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Kaya Pre Bridal Package VS Meribindiya Pre Bridal Package

Kaya Pre Bridal Package VS Meribindiya Pre Bridal Package

After all, it is all about your gorgeous pretty look on your big fat wedding day! You may be wondering what to do, where to start to make your bridal look stunning. And a pre bridal package with salon touch skincare routine and treatments can be your ultimate lifesaver. You can select among different pre-bridal packages offered by many beauty salons as per your need. However, most of you would be looking for pre bridal package prices, bridal makeup packages prices, etc.

In this article, we will be discussing two well-known beauty studios, Kaya and Meribindiya’s pre bridal package and other details like pre bridal package cost.

Many beauty studios offer pre-bridal packages based on pre-bridal sessions and sittings, covering many beauty aspects starting from tip to toes. Kaya bridal package is one of the popular bridal packages in India.

Kaya Pre Bridal Package

Kaya is one of the most famous brands in the cosmetic industry. It is known best for its skincare products and makeover services like pigmentation, laser hair removal, hair loss and thinning, acne solutions, facial and bridal, anti-aging solutions, and more.

Kaya Pre Bridal Makeup Charges, Package Details

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Kaya’s approach is based on an individual’s skin type and hair type. They have different Kaya bridal packages dealing with different skin types like acne-prone, normal skin, tanned skin. The Kaya bridal package cost can vary depending on your skin and hair type, the duration of the package, and the service and treatment you want to have.

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Kaya Bridal Sitting Duration

They have 15 days, 30 days, and 60 days Kaya pre bridal packages dealing differently with different types of skin.

Kaya Bridal Package Cost

The average Kaya pre bridal package price is ranged around 6000, 9000, and 16000 rupees for 15, 30, and 60-day bridal packages respectively. For more discounts on Kaya bridal package, you can check their website.

Meribindiya Pre Bridal Package

Meribindiya Freelance Makeup Artist is one of the best makeup studios with many beauty services and bridal makeup in Noida. Meribindiya is also an artistic player with an expert team of beauty artists and technicians. With their makeup professionals, you can assure of that glam, gorgeous look you dreamt of.

Meribindiya Best Pre Bridal Services at Home
Best Pre Bridal packages

Meribindiya Pre-Bridal Duration

offer bridal and pre-bridal services covering all the aspects of bridal beauty. They also provide a different time range bridal and pre-bridal packages categorized as 1-sitting, 2-sitting, 3-sitting bridal packages. In the package, they include bridal consultation, facial, full-body wax, hair SPA, Manicure, pedicure, eyebrows, and more. You can choose the beauty services based on your budget and need.

Kaya Bridal Packages

Meribindiya Pre Bridal Makeup Charges

The best thing about Meribindiya’s pre-bridal package is that they provide doorstep bridal services. If you are someone who likes to get ready at your home comfort, then Meribindiya bridal package is your ultimate selection. You can choose different pre bridal packages based on the type of beauty services you need.

If we talk about the bridal makeup packages prices of Meribindiya, as compared to Kaya bridal package prices they have cheaper bridal and pre-bridal packages.

In Meribindiya, you can book their at-home bridal service just by making a phone call. For more details, you can check their website.

Meribindiya Best Bridal Makeup Artist in Delhi NCR
Best Bridal Makeup Artist in Delhi NCR

A Brief Comparison Between Meribindiya & Kaya Pre Bridal Package Cost And Service

  • The 15-day pre-bridal package at Meribindiya may range from Rs. 5100 to Rs. 7700. Whereas the same at Kaya may range from Rs. 6000 to Rs. 8000.
  • To get a smashing bridal look you need to visit the Kaya beauty salon. Whereas Meribindiya beauty salon can walk to your home on a call for your lavishing bridal look without charging any extra amount for it.
  • Kaya’s approach is more of a clinical cum cosmetic beauty service. They are experts in skincare products and services. Whereas Meribindiya is an expert in overall beauty services.

Things To Consider Before Choosing A Bridal Or Pre Bridal Package

Your pre-bridal package is not just about the ravishing look on your special day but much more than that. It plays a great deal in fortifying your beauty from within and beyond the wedding day. So choosing the pre-bridal package based on your need is essential. Consider these aspects before choosing any pre-bridal package.

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Your Budget And Pre Bridal Package Price

You can select the package based on how much you want to spend on your entire wedding look that includes engagement, mehndi, sangeet, Haldi ka rasam, and the wedding day itself. If you choose based on only pre bridal package cost, it can be costlier as compared to bridal package cost where pre bridal package price is included. In that case, it is better to take the bridal package.

Availability Of Time

If you do not have enough time for personal care and beauty treatment due to any reason, you can decide on pre-bridal packages based on your time limit. However, Meribindiya is offering a pre-bridal 1-sitting package just before 2days of your marriage day.

Customized Bridal Package

If you want to customize your pre-bridal package with some special attention and services, you can choose accordingly. Based on your need you can decide what all beauty services you need.

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Beauty Salon Or Doorstep Service

Nowadays it is easy to avail of doorstep bridal services. But not many beauty salons give doorstep bridal services with in-salon bridal services. However, you can search for bridal and ‘pre-bridal services near me’, and ask for salons if they are offering doorstep bridal services.

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Final Thoughts

Pre bridal service is a must if one wants to get that bridal GLOW amidst those hectic wedding schedules and rituals. Pre bridal sessions are all about taking care of your beauty with body cleaning, exfoliating skin, pedicure, manicure, facial care, hair care, skincare, and much more. This will not just make your look stunning but enhance your beauty a little more by saving your time and keeping your worries away.

No doubt, Kaya pre bridal packages are some of the best ones that one can dream of for the big bang wedding day. But if you want to have a cheaper yet dreamy bridal makeover, then Meribindiya will always be on your doorstep with you on your bride-to-be journey.

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