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Nisha Lamba Hair Extension Services Vs Meribindiya Hair Extension Services

Nisha Lamba Vs Meribindiya | A detailed Review on Hair Extension Services

Beautifully getting your hairdo is like a dream come true. Particularly, when you are going to any family function or official party, it has a say in it. Hair extensions near me service is a kind of treatment that gives proper pampering and caring for your hair. If you are looking for the best salon that can provide your hair with a charismatic look, the market is full of experts. The best hair extensions salon near me can be Meribindiya Makeup Studio, Lakme, VLCC or even the Nisha Lamba hair extensions.

Nisha Lamba has earned a good name in providing hair extensions, eye makeup, bridal makeup, and other beauty services to people. Whereas, Meribindiya recently comes into the limelight due to providing the best hair, eyes, and bridal makeup services consistently to their clients.

Here you can see a detailed comparison between Nisha Lamba Hair Extension Services and Meribindiya Hair Extension Services. Inside, you will know the Meribindiya Freelance artist expertise, Nisha Lamba hair extensions price, hair extensions for short hair, permanent hair extensions, and more.

What Is Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions are too famous nowadays because they’re the fine selections for improvising the look immediately. Hair extension is a human or artificial hair used for extended hair. This type of extension can change one’s look for long or brief durations. Hair extension is not the only extension of hair using artificial strands of hair, it includes the protection of the extended and original hair altogether.

Hair extension or artificial hair supplement gives you endless styling options. You don’t have to worry about the length and the colours.

Comparison between Meribindiya & Nisha Lamba hair extensions services

Nisha Lamba Hair Extensions Services

Different hair extension allows you to choose a different hairstyle. Flaunt it anywhere and everywhere. If you are in the national capital Delhi or nearby places, Nisha Lamba Dwarka would be the perfect destination. You can book an appointment or walk in the Nisha Lamba beauty salons for any query before getting their makeup service.

Services offered by Nisha Lamba

Extending human hair or artificial hair can beautify one’s hair and look at the means of giving it quality and extension through testing, adopting, and analyzing distinctive hair textures. To explore the hair extension art, Nisha Lamba Hair Extension Service has an excellent solution for you. The Hair Extensions service is growing and growing faster than ever, so this service is probably a first-rate addition to your list. Nisha Lamba experts are as professional as Meribindiya but their hair extensions price is more moderate.

Nisha Lamba Studio enjoys the privilege of being one of the most reputed manufacturers in the domain of hair extensions. They believe in delivering competent services without compromising the quality of their output. The customer’s satisfaction is their ultimate aim but costs wise they are ahead.

Meribindiya Hair Extensions Services

Meribindiya Hair Extension Services

If we talk about Meribindiya professional hair artists, they also have the same agenda. But they are a step ahead as the services of Meribindiya hair extensions are unwavering. They consider themselves to be their most fierce competitor, and they keep making better day by day. They come up with all the trendy styles of hair extensions at a very reasonable cost.

Meribindiya Contact No.: +91 81305 20472


Nisha Lamba’s permanent hair extensions show that each girl is different in her own way. Hence, they do not give you an over-the-top look. They ensure to keep it natural and sublime and radiant as well. So that one can have the perfect bridal glimmer.

Besides, Nisha Lamba also provides makeup trials, but it is chargeable. It makes it the customers easier to choose the desired look based on the occasion. Moreover, Nisha Lamba also provides customized a solution to meet your desired hairstyle.

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On the other side, the Freelance hairstylist team of Meribindiya offers a wide variety of hair and makeup packages with different services to choose from based on your preferences and price range. The wide array of their services includes Regular Makeup, HD Makeup, and Airbrush Makeup, etc. Besides, they have an offer of hair extensions for short hair, permanent hair extensions, and more at a very affordable rate. One can search hair extension salon near me to have a complete idea.

Experience and Output

Nisha Lamba Hair extension services are provided by the best Professional Makeup Artist with over 15 years of hands-on experience and a genuine desire to deliver outstanding results.

You will find their boutique-style salon friendly, relaxed, and professional. All of Nisha Lamba’s hairstylists and make-up artists provide quality services and are up-to-date on all the latest trends. Their special occasion and prom look are red-carpet chic and up-to-the-minute.

On the other side, the Meribindiya hair extension team are industry experts that have been serving to Bollywood icons, big entrepreneurs, and more people. A few of them are also working as Bollywood hairstylists to showcase the creativity of arranging the hairs with extensions and accessories.

It may be your passion for long hair or thick hair, or curly hairs, you should be the planner of your hair, its looks, colour, and texture. Even if you are among those who are not having thick and long hair, it is not an issue. For this, you may need some guidance and help to choose (based on the thickness, length, permanent or semi-permanent, etc.) among the hair extensions that suit you best. So, you can do the hair extension from Nisha Lamba or Meribindiya.


At Nisha Lamba Makeovers, they provide what you need for your hair. They are the best in the market in hair extensions services and you can have your hairdo in Nisha Lamba Dwarka in Delhi.

Nisha Lamba Hair Extensions Services, Price, Contact Number

Nisha Lamba’s services are effective in thinning hair as well. Their hair extensions boost fullness and increase the volume of any type of hair. That is causing minimal or minimal damage to existing hair. Your hair extension appointment begins with full consultation with your Nisha Lamba to discuss the procedure and determine your desired results.

Apart from that, you can get Skin treatments, hair cuts, and makeup services for formal and casual functions.

On the flip side, MeriBindiya gives you additional services apart from hair extensions near me. It includes Mehandi, photoshoot makeup, anniversary and bridal makeup, pre-bridal treatments, eye extensions, and a lot more.

Wrapping Up

The stylists at Nisha Lamba Hair Extensions keep them up-to-date and trained in every new technique of the art. This is to give you access to a wide variety of hairstyles, treatments, and colours.

Besides, the cost of Meribindiya hair treatment price is the lowest in the market and definitely lower than the Nisha Lamba hair treatment price. However, once discussed, your stylist will add your custom hair extensions in the style and colour you desire.

So, if you are looking for doorstep hair extensions near me, Meribindiya Team would be the best and affordable option for you. However, if you have enough time to take the hassle of travelling, you can schedule an appointment with the Nisha Lamba team for the best hair extension services.


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