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Bridal mehndi designs in the hands of bride is considered as a sign of portent or good luck. Mehndi’s words come from Sanskrit word ‘MENDIKA’ which means it directly associate with henna plant. Intricate henna designs mehndi brings a dark color in designs. But, in this era it is not only the sign of omen for the bride but has also become a fashion trend.

Being the citizen of an India we all know the importance of wedding mehndi designs. It is not only considered important during wedding ceremonies, but also in many festivals like BHAIDHOOJ, RAKHI, KARWACHAUTH, AND DIWALI. Peoples loves latest mehndi designs on their wedding ceremony. These festivals contain different mehndi designs known as functional mehndi designs and these are different from wedding mehndi designs and its known as bridal mehndi designs.

Mehndi shows the holy bond and that is why it is consider as a SHAGUN. It shows the Love and Affection between the couples and their loving families. For the purpose of wedding brides are keen to select the latest mehndi designs for brides’ full hands and legs.

There are some traditional thoughts or say beliefs related to bride’s mehndi.

  1. The dark color of wedding mehndi designs on bride’s hand represents the deep love between the couples.
  2. It also shows love and affection between bride and her daughter in law.
  3. It shows the symbol of newly wedding couples.

There are different latest mehndi designs:

Indian mehndi design

Indian Mehndi

Mehndi design in India is most popular it grasps all the things beautifully from a single design to bridal full mehndi hands coverage on front and back of the hands.

These types of wedding mehndi designs bring a new or beautiful look and sometimes mehndi also gives thoughts. In this Indian design or intricate henna designs is applied covering the entire bridal hands adorned with mehndi doli pics, dholkies, palkis, bride groom artwork, mandap, kalash, etc. Even a non-bridal has a lot to offer like functional mehndi designs.

There are many updating comes in mehndi designs for brides. Different brides have different taste towards latest mehndi designs on their wedding. In this design bridal full mehndi hands look very gorgeous.

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2. Arabic mehndi designs

Arabic mehndi

Another modern mehndi art, it is known for its unique styling with bold lines and empty spaces. In these types of designs, it is different from Indian style. It is all about minimal yet bold artwork. The empty space in hands shows the uniqueness of the Arabic mehndi. In Arabic mehndi designs we have to check designs of mehndi for beautiful Arabic look.

3. Indo- Arabic mehndi designs

indi-arebic mehndi

This is perfect mixture of Indian and Arabic mehndi styles. This art of mehndi designs comprises of all the pattern used in the Indian mehndi like leaves, flowers, florals, and with such bold outlines looks elegantly eye catching. It’s also the mixture of latest mehndi designs and traditional mehndi designs.

4. Western mehndi designs

western mehndi

Mehndi is an important art of western world, a medium of creativeness generally most of the time its used for function mehndi designs. The western mehndi designs are different like geometric shapes, bracelet mehndi, chandelier mehndi etc.

राखी पर एक भाई ने दिया अपनी बहिन को यह ख़ास उपहार, बनाया स्वावलंबी और आत्मनिर्भर

Tips on how to make your bridal mehndi designs different:

When wedding season came, we must have to see lots of bridal hands with full of latest mehndi designs you simply can’t miss the bridal mehndi ceremony. Brides on this day can be quite nervous for mehndi color. This is the most common wishes of every bridal.

People using lots of traditional and modern tips but most of the time they fail. So here we are to make sure your mehndi colors turn to be darker:

Grooming :

Before mehndi arts applying you need to take few steps. Make sure that you get good night sleep and have a heavy diet before the meal. In advance you also have to finalize the latest mehndi designs. Choose your designs in advance to get the best results. We have to check wedding design mehndi arts in advance.

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The mehndi also known as intricate  henna should be of best quality if you want a dark mehndi color.

During application :

Firstly, you have to wash your hands carefully and proper dry it and after that do not apply any cream on them as it can become a problem to get dark mehndi color. Apart from that make sure you are wearing a comfortable dress lets mehndi artist do his work comfortably.

दुल्हनें के नवीनतम और फैशनेबल ब्लाउज डिजाइन

Drying mehndi :

Most of the brides are using natural process for drying the mehndi and the most effective in getting the dark colors don’t makes other process to make drying process quicker. Don’t moves your hands up and down to dry.
Most of the times brides do blunders that they dry their mehndi with blow dryer. Its the wrong process because hot air can easily smudge your mehndi designs. The best way for drying your mehndi is by giving at least 8 to 12 hours in it.

After the ceremony:

Now that your mehndi has dried you must have gotten a beautiful and dark mehndi colour that you can flaunt in your wedding pics. There are various natural ways of darkening your mehndi colour:

  1. You can heat up your cloves and use its smoke to darken the mehndi.
  2. The lemon sugar paste. Lemon juice along with sugar is applied on your dry mehndi by cotton balls  to deepen the color .But make sure that don’t applied more otherwise it can lighten the color.
  3. Another one is using vicks gel on dry mehndi.

Latest mehndi designs:

Bridal mehndi designs
Bridal mehndi designs
Bridal mehndi designs
Bridal mehndi designs
Bridal mehndi designs
Bridal mehndi designs
Bridal mehndi designs
Bridal mehndi designs
Bridal mehndi designs

Mehndi adorns the hands and life takes on a new color.

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