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Nisha Lamba Hair Extensions Services | Nisha Lamba Hair Extensions Price

Nisha Lamba Hair Extensions Services, Price, Contact Number

How about giving yourself a magical hair makeover? Indeed, hair care is crucial for every woman as they love to fickle with their pretty hair types. Every girl out there has a different personality and adorns themselves in unique hairstyles. For some, long hair works wonders, and they fancy long thick, and voluminous hair. However, not everyone has that thick long ponytail to flaunt, and hair extensions by Nisha Lamba Dwarka are a perfect solution to this.

Wondering about the Nisha Lamba Hair extensions price? Well, stay tuned with us till the end to get a notch on all her expert hair treatment services, prices, and even contact information. If you have decided to go for hair extensions, it’s a good idea to solve those thin and weak hair nightmares. The professional expert, Nisha Lamba Dwarka, can advise you about the type of hair extensions that would suit you depending on the aspects like hair thickness, color, texture, and other things.

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Why Opt For Nisha Lamba Hair Extensions?

Nisha Lamba is a certified hair and beauty aesthetician in Dwarka, Delhi, to guide you on your complete hair care regime. Tired of hair breakage and wish to flaunt those thick and shiny strands?

Nisha Lambha Beauty Parlour Services

If yes, Nisha Lamba won’t disappoint you as she holds years of expertise and experience in the beauty industry and pertains to very high beauty standards. Her zealous attitude to fetch a perfect look for you and passion for giving the best services makes her a good pick on our list.

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Going for Nisha Lamba hair extensions services won’t turn you down as her professional aesthetics, knowledge of hair and skin could deliver the best outcomes. She is enthusiastic, eager to explore new things, and poses finesse in her work ecosystem. It is backed by the fact that she received many awards on national and international platforms for her hair and beauty-related services.

Nisha Lamba Dwarka- Services Offered!

Services offered by Nisha Lamba

Willing to know Nisha Lamba’s hair treatment price? Well, there are many other services that she provides along. Her focus is not just the outside glow on your skin, but it’s more about working on the root causes. Nisha Lamba has a refined team of experts who leave no stone unturned to bring out the best of your features with their excellence and intricate work. You can receive tailored hair or skin treatment depending on your preferences and interests.

The problem of hair breakage and hair fall is common amongst women. Skin problems like discoloration, wrinkles, or pimples are also common things. If you are also dealing with any of these issues and want to get them rectified by a professional, receiving her services is the right thing to do.

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As the wedding season is on the cards, every girl wants to be an eye-turner at the event or occasion. Nisha Lamba and her expert team can optimize the best techniques to impart you an absolute makeover that could change your life forever.

If you are a would-be bride, reaching out to Nisha Lamba salon services is a good option for getting that absolute glow on your face. After all, it’s your D-day, and there’s nothing you should miss out on to look your best on the precious moment.

Now, let’s have a glance at the heap of services available with her.

  • Hair Care- Experiment with an array of hair treatments like hair straightening, Rebonding, Smoothening, and Hair Extensions. Keep sneaking out to know Nisha Lamba hair extensions prices for different types, lengths, and volumes of extensions.
  • Skin Care- She is a pro in handling the most trivial skin-related issues and also helps in managing acne problems effectively.
  • Bridal Makeup- Connect her for all types of bridal makeovers and beauty looks for any upcoming parties or events. You can also book a pre-bridal and bridal package with her to gleam like a princess on your wedding day. The basic package price available with her starts from Rs.999, and then it varies depending on the type of package you choose to opt for.

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Nisha Lamba Hair Extensions- Rev Up To Flaunt Long Hair In Style

If you are scouring for the best hair extensions services in and around Delhi, connect with Nisha Lamba Dwarka to get the best deals. She hones the art of adding a magical and natural-looking length to your hair that gives an added fullness to it.

Nisha Lambha Beauty Parlour | Best Hair Extensions Service Provider

What are hair extensions? They are good quality human or synthetic hair that makeup artists clip to the existing hair strands for an added hair length. It’s a common way to derive desired volume and bounce in hair.

