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20 Best Panjabi Wedding Songs for 2021

Best Panjabi Wedding Songs

Every occasion is a little boring without songs. Even a romantic occasion like weddings need a romantic playlist. No matter the theme of your wedding, there should be a music playlist made just for you. And there is. Today, we will show you the top-picked 20 best panjabi wedding songs so that you don’t give up dancing on your special day with your soulmate.

Are There Any Good Panjabi Wedding Songs List?

Well, there are many good marriage songs for Panjabi couples, but we will show you the best ones here. Romantic wedding songs are not just for foreigners; Indian have made beautiful music too. And if you are a Panjabi, your d-day is basically normal without a DJ. With some heart-melting Panjabi wedding song, the wedding ceremony would add a little more spark to your day.


Does not matter whether you are a bride or a groom; searching for a wedding songs list should be a task on your to-do list. While you are searching for wedding songs to play, don’t forget that only you, a newlywed couple, won’t dance to those songs. Your relatives, friends, and entire families will be looking for something to hit the dance floor.

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With that keeping in the head, our Bollywood industry even adds peppy Panjabi wedding songs to their playlist. If you have watched Bollywood movies, such as Roohi, Bala, Street Dancer 3D, you might have noticed that they used foot-tapping Panjabi songs to make the audience “wow”. This is not only because Panjabi wedding dance songs sound good. But also because they are extremely energetic.


So, if you are searching for wedding songs to make the day even more memorable, your search ends here. Keep scrolling and discover our best wedding songs playlist.

20 Evergreen Wedding Dance Songs for Couples

Alexa, play 3Peg by Sharry Mann!

Listen to the Ishq Tera Tadpave (Oh Ho Ho Ho) Panjabi song and perform their dance steps. The song is a surefire way to lit up your wedding day.

Brown munde is another hit Panjabi song that suits all type of wedding themes. Be it a mehndi day or sangeet, this song is a must!

The Veer Ji Vyohn, Jassi Sidhu song with a great choice for father and daughter song. You can dance to this all day!

Girls will love this nostalgic Panjabi song, but who wouldn’t? Check out Hulle Hullare, Anamika!

Oh, were you singing this one already? Let’s listen to one of our favorites, Coka!

Panjabi weddings are full of amazing music. And this one is another essential in our playlist.

Ever listened to Diljit Paji? Oh of course, you did! You wouldn’t be a Panjabi without his songs. But don’t leave out Clash from your playlist.

Ishq Tadpave is surely a warm song for your marriage day. So why do you wanna leave it behind? You don’t. So add it to your playlist now!

Another song from our favorite Diljit Dosanjh, G.O.A.T. Hear out his fine Panjabi accent from this video-

We love this Mama Bada Great song by Malkit Singh that basically addresses every relative you have ever had.

Okay, so we are maybe obsessing with Diljit a little too much but he is worth it. Have fun with his Nach Diyaan Allharaan Kuaariaan song.

After adding this song to your playlist, don’t forget to prepare your dance steps. Girls will love this one!

Thoda Daaru Vich Pyaar Mila De a nice song for wedding to keep your entertain all day because, you can listen to this song on repeat.

Dad and Daughter Songs

Every marriage is incomplete without the father and daughter dance but, with these songs playlist, it shouldn’t happen. Have a look at some of our favorite dad and daughter songs that will make the day.

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This is the female version of Papa Kehte Hain. An amazing piece to have a father and daughter bond.

Madhaniya is one of the best father and daughter songs to play at your marriage ceremony. And this version is simply beautiful.

We like this song from Hey Baby, which is not particularly a Panjabi song but works.

If you want to get a little dancy-dancy with your father, you can try London Thumakda. This song can even make paralyzed dance!

Even your dad can dance like Anli Kapoor with this song:

Welcome a group of your friends and family and your dad too. He will dance with you to this song.


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