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Low Maintenance Makeup Tips For Brides On Their Honeymoon

Low Maintenance Makeup Tips For Brides On Their Honeymoon

After the blissful union, finally, it is the time for the bride and groom to unwind and rejuvenate yourself. One of the times after wedding when you want to look your best and trendy at the same time. This is when you search for natural makeup look for the bride as you do not want to overdo it on your honeymoon. As you wait for the exciting start of your life and getting soaked in the sun or maybe sitting at a window to watch the snow cascade down the mountains, it is important to look at your best.

During the planning stage of the wedding, this is one such occasion when you seek beauty tips for brides.  Starting from wedding functions to honeymoon, you would want to know the secret to radiant and flawless looks and some quick bridal beauty tips that will help you look gorgeous at all times. Amidst all the preparation for your honeymoon, you cannot skip your honeymoon looks.

A honeymoon trip demands low-maintenance makeup tips for brides so that you can enjoy your much-awaited and much-needed vacation in full glam. Your honeymoon look does not need to be complicated.

After the wedding, the honeymoon is the time when you will be photographed the most. On your honeymoon, you want to look stunning and also want to pack just the essential items of makeup in your suitcase rather than keeping all the makeup stuff.  

So here we are to help you with low-maintenance bridal beauty tips and inspirationthat you can piece togetherfor the ultimate natural makeup look for bride.

11 Best and low maintenance makeup tips and tricks for the bride


If you are hitting the mountain or beach, then the first essential step towards a natural makeup look for bride is amoisturizer. During the wedding, your skin goes through several phases-from pre-wedding facials to getting decked up for wedding functions. Apart from the heavy makeup on your D day, there is a lot of stress that you go through while planning for the most important day of your life. So your skin can look tired.

It is crucial to take care of your skin and what could be the best than a good moisturizer. Make sure to moisturize your skin regularly and on your honeymoon before starting with makeup and also in the night after removing makeup.


Honeymooning demands skin care whether you go anywhere in the world. Keeping yourself SPF protected is vital for healthy skin and also the most important tip out of all the bridal beauty tips. You can’t ignore your skin as they get exposed to ultraviolet rays of the sun that can damage your skin to a great extent.

During the day, you can use a high-spectrum sunscreen, something that contains at least SPF 50. You can use a sunscreen gel or cream depending on your skin type. Choose a water-resistant sunscreen that has the ability of gliding over your skin without leaving a visible grey sheen on the skin.

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In your skincare routine, add a skin-enriching serum. After moisturizing your skin at night, use a serum. It is one of the recommended bridal beauty tips as it reduces the signs of fatigue. It gives life to dull and tired skin. In addition to this, it smoothens your skin and reduces any appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

One of the benefits includes helping the skin to retain moisture. When you are exploring the whole day and then you come back to your hotel, your skin needs attention. So serum will help your skin to look fresh and will also repair while you complete your beauty sleep.

BB Creams

It is not necessary to use foundation on your honeymoon. Thanks to the introduction of BB Creams in the makeup industry. It does wonders as it works as a base, leading to a natural makeup look for the bride-to-be. We all know that no-makeup look is trending these days.

It is also known to multi-task as it beautifully primes, moisturizes, and gives complete coverage to your skin. It surely is one of the low-maintenance tips that you can follow on your honeymoon. There are multiple BB creams available that you can invest on, go for the non-sticky and light ones. Follow this and you will love this tip along with other beauty tips for brides.

Skip the Primer

Primers are used for a smooth application of foundation over your face. While on your honeymoon, you will hardly have time to pull off the whole foundation routine, so it’s best to skip the primer.

Use BB cream instead for a natural makeup look for the bride.

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Carry a concealer

One of the most important makeup tips for brides is to carry a concealer. Buy one that is lightweight and that matches your skin tone. It will help to cover your dark circles and blemishes giving you a flawless look.

Set the concealer with some loose powder or pressed powder, so that you don’t even feel anything is being applied. This is the best way to get a natural makeup look for bride.

Skip the Contour and Use Bronzer

Follow a simple rule- No foundation, no heavy contouring. You can use bronzer as an alternative. The bronzer will add glow to your skin and will give that sunkissed look. It will accentuate your features. It will intensify the facial glow.

One of the makeup tips for brides will be to apply the bronzer in upward strokes with a large face brush to chisel your cheekbones.

You can also use blush if you want to skip bronzer. Use a bolder shade if you want the cheeks as the focal point and if your lips will be the focal point, then choose a lighter shade of blush on the cheeks.

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Eyelash Curler

Even the tiny tools do magic. Eyelash Curlers accentuate your lashes and beautifully defines your lashes. If your eyelashes are not long, then curlers will bring definition to your eyes.

If you don’t want to apply mascara, simply curl those lashes. This always works along with other beauty tips for brides as it adds a frame to your eyes. One tip for all you lovely Ladies-Use it regularly to lengthen the lashes.

Eye Makeup

Eye makeup is something that always compliments your attire be that wedding eye makeup or the makeup you do on your honeymoon. Some eye makeups go well in both the bridal eye makeup and also as a no-makeup look on your honeymoon.

You can go for soft metallic brown smokey eyes makeup or choose some light shades or nude eyeshadows from the eyeshadow palette and pair them with winged eyeliner or kohl and mascara. Nude eyeshadows will add depth to your eyes and define your eyes giving that no-makeup look. Kohl and eyeliner will give dimension to your eyes.

This natural bridal eye makeup look can also be carried off on the honeymoon.   If you want to skip mascara, then go for an eyelash curler. These makeup tips for brides will give a gorgeous no-makeup look.

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Carry your favorite lipstick

Who wants to carry the entire collection of lipsticks and lip liners on your honeymoon? Nobody wants to make the travel bag heavy. So we advise you just carry a few of your favorite shades like brown, nude, pink, or red as a part of beauty tips for brides. Take it as advice and not a tip.

One of the low-maintenance tips will be to invest in shades that you can use every day. We often end up using our favorite lip shades with ethnic and western dresses.

You always have the option of mixing two shades to create a new shade or an ombre, so you are not repeating one lip look twice on your honeymoon.

Use a setting spray

To give a wonderful finish, use a setting spray after done with the makeup. It will prevent your makeup from getting affected by weather conditions. At the same time, it will keep your skin hydrated. This is one of the makeup tips for brides that you cannot miss.

You deserve to have fun in any weather condition and celebrate your honeymoon. 

Keep these low-maintenance makeup tips for brides in mind, and you’ll be looking just fab through the honeymoon and get pictures of a lifetime. Lastly, as a part of bridal beauty tips, we advise investing in waterproof makeup so that you are carefree in mountains or beaches and not worried about smudging or sliding of makeup due to cold or heat. Treat waterproof makeup as an asset as it lasts longer than other formulas.

So whether it’s a grand escapade to a foreign country or a vacation to a snug little spot, a natural makeup look for the bride will make the photographs more appealing.

Celebrate your honeymoon in style!


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