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Top 10 South Indian Bridal Makeup Idea’s

South Indian Makeup Ideas

Just like the South Indian brides, the traditional south Indian bridal makeup is timeless. It’s stunning and unique. Their gorgeous flowing silk sarees with elaborate gold jewelry bring out their inner diva. As South India has humid weather, the south Indian makeup must match many requirements during the special day. As a South Indian bride, you will surely want the makeup to be soft on your skin; instead of looking cakey. 

Though the South Indian brides prefer light and simple makeup, there’s a royal vibe to their demurred free look. The combination of floral, pearl, and golden jewelry completes the South India brides’ ethereal look. 

Here are some of the effortless ideas for your inspiration:

Your Kanjivaram Saree Dictates Your South Indian Bridal Makeup

Without wearing a Kanjivaram saree, the south Indian bridal look won’t be complete. The beautiful stripes, floral designs, checks, and borders of the temple make the saree attractive. And when the South Indian bride gets dressed in the gorgeous saree accompanied by the simple yet graceful makeup, she stands apart. Of course, without knowing about the wedding saree, the makeup artist can’t even plan the look, so inform the artist about the saree color.

South Indian Bridal Makeup look

Let Your Eyes Speak With Bronze Effect

Simple south Indian eye makeup along with bronze shade blends perfectly, creating magic. You don’t have to go overboard with eye makeup. Why not let your naturally beautiful eyes speak volume with a little touch of highlighter under the brows? We certainly love how the sleek line of eyeliner and brown eyeshadow complement her gorgeous persona. 

South Indian Bridal Makeup look

Ace Your South Indian Bridal No-Makeup Look

South Indian brides have a charismatic talent for carrying the natural makeup look. These ladies from South India look beautiful and aced the art of carrying the no-makeup look well. Most of the time, the south Indian wedding makeup for brides looks very basic. It seems that they have only applied lipstick, eyeliner, and a dash of light eyeshadow; but still look happy and content. 

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Let Yourself Blush A Bit

When a woman blush, we know she is in love. And we all love to see the South Indian brides blush as they enter the mandap. The south Indian bridal makeup artist can apply some soft blush on the bride’s cheekbone along with the highlighter. She will look absolutely gorgeous with the blush on as she glows from within. 

Choose The Right Lip Color

You have already selected the Kanjivaram saree for the wedding, but have you picked your lip colors for the wedding? Besides all the golden, antique, and diamond jewelry, the splash of deep, bright color on your lips will accentuate the smile. Your partner’s heartbeat will be beating faster for sure, seeing your blush and smile. You can opt for a mauve, orange, or classic red lipstick to channel your inner diva for the wedding day.

Flaunt The Traditional Nose Ring

It is indeed a tedious process to pick the perfect nose ring for the wedding that goes well with the overall south Indian makeup look. But, once you manage to buy the perfect nose ring for your wedding, it rewards your beautiful smile when you blush. As the South Indian nose rings are small, it is a go-to accessory for every South Indian bride. It complements the alluring traditional look of the bride. 

South Indian Bridal Makeup look

Traditional South Indian Hairstyles 

Where can we see the marriage of such magnificent outfits, elegant makeup, and exquisite jewelry than in a South Indian wedding? That’s the very reason; the brides exude a royal vibe when they walk down the aisle to enter the mandap. And it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when it comes to deciding from a myriad of South Indian hairstyles. But trust us, every hairstyle is flawless, stunning, and creative. And the combination of gajra and golden hair accessories defines the aristocratic look. 

Slay With Traditional Jewellery

In South Indian weddings, gorgeous heavy jewelry is prevalent on brides. So, it balances the simple yet sophisticated bridal makeup. We definitely love the artful way of layering various types of jewelry to bring out the goddess look. You would want to layer the jewelry so that every set of the jewelry pieces complement the overall look. Also, garlands don’t cover the statement necklace that you wear. With golden, antique, and diamond ornaments, you will slay the wedding look. 

South Indian Bridal Makeup look

Love For The Mehendi Hands

The hands can look vacant even when you wear jewels if you don’t wear mehndi on your palms and forearms. But, you would want your overall bridal look to stand out during your special day. Don’t you? So, you have to choose a wonderful Mehendi design and let the Mehendi artist do justice. And when you layer some wonderful bangles with the Mehendi, your hands will not look empty. 

Bindi Completes The Royal South Indian Bridal Makeup Look

Bindi is a quintessential Indian accessory that’s worn by women of almost every state. However, its name differs from state to state. But that doesn’t strip away its importance on a bride’s makeup look. So, a South Indian-style bindi accentuates the bride’s simplicity and elegance when it comes to a south bridal look. The overall bridal look gets incomplete without the presence of a little yet highly significant bindi. 

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The south Indian bridal makeup look may look very simple but to make it look natural and flawless, hard work gets lots of credit. So, prep your skin from 2-3 months prior to the wedding to exude the natural glow underneath the bridal makeup. 

South Indian Bridal Makeup look

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