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15 Traditional Wedding Dress Inspiration From Various Indian States

Traditional Wedding Dresses

‘Unity in diversity ‘is the soul of Indian culture. Each state has its uniqueness though it is its tradition, rituals, or any other phenomena. Especially when we talk about the wedding style, they all are different yet attractive as per their cuisines, rituals, and undoubtedly attire. Wedding dresses are always the center of attraction for the couple going to get married. In this wedding season, if you are also going to get united as a couple and looking for an Indian wedding dress that suits you as a couple, this write-up is the right place to hold on to as it will make you familiar with traditional wedding dress.

North Indians Wedding Dress Style (Delhi, Uttar Pradesh)

North Indian style covers Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Punjab, and Bihar wedding dress styles. The five days big and fat wedding represents the blend of modern and traditional wedding dresses. Nowadays color combination for each function like Mehandi, Haldi, wedding, and reception is in the vogue. Couples mostly choose the matching Indian traditional outfits in north India. Yellow and red sari, orange vermillion, and full hand bangles enhance the beauty of every single bride.

Punjabi Wedding Dress

Punjabi people are mostly known for a lavish and grand style of wedding so as their wedding outfits. The couple ethnic wear for our Punjabi wedding is sherwani, turban, and Katar for the groom and lehenga with the perfect combination of red Chura for the bride. Most of the soon-to-be-married couples choose this wedding dress style for their wedding.

Royal Rajasthan Wedding Dress Style

Indeed, the word royal immediately flashes our mind when we listen to the word Rajasthan wedding. Many celebrities also embrace this wedding style nowadays as Katrina and Vicky Kausal’s wedding was the hot topic for the news last month. This Indian wedding outfit represents royalty and grandeur in style.

As a Couple, you can choose the royal attire (Rajputi poshak) with heavy jewelry. Brides can have a heavy elegant lehenga along with jewelry, full hand bangles, a big nosepiece, and of course, the ghoonghat that adds additional beauty brides look. Grooms in their royal sherwani and turban holding a sword look just amazing.

Uttarakhand Wedding Dress Style

The Pahadi or Gadwali culture of this state will attract you to its wedding dress style. Brides wear a kind of special attire called Ghagri ( a skirt-like dress) complimented with traditional ones named the Pechora or rang wali whereas Pahadi men wear Dhoti kurta or pajama kurta. The couple looks fabulous in this attire. the viral photos of Yami Gautama will give you a clear idea about the look of pahadi or Uttarakhand’s wedding dressing style.

South Indian Wedding Dress Style

South Indians style of wedding dress is very traditional. The south Indian wedding style is not only the best example for the Hindu couple’s wedding dress but their ritual and tradition. Let’s have a look at the style of the different states.

Kerala Wedding Dress Style

The perfect example of traditional marriage is a white sari with a golden border called’ kevasu’ for the brides. And dhoti for the groom has a perfect matching for the Indian married couple.

Tamil Nadu Wedding Dress Style

Who could forget the beautiful look of our favorite Alia Bhatt in two states climax scene? It was the Kanchipuram silk sari with the combination of the wreath that won the heart of the audience. As a couple, it will be defiantly the perfect choice for you but don’t forget to read about vesathi or dhoti that is the groom’s wedding outfit in a Tamilnadu wedding.

Bengali Wedding Dress Style

Bengali people follow the ritual and tradition wholeheartedly and it reflects in their wedding dress also. As a marriage Hindu couple wedding dress, they wear Banarasi having a crown on forehead and groom wear white dhoti. The style is the correct example for less is more.

Maharashtra Wedding Dress Style

Maharashtra wedding outfits give you aesthetic look. The bride wears a traditional KASTA saree in dhoti style and the groom wears dhoti that is the coolest idea to adopt. The traditional way of presenting themselves makes them different yet authentic.

Kashmir Wedding Dress Style

The look of Kashmiri wedding outfits is completely different from other states’ weddings. pheran a kind of sherwani embroidered with golden thread that is called zarf is the ideal choice for the groom. A kind of waistband is also tied around the waist of the groom along with a gold star turban and Pazar also completes their regal wedding look.

For brides, a kind pheran embroidered with golden work that includes Taranga, kalpush, matching dupatta, and heavy jewelry and bangles. An especial kind of necklace that the bride wear is’ Dejharoo’ known as mangalsutra.

Assam Wedding Dress Style

Assam wedding dress style little close to Bengal wedding attire. going towards the northeast area you will see they follow the more or less same wedding rituals. Here also the wedding dress has a white color combination. if you want to match.

Manipuri Wedding Dress Style

When going towards the eastern part of India, finds a kind of simplicity in the people attire, living style, or attire. So at the wedding also they keep it very simple. The bride wears a sarong whereas the groom wears a white dhoti and kurta along with the turban. if you are a person who likes simplicity in your wedding then you can adopt this style.

Gujarati Wedding Style

Gujarati wedding style is a beautiful combination of folk music, vegetarian dishes, and colours. If we talk about their wedding dresses, they were also full of colors and variations. The groom wears dhoti kurta with pagdi whereas the bride wears panetar Saree or Chania choli with Bhandhani dupatta.

Gujarati-style wedding is full of rituals and traditions that present the true picture of Gujarati culture. Gujarati-style wedding dresses are full of variations and options. for wedding attire, you will have many options. I think everyone must try Gujarati dresses once in his life

Jammu & Kashmiri Wedding Dress

Jammu Kashmir’s wedding style is a little different from another state marriage but quite good to take inspiration. The nuptial takes place in the temple followed by engagement. The brides wear the flowers ornaments sent by the groom’s family.

Some cosmetics, sindoor, and gold or silver covered beetle leaf called snaazaro are also sent to the bride. The couple applies Heena on their hands and legs as well. The bride wears golden embroidered Pheran( a kind of gown or lasagna) that complements with the auspicious mangal sutra Dehzaroo ‘ whereas the groom’s wedding attire is called zarf embroidered with silver and golden work that they match with a traditional turban. The Kashmir wedding dress style is different in looks but attracts lots of people soon to be married.

Karnataka Wedding Style

Tamilians perform their rituals in a very traditional manner. The wedding takes place in the temple of the house in front of the deity for the protection of the newlywed couple and the successful marriage.

Brides look amazing in traditional Kanjivaram sari with the beautiful wreath and red bangles in hand. The additional Golden jewelry enhances the look of the bride. Whereas the groom usually wears a dhoti Kurta for the wedding. Traditional looks of this style of a wedding always inspire the couple to adopt.

Final Thoughts

Wedding is the union of two souls, family and tradition and beauty should be added not only in the wedding style and attire but in the relationship too. I think it is the true meaning of a beautiful relationship. However, Meribindiya Doorstep Bridal is the best place to get any type of traditional wedding look. For more query, you can call to +91 +91 99586 00827 or +91 +91 81305 20472.


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