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Nail Mantra VS Meribindiya Bridal Studio – Which is Best Place for Hair Extensions Services?

Nail Mantra VS Meribindiya Hair Extensions Services

There are three kinds of hair extensions – Tape-in hair extensions, Fusion or pre-bonded hair extensions, and Clip-in hair extensions. There are various big brands in the market that offers the best hair extensions near me services. And the main purpose of a hair extensions salon is to enhance the length of hair and give an illusion to heavy hairs on the head.

Some beauty parlors give permanent hair extensions solution to volumize thin and short hairs. However, Russian hair extensions and other kinds of extensions are also in demand nowadays that is feasible to add manmade length to hairs.

Here we are going to share a detailed review on Nail Mantra vs Meribindia Bridal Studio. These are known as India’s best hair and nail extension service providers.

So, let’s see the affordability, how to get an appointment, and what all things are covered in both of these giant hair extensions salons in Noida, Delhi NCR.

A Detailed Comparison Between Nail Mantra & Meribindiya Studio

Nails Mantra Hair Extension Services

Nail mantra is a salon based at Rajouri Garden, Delhi that provides services like Hair extensions, Nail extensions, eyelash extensions, and tattoos.

There are lots of nail mantra products in the market and a few mentions are Tip Cutter, Block Buffer, Empty tip box Unbearable, Eyelash Extension Eyepads, Gel pads, Gelish gel polish, Nail Filer, Block Buffer, Natural Nail Tips, Rhinestone Rainbow, Eyelashes, etc.

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Nail mantra is a one-stop solution to get a trendy look for your hair and nails. Their hair extensions for short hair will cost you Rs.6800 at Nail Mantra. Whereas, they also sell easy wearable hair extension clips in different sizes as per the quality and length of your natural hair.

Mostly Nail Mantra’s product gallery is featured with:

1-Tip Hair Extension

This ready to use hair extension clips are available in 3 different sizes starting from 18” to 28”. And the price varies from Rs.150 per strand to Rs.350 per strand. Based on your requirement and choice, it may be the cheapest and best hair extensions for fine hair or might be costly.

4-Clip Ear-to-ear Volumizer

The 4-clip hair volumizer is available in more than 8 shades and 3 sizes. It starts from 18” to 28” that will cost you in between Rs.6900 to Rs.18000 at Nails Mantra.

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10 Piece Clip-in Set

Clip-in hair extensions are easy to use that work similar to any clips you put on your hair. The Nails Mantra set of 10-piece hair extension clip set is available in more than 9 different colors in different lengths. The three most common hair extension is 18”, 24”, and 28” that is available in the form of clip to wear on your head. The price for each straight hair clip with a set of 10 pieces will cost you in between Rs.7500 to Rs.18500 that varying based on the length.

So, overall, the Nails Mantra has a collection of accessories to enhance the beauty of your look like permanent hair extensions solutions.

Now, it’s time to see all the things covered under Meribindiya Hair Extension Services.

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Meribindiya Hair Extension Services

Meribindia is a famous name in the beauty industry and a one-stop solution to give 360-degree pre-bridal and wedding makeup services to beautify the looks from top to toe.

Meribindiya Professional Makeup Artist

Meribindiya Studio was founded in 2016 with the view to provide the best makeup, best hair extensions for fine hair, Mehandi, Nail Art, and other services to bridal. Their main services cover Engagement Makeup, Anniversary Makeup, Bridal Makeup, Mehandi, Party Makeup, Reception Makeup, Pre Bridal Services, Photoshoot Makeup, and Hair extension.

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Meribindiya – More Than A Hair Extensions Salon Near Me

As we said above, Meribindiya is a full package of your all makeup requirements. And if you are choosing them as the best hair extensions salon, you will get beyond that. They will give you free guidance about taking care of your natural hair to increase the length periodically. Also, Meribindiya Team will help you with a step ahead services to style your hair and give a ready-to-crack party look.

After having hair extensions for thin hair or short hair, you can ask them to braid it or make trendy buns and decorate it with accessories. At the same place, even you can get the curls, desired haircuts, waves, and more things.

Above all, before starting any operations with your hair, the Meribindiya professional first understands the types and texture of your natural hair and then gives the recommendation to add an illusion for long hairs.

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Meribindiya Product Gallery

The product gallery of Meribindia is featured with wedding gifts, Bridal Artificial Jewellery, Bridal Lehenga, makeup Brush, Electronic products, Lipistic, Colorsense, Haircare, Facial, Wax, etc. If you have no clues to decide what to purchase for a bride, or as a bride, what should be in your collections, Meribindiya product gallery will help you pick up the items fast.

Why choose Meribindiya for long hair extensions?

Meribindiya Hair Extension Services | Why is it the best Salon?

Meribindia Makeup team operates the services from Noida but you can book an appointment with a Meribindiya hair artist to get the services at home. As they are providing the beauty solutions as a freelance team, it would be very affordable and pocket-friendly for you to get the desired hair extensions salon near me.

Conclusion – Which One is the Best – Nails Mantra or Meribindiya?

If you are looking for a simply good hair extensions salon, Nails Mantra is the best for you. But if you want the professional guide, add-on solutions after having hair extensions at an affordable price and that also at your doorstep, then Meribindiya would be the right solution.


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