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Micro Wedding | How To Host small Weddings

How to host small weddings

An intimate wedding is the perfect setting for celebrating a unique love story and making lifelong memories. Planning an intimate affair can be tough at times, but some crucial elements will make your big day as gorgeous as you want it to be and a blast for all your guests. Here’s how to plan a winter wedding theme, include modern elements amongst vintage decor, and craft an intimate small wedding menu that both fits your tastes as a couple and perfectly complements the setting of your ceremony.

It’s easy to have an intimate wedding, especially when you’ve got a gorgeous, location-rich ocean as a backdrop. So keep the guest list small, pick and choose your favorite tunes to fit your tastes, and keep the ceremony simple.

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Bright colors and bold patterns are flattering and extra fun for spring (limiting your decisions about coordinating).

The vibe of a small intimate wedding is so much more relaxed: private dinners with just a few guests, spontaneous afternoon stroll by the sea with no schedule to follow-what could be lovelier?

How To Host An Intimate Wedding?

Also, Hosting a micro wedding is always close to the heart. So let us see how to host a small wedding. Of course, there are no rules to host your favourite one’s wedding, but we are sharing the tips to make it more pleasant memories.

Not the typical place

At some point, everyone wants to have a small and intimate wedding, since both bride and groom can be close to each other and the most important people in their lives. But for selecting an intimate wedding venue, things are not that easy as choosing one from a long list of options.

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And for picking an intimate wedding venue, you need to consider lots of factors while keeping your needs and budget aside. The decision should be solely based on how much you can spend.

Pick a location in the middle of nature made for you and your loved ones. The beauty that nature provides will be the best backdrop to have your wedding. Your guests will love to spend time relaxing and have fun together with the fantastic view of the background brought to them by you.

Personalized invitation

An intimate wedding is a gathering of close friends and family members in a special ceremony. It may just be the two of you, or maybe a few others who are also very close to you. Therefore, you can really spend more time designing elaborate cards. 

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This could mean you experimented with handwritten templates or handmade envelopes to personalize it for the guests to feel even more special on your wedding day. Personalized cards can be as simple as just adding your signature script into the card when ordering your invites, and it will make it more memorable than just using ready-made templates. 

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Particularly when you have an intimate wedding, a handmade card or envelope with your signature will be greatly appreciated by guests to remember how special their friend’s or family member’s day was.


The possibilities are endless with return gifts for bridesmaids and groomsmen. You could choose to coordinate these gifts with your wedding theme or just give something material that you know is practical. 

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There’s no harm in choosing a handbag as one bridesmaid gift if you have a floral theme. But if your wedding is more on the elegant side, then personalized jewelry would be a good choice too. Whatever type of party you’re hosting, we can accommodate all your guests’ needs.

The perfect thank you to your bridesmaids who stood by your side and cheered for you. A personalized gift box contains a gorgeously packaged bottle of wine that comes with an added touch of customized fabric to complete the look. A crystal wine glass, bottle stopper, also accompanies it and four wine stoppers that keep the wine fresh.


The theme is apt for an intimate ceremony, allowing you to pick out matching style plates, cups, table cloths, and dresses. 

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You could also set the theme for all the dishes served at the wedding meal and have all your guests dress up according to the theme, like a black-tie beach wedding where you set a beach scene with white tents, a long flower decorated table in between the chairs and place it in sandy or grassy ground. It is such as easy way to make your wedding day special.

Open mic

There are dozens of stories that you might want to hear on your special day. Both toasts and speech could be sentimental, entertaining, or even inspiring in some cases.

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Open mic sessions are perfect for events that include a mixture of unique people from all walks of life. It’s an ideal opportunity for each member to step up to the plate and take their time at the mic stand to converse with everyone in the occasion room about whatever comes to mind.

You may feel awkward standing in front of a crowd of strangers, but open mic speeches can help put everyone at ease because everyone is there to do the same thing: socialize.

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Each attendee has something to say, and they want to be heard. So let each person have his or her turn at the stage as part of your small wedding ceremony.


A smaller guest list means less stress for you and your fiance, as well as for your guests – especially if you ask them months in advance. This makes it easier to plan and is excellent for those with children or jobs that may be too busy to attend a big wedding. 

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More intimate weddings are also lavish if you have a large family. Since everyone will be seated closer, they can enjoy each other’s company and spend less time worrying about not knowing anyone or who they’re supposed to talk to.


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