There are many ways of attaching hair extensions, and price varies depending on several factors. You also need to decide whether you prefer temporary or permanent hair extensions. When you go for the permanent ones, they cannot be removed on your own as the cost is also higher. Temporary extensions are reasonable and easy to remove by yourself.

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Sneaking out on different options accessible for Nisha Lamba hair extensions can be crucial for its price. Clip-in extension, Keratin, Tape-in, and Ring extensions are popular choices prevalent here. Once you have extensions added to the hair, every treatment you do on hair applies to them, whether coloring, smoothening, or keratin. Opting for Keratin extensions is a good idea if you look forward to a long-term solution.

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Nisha Lamba Hair Treatment Price

Hair extension prices vary on multiple factors, as discussed above. After consulting the experts, it is possible to identify the appropriate extension suiting your hair length, texture, and volume. Once you make the right choice, they can reveal the exact prices along with additional promotional discounts or offers, if any.

You can further retrieve complete information on Nisha Lamba Hair Extensions by contacting her over the call, website, or social media.

Nisha Lamba Address – Sector 18, Dwarka, New Delhi- 110075, India.

Three Top Salons for Hair Extensions

In Delhi/NCR, there are three top salons where you can go for hair extensions. The hairstylists are quite skilled and professional and have years of experience:

1. Meribindiya Bridal Studio Noida

Ranking first on the list, it is the top bridal studio that is located in Noida. Meribindiya International Academy is a renowned salon that is known for its bridal services and hair extension services. They provide the best hair extension services in India. The services that the studio offers are Bridal Makeup, Party Makeup, Prebridal Treatment, Eyelash Extension Services, and Permanent Makeup.

The Academy of Meribindiya is called Meribindiya International Academy and has won many accolades and the classes here are given by celebrity makeup artists.

They have a team of highly professional hairdressers and hairstylists that provides high quality clip-in hair extensions. They have a wide range of extensions for straight to curly hair. The best part is that permanent hair extensions price is also affordable.

For hair extensions appointment, you can get in touch with them on 8130520472.

2. Nisha Lamba Salon

Second, on the list is Nisha Lamba Salon where hair extensions are done. Located in Dwarka, Nisha Lamba is a certified beauty and hair aesthetician. She has years of experience in the beauty industry and her passion for providing the best quality services makes her the second best on the list.

Nisha Lamba hair extensions services will not disappoint you. She has received numerous awards for her hair and beauty services both on international and national platforms. Nisha Lamba parlour hair extensions price depends on multiple factors. You can consult the experts who can assist you in regards to choosing the length, texture, and volume of your hair.

Nisha Lamba salon hair extensions price

Nisha Lamba hair extensions price varies from Rs.400-450 per stick. Depending on the type of hair extensions you choose, Nisha Lamba permanent hair extensions price list suits every budget.

For booking Nisha Lamba hair extensions services, contact them on 9958600827. They can guide you on Nisha Lamba hair extensions price list.

3. Diva Divine

Ranking third on the list is Diva Divine Hair India which was launched in 2008. They are the first retailer of human hair extensions and wigs in India. Their retail store is in Delhi. They offer hair extensions of the highest quality.

They offer a wide range of temporary clip-on and professional semi-permanent human hair extensions. The hair extensions price herecosts approximately Rs.1100 per stick.

For booking your service, contact them on 9958600827.

Winding Up

Nisha Lamba is certainly a great makeup artist who can give you that stunning look you are craving. She holds dominance over hair extension services around Delhi, and it’s ideal to contact her studio directly for further information on the same.

Don’t hesitate to test out some new looks with the Nisha Lamba Hair extensions, whether for a casual party event or a wedding day. Everyone deserves to deck up in a new look and get themselves a fascinating makeover with preferred styles. Start searching on the web for top hairstyles and choose the best ones to try for an upcoming event!


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