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MBM Makeup Studio | Bridal Makeup by Manveen: Price & Review

makeovers by manveen reviews

“She is fair and—fairer than that word—
Her sunny locks hang on her temples like a golden fleece.”

– William Shakespeare

How many times have you wished to look like the damsel in your favourite novel? Don’t worry at Manveen we can give you the feminine look that you always wanted.

Who is Manveen?

Manveen is the queen of the glitz and glamour industry. This popular makeup artist of Delhi has dolled up many brides with her amazing work.       

manveen makeover

MBM Makeup studio

MBM makeup studio is a popular makeup studio in Delhi. It is owned by the legend of the makeup industry, Manveen. If you are looking for the best makeup studio in Delhi then you can consider visiting MBM makeup studio.

Top 5 Makeup Studio for Bridal Makeover in Noida- UNLEASHED!

Indeed one can change her entire attitude by doing her lipstick or eyeliner differently. Our premium quality cosmetics products can help you with flawless and wrinkle-free skin so that you can shine like a diamond on your special day.

You are beautiful, and you deserve to twinkle, hence book us to have a sparkling look on your special occasion.

Let’s have a look into the different makeup services that we deal with in MBM studios:

Bridal Makeup by Manveen : 

If you are looking for an affordable bridal makeup in Delhi, then book the bridal packages from Manveen without a second thought. We apply the right foundation shades to camouflage the imperfections in your skin so that you can hide your insecurities and smile with confidence.


Makeup by Manveen is the best bridal makeup in town. The Bridal makeover by Manveen will help you get the million-dollar looks on your special day.

Party Makeup: 

If you are obsessed about looking the best in the party then it’s time that you get the right makeover done. At Manveen, we make everything possible to help you with the look of a show-stealer.


We can help you with Arabic eye, smoky eye and other eye makeups to highlight your beautiful eyes. Manveen makeovers for party are popular and are commonly preferred by ladies who love the party vibes.     

Engagement Makeup: 

Look as pretty as a picture on your engagement and cast the magic of your beauty on your guests with our engagement makeovers. The Pitampura manveen kaur makeup artist will bring out your inner radiance in your engagement.

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If you are not convinced, you can check the makeovers by manveen reviews for engagements to have a better idea.         

Airbrush Makeup:

Book makeovers by manveen to get your perfect airbrush makeup done. Indeed “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.” we help you with the ideal makeup swatching so that your makeup looks natural and not too cheesy.

Best Pre Bridal Packages

One-touch of our blending brush can transform your entire look. The natural looks created by our artists will boost your self-esteem. 

Commercial Makeup:

You can consider hiring manveen makeup artist for commercial makeups. Our artists will dexterously craft out a flawless appearance so that you can carry out a look perfectly.


At the professional world, you can quickly leave a mark if you look attractive and noticeable. With your makeup fading out, your confidence at the workplace can be hampered. Better late than never! Hire us to look flawless at the workplace.         


At Manveen, we ensure that you are impeccably dressed with no hair out of place. Blossom into a new you with the right hairstyling that will complement your face cut and personality.


The right saree draping can speak volumes about your personality. The saree draping must be done in the apt manner to create specific looks depending on the occasion. At mbm makeup studio we help you with a gorgeous drape to look fabulous on every occasion.

Nail Polish Change: 

Your old nail polish is fading out? It’s time to change the same. Makeup by manveen will help you with the perfect shades of nail lacquers and nail arts to compliment your looks.

Visit your nearest mbm makeup studio to add some life to your dull nails. Rosy nails will boost your internal happiness and will make you more presentable.

Hair Extensions:

Makeover by manveen can help you with hair extensions and help you with an impeccable hairstyle. Our hair extensions look natural and can boost the volume of your hair significantly. 

MBM studio website :

Thus if you want to get the perfect look hire us so that when people look at you, they can’t stop staring. Manveen makeup charge will fit into your budget Sans Souci. Hire us to look prettier and shine like stars



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