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5 Best Salons To Get Beautiful Eyelash Extensions For Brides!

Best Salons To Get Beautiful Eyelash Extensions For Brides - Bridal Glam Guide

Wedding is a day where every bride wants to look gorgeous and for that, they go for facial, complete makeup, hairdressing, sari draping, Eyelash Extensions, and many more. The eyelash extension is a method where the artist sticks the false lashes on the permanent eyelashes to give a charming look to the bride.

No doubt, eyelash extension is quite popular and is in great demand. Due to the same many salons are offering lash extensions near me service. If you are about to get married, and wondering about the best eyelash extension near me, then this article is helpful for you. As here you will get to know about the top 5 best salons that will help you to look stunning on your D-Day.

5 Best Salons For A Bride To Get A Stunning Eyelash Extension

The Best eyelash extensions Artist near me - Bridal Glam Guide

Salons are the one-stop destination for makeup whether it’s a party makeup or wedding. Here the team of professionals utilizes their skills to give the charming look to the bride so that she can make her wedding day a memorable one. Here, the list of best salons is provided that will help you on your wedding day.

Meribindiya – Doorstep Bridal Services

Meribindiya is the premier salon that offers comprehensive bridal and party makeup services. If you are looking for lash extensions for your eyes, then Meribindiya is an ideal spot for you. Here the experienced artist will give you an option of lash extensions such as fiber, silk, synthetic, and faux-mink. These are the lash materials and as per the length and thickness of eyelashes, the artist will put the same on your eyelash.

The makeup artist will stick lash extensions with the assistance of a tweezer (a tool) and once it is done, then you will have to go for another round for the touch-up. The artist works very precisely and also takes all necessary measures to protect your eyes. Moreover, once the eyelash extensions are placed, then they will give you the instructions that should be followed to protect the eyelash extension.

Meribindiya also offers ample products for bridal such as Bridal Lehanga, Artificial jewelry, Colorlense, and many more. The use of such products will act as a catalyst for your makeup.

Nails Mantra

Nail Mantra is yet another outstanding salon that offers extension services on Hair, Nails, and Eyelashes. Moreover, the firm also offers products to the consumers such as Eyelash extension eye pads, Block Buffer, Tip Cutter, Gel Polish, and many more.

In Nail Mantra, the experts use the products that are beneficial for a bride and most of them are branded and trusted ones. Moreover, the artists match the false eyelashes with your permanent one and thereafter, give you an option to choose the one that suits you. They take special care while performing the eyelash extensions job and once it is done, they will go for the touch-up task.

Buyaly Nail Studio

Buyaly nail studio is best known for Nail arts but the studio also offers makeup services including Hair Extension and lash extensions on eyes. The studio is based in Delhi and also offers doorstep services to customers. Moreover, Buyaly nail studio also provides cosmetics products that are favorable for the customers. However, if a bride preferred her brand product, then the artist will apply the same, for instance, false eyelashes or eye pads.

Glint Nail & Eyelash Extension Salon

Glint nail & eyelash extension salon is based in Delhi and provides a wide range of beauty services and lash extensions near me. The beauty services provided by Glint Nail & Eyelash Extension Salon include; Nail Art, Bridal Makeup, Party Makeup, Hair extension, and Eyelash extension.

The makeup artist utilizes the utmost skills in eyelash extension with the aim that you can avoid mascara. While applying mascara, there is a high chance of damage to the makeup applied around the eye corner. But the team of experts has years of experience and they will perfectly do the job.

Curlz & Lashes Salon And Academy

Curlz & lashes salon and academy is also a Delhi-based beauty firm offering ample beauty services such as Pre-bridal makeup, bridal makeup, party makeup, Nail Extension, and, Eyelash extension.

Here you will get the doorstep lashes near me extension services too and the makeup artist will apply the customized lashes as per the length and volume of the permanent eyelash. They will make the job in the utmost manner and you won’t even feel that false eyelashes are applied on your face.

eyelash extensions before wedding

Eyelash Extensions Price

As a bride, you must go with the extensions of eyelashes near me but before that, you must know about the price offered by salons. Well, in the case of Meribindiya, it is the most affordable one and if you go with the Bridal HD Makeup Package, then you will get other services too with eyelash extensions such as HD Makeup, Nail Art, Dress Draping, and Bun just at Rs 15,000.

However, in other salons the price of eyelash extensions is a bit higher one and to get the price details, you will have to contact them via Phone.

Bottom Line

These were the 5 best salons for eyelash extensions and if you are looking for the best eyelash extensions near me, then you must go with Meribindiya as the firm offers doorstep services and give you a complete bridal package at an affordable cost.


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