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5 Best Bridal Makeup Artist in Ghaziabad

Best Bridal Makeup Artist in Ghaziabad

Bridal make-up is very important, every bride wants to look beautiful and stunning on the big day. Surely nobody struggles to find a good makeup artist as there are so many makeup artists and it’s easy to find them. But do you think that all makeup artists are perfect? Well, that’s not true, not every makeup artist is perfect and nobody wants to hire an artist who doesn’t have much experience. Here, you will get to see the best bridal makeup artist in Ghaziabad which will help you to consider the best makeup artists for your wedding.


Although there are many other makeup artists as well who are experienced and very professional outside the Ghaziabad. So, in this article we have focused on and targeted a particular region Ghaziabad, there are so many makeup artists in another part of the country as well. Although there are many Makeup Artist in Vaishali Ghaziabad, not all are best therefore, you should know which makeup artist would just do the trick for you.

Best 5 Makeup Artists In Ghaziabad For Bridal Makeup

Here are the best of the 5 Best Makeup Artist in Ghaziabad that you can contact according to your comfort.

Meribindiya Bridal Team

If you live in Ghaziabad then you must be quite familiar with the Meribindiya Team who offers the best bridal service at a reasonable price. They offer multiple services to their client like Pre bridal package, Bridal makeup, Party Makeup and Bridal mehndi.

They provide all services at the venue or at home where the artist can come over and do your makeover. if you don’t want doorstep service then they is also available their services in the studio. meribindiya’s studio location is Noida sector 27 near Noida sector 18 metro station. There are several services they provide to their client, from body waxing to nails and eyelashes extension and many more.

The makeup artist and hair stylists are professional and well-versed. They have enough experience and very cooperative too. They never shy away from offering a piece of advice to their client if necessary. Meribindiya team is very popular not only in Ghaziabad but across the country for their quality bridal service. You can get top makeup artist in Ghaziabad easily which provide doorstep service.

you can book Meribindiya Team as the best makeup artist in Ghaziabad through a call at 8130520472 or visit the website

Makeover by Palak-Raghav

The next makeup artist on this list is Palak Raghavi who is famous in the NCR region and well known for bridal makeup and hairstyling. The beauty salon is in Ghaziabad and it is owned by Palak and Raghvi and they are well-known makeup artists with so many years of experience. Both make-up artists know and understand the requirements of their clients.

They offer the best bridal service in NCR and Delhi region and the service includes Regular Makeup Air Brush Makeup, HD Makeup, Party Makeup, Friends and family makeup, Hair Styling, Hair extensions, Eyelashes. Not only that but they also provide makeup service at the studio/salon and makeup service at the venue.

Makeover by Yanika Kwatra

Yanika Kwatra is a young, talented, famous and one of the best makeup artists in Ghaziabad who has made an impact in this industry and currently she is known as a well-established makeup artist in the NCR region. She is young yet she has enough experience and owns a beauty and hairstyling salon in Ghaziabad. Just like another make artist, she also provides several makeup services and especially bridal makeup services.


It’s important nowadays that the bride should look beautiful whereas in the early days it wasn’t important that much. She knows what is in trend and knows about the current fashion in the fashion world and does your makeover accordingly.

Makeover by Dimple Sharma

Dimple Sharma is yet another makeup artist in the Delhi NCR region, Ghaziabad that provides amazing bridal service. She is extremely talented and understands even a small thing related to makeup. She is doing well over the past few years and has managed to become even more popular these days.


You can say an emerging talent which has now known for its amazing bridal service. She knows exactly what suits the bride, like which hairstyle should go well with the outfit and stuffs like the colour combination and give you the natural look. Makeup artist in Vaishali Ghaziabad is also quite famous in the Delhi NCR region.

Makeover by Sunita

Sunita beauty studio is in Delhi NCR and this studio stands at number 5 on this list of top best makeup artist in Ghaziabad. This beautiful studio is a venture by Rashmi who is herself a stunning makeup artist. She is well known for their bridal services and the quality product that she uses.

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The location in the Delhi NCR region but she travels across the country to provide the service to their client. She might be the one makeup artist if you are looking for a makeup artist in Ghaziabad. She also offers paid trial service to their client which not many artists offer these days.


we have covered the top 5 best bridal makeup artists in Ghaziabad in this article but that doesn’t mean the rest of the other makeup artists are not good or poor. Even in other parts of the country, there are so many great makeup artists which are quite famous and do their job with all passion. You should know that what makes a makeup artist perfect and that is what we have explained.

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Experience is important but not everywhere as there few makeup artists who don’t have much experience but still very good at what they do for the makeover. Professionalism is also one of the key factors and plays an important role.



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