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Guide to Eyelash Extensions for a Bridal

Guide to Eyelash Extensions for a Bridal

Every bride dream of looking perfect on their big day and for that, they look for the best lash extensions near me at an affordable lash extensions price. Since your wedding is one of the most touching events you’ll ever experience, getting teary-eyed with mascara running down your face is about to happen. With eyelash extensions, no one has to worry about such a scenario. Lash extensions stretch your eyes, making you look extra gorgeous in person and in photos.

Eyelash extensions involve applying synthetic extensions to your natural lashes to give a lasting appearance of volume and fullness. There are many types to choose from, and the application process behind it is just as intricate. In the end, all the effort is worth it.

We recommend that you have a full set at least two days before your wedding. And hence search for professional lash extensions. It’s also a good idea to get a trial of a complete set at least a month before your wedding so you can figure out the perfect style and length. And be 100% sure that you don’t have any allergic reaction to the glue–getting your first set right before the wedding isn’t advisable for this reason.

If you’ve got other allergies or have sensitive skin, it’s also a good idea to get a patch test done before you get extensions where a small amount of glue is on your skin to see if you get any reaction. Search for the best lash extensions near me.


Guide to Eyelash Extensions for a Bridal
  • Always try to keep the eyelash extensions dry for the first 24 hours.
  • You must avoid steam rooms and similar activities which make you sweat to let the adhesive dry completely.
  • Extensions need minimal grooming. So, keep the eyelashes looking fluffy and neat.

While going for eyelash extensions, it is necessary to pay attention to some factors to get the best results.

  • Eyelash extensions make a chance to go dramatic from natural. Therefore, before an eyelash extension procedure, one has to decide on the look you want.
  • For instance, you may choose to go for the lashes like a film star has that are long and thick. You can get the look that you cannot get using your natural eyelashes.
  • You must use lash extensions that are discreet and blend well with your natural eyelashes. People may notice that you are attractive, but it will be hard for them to spot the extensions.

Moreover, your eyelash stylist can also guide you to the best form of eyelash extension for your eyes. It ranges from the Natural style to the more custom shapes, like Cat-eye or Doll-eye.

It is always better to listen to a permanent fake eyelashes artist to decide the lash style and level of fullness. After all, they want you to be happy, so it is in their best interest to ensure you are happy with your lashes! Go for professional eyelash extensions.

Your eyelash expert will discuss everything with you and find the perfect lashes for you. For permanent eyelash extensions price, the cost should be pocket-friendly. For the best services and economy please compare lash extensions price.

How To Care For Temporary Or Permanent Fake Eyelashes?



Unless you are wearing oil-free mascara, for lash extensions, it is a NO (for volume sets, even the oil-free mascara is unsuitable as it would close the fans).


You can get makeup products suitable for wearing with eyelash extensions. Make sure you should not apply this over the lashes but take care. It is an application to the lash line.


Some eyeliners are there which may not suit lash extensions and sometimes can break down the bond. That will affect retention. Check for eyelash extension safe eyeliners. By which one can wear with eyelashes without causing premature loss.

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Makeup Remover

When removing your makeup at night, it is necessary to use a suitable makeup remover that will not affect your retention. Some of the high street removers are damaging. So it is best and recommend to use make remover very carefully for long-wearing of your lashes.

Baby Wipes And Cotton Pads

Some people use baby wipes to remove makeup at night. However, this can cause a loss of retention. This material can also easily catch on the lashes and pull them similar to cotton pads.

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Moisturizer And Anti-Wrinkle Creams

Moisturizers can deactivate the lash adhesive. Hence, it is best to avoid these around the eye area (or apply carefully by keeping distance to the lash line). However, advise your clients to be careful with anti-wrinkle creams. Because they spread as they get absorbed in the skin. Hence, they need to be applied further away from the lash line.

Hair Conditioner

It can cause a buildup on the lashes. Hence, it is necessary to apply the conditioner to the tips of the eyes. Moreover, immediately use a lash cleanser to avoid any effect on the lash extensions.


One should avoid sweating or go to the gym straight from the lash appointment. It can affect retention, as the sweat will break down the adhesive.


It is difficult to always avoid this. But it is advised to use a cleanser afterward to remove any traces. The same applies to hay fever or watery eyes, as the tear solution will affect lash retention.

Other Factors One Should Discuss With The Lash Artist

Eyelash extensions need to set a little time. Some people find the lashes can start shedding as early as two weeks, so discuss with the artist at Meribindiya. Scheduling your appointment with a professional lash technician should be from three to seven days before the D-day.


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