artist UrbanClap service, then you can go with further service. In this way, the team of professional offer the service at their best and makes the day of a bride.

UrbanClap Bridal Makeup vs Meribindiya Doorstep Bridal Services

What Are The Focus Areas Of UrbanClap Bridal Make-Up Artists?

Makeup and Hairstylist Serives

UrbanClap Make Up Artist chooses the best makeup trend of the particular season that matches your look. Moreover, they focus on the entire areas of your face that make you ramp on the wedding stage.

The basic elements of the makeup are lips, eyebrows, Eyelashes, and face. For instance, at a wedding, the lipstick must be a classic bold of burgundy, cherry, brown, or other colors. Moreover, in the case of eyebrows, they give an arch shape or other that matches your face.

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What Is The Range Of UrbanClap Make Up Price?

UrbanClap makeup price differs as per the occasion such as wedding, party, or others. Moreover, even at the wedding, there is a various range of price list that depends on the wedding events such as Ring Ceremony, Mehendi, Sangeet, and others.

In general, the price range for regular bridal makeup at Delhi lies from 8,000 to 12,000 and the price too varies from region to region. For Airbrush, the price starts from 12,000 and goes up to 18,000. Moreover, if you want the Airbrush service from experienced or high-quality professionals, then the price will range from 20,000 to 30,000. UrbanClap party makeup prices are also affordable.

Is Party Make-Up UrbanClap Worthy?

Yes, definitely it is; a party whether it is a club or pub is a place where you dazzle with the flood of lights. In such headlights, your looks must glow too and if you have that makeup on your face, then you will look stunning. UrbanClap offers party makeup too and depending upon the type of party, they offer the services. So, you have a lot of options and you can choose the one to look amazing at the party.

Is UrbanClap Party Make Up Price Affordable?

UrbanClap has categorized the party makeup and depending on the same the price varies. For instance, if you want to get ready for a birthday party, then you can go with light make-up and the same will cost you Rs 2200-3200. However, if you want to attend a big event such as an anniversary or other, then standard make-up will suit you and the price for the same is Rs 3200-5000.

On the off chance, if you want to go for a comprehensive make-up to attend a party, then the budget for the same lies in the range of Rs 5000-7000. Now, you can choose party makeup UrbanClap as per your event and requirement.

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Alternatives To UrbanClap Makeup Artist

If you need more affordable and services from experienced and freelance make-up artists, you can move to Meribindiya. This is an outstanding platform that will give you ample services at an affordable price at your doorstep. Just book an appointment directly through the web or call and thereafter, the team of professionals will reach your house.

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This is my personal thoughts about UrbanClap Makeup Artist Review. This was all about the UrbanClap Makeup Artist and you can choose them as per the event. If you are on the verge of a D-day, then you will have to get ready for many events such as Mehendi, Sangeet, and others. Each day you will have to look stunning and for that, you will need a make-up artist.


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