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Latest Eye Makeup Trends To Save for Your Wedding

Latest Eye Makeup Trends To Save for Your Wedding

A wedding is all about enhancing your beauty to look perfect and flawless. Starting from attire to makeup, nail art to hairstyle, eye makeup to choosing the lip shade, you select everything carefully to compliment your look at the wedding.

Classic is a great way to go with your eye makeup for your wedding. Experimenting is always a good idea when it comes to following the makeup trend. One such occasion is when you are going for bridal eye makeup especially when you have an MUA to deck you up to make you look gorgeous. Confidence comes naturally when you are in your wedding attire and it becomes easier to pull off the bridal eye makeup.

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It is not always necessary to follow the conventional way of eye makeup like going with the shades of brown or gold. Why not go minimal or dramatic on your wedding and keep it trendy to follow the makeup trend.

Figuring out your eye shape is vital to bring out the best of your bridal eye makeup. Do you know that lighter eye shades and highlighted inner corners lift the smaller eyes while the smudged look can simply sensationalize the narrow eyes? So the eye makeup can be personalized in accordance with your outfit color, facial features, eye color, and skin tone.

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Brides these days just love to try out new styles to look unique and flawless. So we thought of putting together some trendy, inspiring and amazing bridal eye makeup looks that you can save for your wedding. You can pick some cues on how you can make your look a part of the makeup trend.

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We have categorized the bridal eye makeup looks for all lovely brides to make it simple and interesting to scroll on!

Smokey Eye Makeup

Smokey eyes have always been a rage for parties, cocktails, weddings, and special occasions. Smokey eye makeup gives your eyes a depth, thus enhancing your personality, beauty, and emotions portrayed by your eyes.

This chic makeup style looks gorgeous with a bold shade of red and the fact is that it complements almost every style of wedding attire and color. Smokey eyes are always believed to be contemporary and still remains a part of modern makeup trend. It beautifully blends with your wedding outfit.
You will undoubtedly fall in love with the effect that Smokey eye makeup can create!

Smokey Eye Makeup

If you wish to pull off this classic black brown matte Smokey eyes, you can go ahead choose this one. Look how amazing it looks with even a beige lehenga. If you have a lighter skin tone, then give this a try. Choose a light shade of lipstick and stand out on your D-day.

Smokey eyes

This traditional soft metallic brown smokey eye makeup will go exceptionally well with heavy jewelry and voluminous lashes. The metallic shade on the eyeshadow looks perfect on a red and gold outfit. You can go for subdued lip shade. Highlight your inner corners with the brow bone as that will define your eyes beautifully. Dusky brides can carry this look effortlessly.

Smokey eye makeup

Our all-time favorite cut crease golden black smokey eyes with bold brows just up your game! Pop a good nude lipstick and you are ready to take over the world on your most special day.

Smokey eye look

Are you obsessed with this Matte Gradient Brown smokey eyes eyeshadow? If you love matte eyeshadow looks then you can don this look with a nice natural lip shade.

Glitter Glamour Eye Makeup

You can carry this look any given day as you can’t go wrong with glitter. When we are talking about glitter eyeshadow for bridal eye makeup, well it has been a go-to wedding statement for decades and continues to be in makeup trend.

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You can carry your bridal lehenga with any glitter from the eyeshadow palette in metallic shades like copper, gold, bronze, or silver. You can also go for specific colors matching your wedding attire and look drop-dead gorgeous. Add voluminous lashes and frame your eyes with kohl and get ready to shine in that wine color or dark maroon or magenta lehenga of yours!

Glitter Glamour Eye Makeup

Metallic shades are really in these days when we talk about bridal eye makeup. If you go for a combination of two metallic shades, like hazelnut and gold, as in the picture, then it creates a powerful and stunning look. This kind of eyeshadow goes well with almost every color of attire and style. Whether you are wearing a traditional maroon/red lehenga or a contemporary pastel shade, metallic compliments all.

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It highlights your eyes better and the smokey eyes make it more glamorous. You can try this both for daytime and nighttime functions.

Glitter eye makeup

A bridal eye makeup look that will always make you stand out-Cobalt Blue Shimmery Smokey Eye with Bold Brows! It is an amazing pick for contrasting eye makeup. If you are opting for dark eye makeup, the best way to highlight it is through light lipstick. The way you can see in this picture is that the attention goes onto the eyes…Thanks to the muted lip shade.

bridal eye makeup

Who doesn’t love glitter? This shimmery bridal eye makeup is sure to take away all the attention of the on-lookers. The glitter goes great with your elegant bridal jewelry. The kohl and lashes give all the drama your eyes need.

Winged Eyeliner With Shimmer Eye Makeup

One of the most glamorous eye makeup look that is always a hit on any occasion like engagement, wedding, or any pre functions of the wedding. Winged eyeliner is fast becoming a part of the makeup trend.

Winged eyeliner

This is a classic winged eyeliner and copper gold glitter bridal eye makeup look. You can use a dark shade on the lid’s far side along with an eyeliner that is winged. This will make your eyes appear more elongated and bigger. To enhance your look, use a matching shade of flowers in your bun as shown in the picture.

This look works perfectly on hooded eyes as well.

hooded eyes

Pop in some shimmery contrasting color like lime green glitter eyeshadow and winged eyeliner. Contrasting colors accentuate your eyes and give a trendy look.

winged eyeliner look

Millennial brides love to experiment with their eye makeup. You can use an eyeshadow of your choice from the eyeshadow palette and pair it with an eyeliner pencil and give this look. Here the bride has coordinated her pink eyeshadow with the outfit and used a bright blue eyeliner pencil to add a cherry on top.

Consult your MUA for creating a custom eyeshadow palette. Keep your lips natural.

eyeshadow palette

This glossy eye makeup will look ethereal on you with nude lipstick. You can add that winged eyeliner and kohl on the upper lash line to flaunt a simple look. This can be recreated by you. You can also have this look for a pre-wedding photoshoot.

Eyes are the most noticeable and attractive part of your face that reflects your personal style. Choosing the right eye makeup is all about trials, understanding the skin needs, and planning all the minute details that will help you to make a statement on your wedding.

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There are numerous and endless ways to nail perfect bridal eye makeup looks and hope our compilation of bridal eye makeup will help you to pick your look on your big day.

So go ahead and wishlist your eye makeup looks for the most memorable day!


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