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Stylish & Unique Wedding Invitation Card Design Ideas

Stylish & Unique Wedding Invitation Card Design Ideas

Indian weddings are full of color, and one can find an ensemble of style and fun. However, many weddings glide with the standard Indian invitation card design for inviting their guests to a luxurious wedding. That same old rectangular envelope with separate or same inserts for Mehendi, Sangeet, and Wedding.

As India sees many weddings each year, marriage card design templates always stay ready at the hand of the designers. Most people pick up the same standard wedding cards. But are you opting for a standard one or something that goes with your stylishly unique persona? I think it’s the latter one that would be able to represent you well.

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If you are a millennial and love unique and less traditional wedding invitations, then there are many talented Indian card designers to look out for. You sure have a sizable creative option before picking up any of the card designs. Here are a few of the stylish wedding card design ideas that keep the beauty of invitation intact:

Lift-The-Flap Wedding Invitation Card Design

We have all received the separate inserts inside the wedding invitation envelope. But why not pack the information about the wedding in a more interesting way into a single card? It’s possible and can also add playfulness to the card design. You just have to opt for the lift-the-flap shadi card design.

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The guests have to open each little flap to know what’s inside. If you want, some cards can contain little sketches of events to unfold over your wedding period. This creates a visual in the mind of the guests and prepares them for each event.

What About A Wedding Invitation Card With A Pop-Up Element!

Invitation Card Design

We can’t deny that we loved the pop-up cards when we used to get them on New Year from friends and family. Just like that, adding the fun-filled pop-up cards will also add playfulness to each marriage invitation card.

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You can opt for a pop-up card that gives a hint to the destination of your wedding. It will also be fun to make and have a personal touch.

Honest Yet Funny Wedding Invitation!

Wedding Invitation Card Design

Why would Indian wedding invitations have to be all serious when they can be funny? A witty and playful invitation card sprinkled with funny “marriage comedy” phrases will give out a laugh.

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So, why not send out creative wedding cards that are not just honest but can tickle the laugh out of your friends? These cards with “Shit Just Got Real”, “Dooms Day Has Arrived,” etc. are can be a cool choice.

Wedding Cards With Sketches Of The Couple


If you don’t want to poke fun in your wedding invitation card design yet want it to have a personal touch, go for a couple of sketches. Wedding cards that contain cute couple sketches are way more elegant and unique. But where can you get these wedding cards with a couple of sketches?

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Some digital or traditional painters can help you out with their cute illustrations of you and your partner. A unique wedding invitation card with colorful sketches will surely amaze the guests once they receive it.

Location As Wedding Card Theme


Yes, a wedding card can have a theme just as the wedding planning. So, why spare the idea of recreating your wedding destination theme on the invitation card? Wedding invitation card design with traditional handicrafts of your wedding destination will surely add uniqueness. It’s like a short tale of the place of your wedding through creativity.

Art Deco Wedding Card Theme

Earlier art deco theme had reached its height between the ’20s-’40s with its glamour, sense of luxury, and symmetrical designs of exuberant shapes. Now from the last few years, these artistic splendors have captured the heart of the brides and grooms.

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The bold geometric shapes, rich colors, and detailed work of this genre have made their place in the wedding card designs. Not only does the design give a unique touch to the invitations, but it also brings out a royal feel to the cards and those who receive them. If you love intricate designs, then an art décor themed wedding card will be your perfect choice.

Wedding Invitation Card Design: Postcards

Why not tempt your friends and family with postcards of your destination wedding? These postcards can get way more creative and stylish too.

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Who won’t love a good old-style postcard to get a wedding invitation from a loved one? If you are into simple wedding card design, then postcards style can become your desired one.

Send A Book Style Wedding Invitation

Any book nerd will love the idea of a unique wedding card design that comes in the shape of a novel. It can get as unique as you want it to be. The covers can be completely unique or have a resemblance to your and your partner’s favorite novel. It will bring out your personality as book lovers to a new level for sure.

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When it comes to wedding, every bride and groom wish to choose from the best wedding invitation cards designs. After all, it’s an extremely special event in their life, and they deserve to make every bit of it unique and stylish, just like their persona.


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